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魔女の英会話教室「Witchy English Course」 既に魔法を使っている人はそれを英語でも表現できるように これから魔法を知りたい人はついでに英会話も 森の魔女を訪ねてみませんか?

Ayer subí un video donde hablo de los diferentes métodos de adivinación disponibles para los estudiantes de lo oculto ✨. Enlace en mi bio 🤟🏼. .

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I’ve uploaded my final update video for 2019 (link in bio or search Jessica TheStoryWitch on YouTube). It’s been an intriguing journey, and has changed my thinking on a deep (ha!) level.

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I’m bi and a witch. you could say I’m a…. bitch


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*here is a quick lil fact sheet i found about yule that i thought you guys might enjoy*


December 22nd 2019

Favorite Sabbat Activities

*Stud an orange with cloves and hang it by a ribbon in a south-facing window to welcome the returning sun

*Meditate beside a sunny window

*Decorate the house with fresh evergreens

*Have a Yule feast

*Find a Yule log in the forest

*Have a Yule fire with the new log and the remnants of last year’s log

Sabbat Foods: 

mulled wine, the best of the vegetables and meats preserved from the year’s harvest

Altar Addition: 

bowl of earth

Theme for this season: 

dormancy and healing

Essential oils: 

lavender and chamomile for soothing and healing



Special activities for the season: 

plan unplugged retreat days for meditation and being outside with nature

I already paid my debt. It began with exchanging secrets to old gods, and watching the tears fall down their faces while embracing a dead memory in their hands. Begging for those loved ones to come back to them, to watch their vulnerability.

It ended with giving what little I had in myself just to keep the old gods sane for a little while longer.

What a toll that is, to watch someone crumble where others cannot witness for so long. To see that revenge is a thoughtless and crude being itself, with no words or warmth to redirect it from destruction.

The sounds of their anguish remain empty, but their expressions are carved from those tears that once began with the nights when they were slowly eaten alive. None of them had the luxury of crawling into another’s arms.

Yet I stand here, recalling the many nights that I, too, did not have this luxury. It reminds me of when I was there at your disposal, and tossed away in the void like these old gods. Used for miracle work and services. Left wondering what could have been, had your depravity of perversion not taken hold of your potential. Controlled that bitterness in your heart.

If I had simply ignored my trauma, and just did as you so badly wished for…would I have been in your life forever? Would you have kept my name close to your lips, and would you swear to never throw me out?

Your words were not to spread love. They were to yet again kick me, while I face the ground, exhausted. While I’m trying to hold the forgotten ones up, because you left us to rot for your new favorite. I do not have any warmth left to give you…

With the old gods, I walk…With my mask carved by my tears, I have no more room to frown or grin. I wouldn’t say that I am empty, like my fellow friends…I would say that you have made it clear that some day…when you are crumbling apart and broken…I will do nothing but stare, and remain silent. Not out of revenge…not out of anger..or hatred. But out of exhaustion, and knowing where you put me to begin with. I am no longer convenient to you.

Why should I help you.
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