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Queens and Winter from Around the World by

Happy Friday the 13th๐Ÿ”ฎโœจ Hella is seeing angels and demons, but she never believed in magic. If you like witches, angels, demons and good versus evil, youโ€™ll love this book.

Lover's Refuge (The Hemocil Society Book 3) by Ruthie Manier (Author) James the youngest of the Mantango clan needs his four brothersโ€™ assistance and as always theyโ€™re armed and ready to defend their kin.ย  , , , ,

A woman under a curse; a man on the run. Witches, passion, adventure and humor. A thrilling plot A bridge between 2 series. Lily and Mark write their path to their HEA.

Eeeee! My new came in!!! It's PERFECT! I'm going to set it up now with all the I charged last night for the ๐Ÿ˜ I'll post a pic when it's all set up <3

Lover's Refuge (The Hemocil Society Book 3) by Ruthie Manier (Author) James the youngest of the Mantango clan needs his four brothersโ€™ assistance and as always theyโ€™re armed and ready to defend their kin.ย  , , , ,

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It’s Friday the 13th again witches

🔮 How To Keep A Book of Shadows | INTRO TO WITCHCRAFT PT. 6 🕉

Hey, witches!

Finally got my new video uploaded, and I’m super excited about this one. This time we’re discussing Books of Shadows, grimoires, spellbooks, and the importance of documenting your Craft. Hope you enjoy!

Brightest blessings & best of luck 🕉

Save The Date : 2020

The 13 Full Moons of 2020


🐺 Friday, January, 10th

❄️ Sunday, February, 9th

🐛 Monday, March, 9th

💗 Wednesday, April, 8th

🌸 Thursday, May, 7th

🍓 Friday, June, 5th

🌩 Sunday, July, 5th

🐠 Monday, August, 3rd

🌽 Wednesday, September, 2nd

🏹 Friday, October, 2nd

💙 Saturday, October, 31st

🐿 Monday, November, 30th

🥶 Wednesday, December, 30th

Retrograde Planetary Movements

Uranus Retro in ♉️ : Aug, 12 (2019) – Jan, 1st

Mercury Retro in ♊️+♒️ : Feb, 17th – Mar 10th

Pluto Retro in ♑️ : April, 25th – Oct, 4th

Saturn Retro in ♑️+♒️ : May, 11th – Sept, 29th

Venus Retro in ♊️ : May, 13th – June 25th

Jupiter Retro in ♑️ : May, 14th – Sept, 13th

Mercury Retro in ♋️ : June, 18th – July, 12th

Neptune Retro in ♓️ : June, 23rd – Nov, 23rd

Uranus Retro in ♉️ : Aug, 15th – Jan, 1st (2021)

Mars Retro in ♈️ : Sept, 9th – Nov, 14th

Mercury Retro in ♏️+♎️ : Oct, 14th – Nov, 3rd

Celestial Signs

♑️ Capricorn : Dec, 22nd – Jan, 19th

♒️ Aquarius : Jan, 20th – Feb, 18th

♓️ Pisces : Feb, 19th – Mar, 20th

♈️ Aries : Mar, 21st – Apr, 19th

♉️ Taurus : Apr, 20th – May, 20th

♊️ Gemini : May, 21st – Jun, 20th

♋️ Cancer : Jun, 21st – Jul, 22nd

♌️ Leo : Jul, 23rd – Aug, 22nd

♍️ Virgo : Aug, 23rd – Sept, 22nd

♎️ Libra : Sept, 23rd – Oct, 22nd

♏️ Scorpio : Oct, 23rd – Nov, 21st

♐️ Sagittarius : Nov, 22nd – Dec, 21st

Sabbat Festivals (Northern Hemisphere)

🕯 Imbolc – Candlemas : February, 2nd

🌺 Ostara – Vernal Equinox : March, 21st

🔥 Beltane – Mid Spring : May, 1st

☀️ Litha – Summer Solstice : June, 21st

🌾 Lammas – Harvest : August, 1st

🍁 Mabon – Autumnal Equinox : Sept, 23rd

🎃 Samhain – All Hallows’ Eve : Oct, 31st

❄️ Yule – Winter Solstice : December 21st

Sabbat Festivals (Southern Hemisphere)

🌾 Lammas – Harvest : February, 2nd

🍁 Mabon – Autumnal Equinox : Mar, 21st

🎃 Samhain – Witches’ New Year : May, 1st

❄️ Yule – Winter Solstice : June, 21st

🕯 Imbolc – Candlemas : August, 1st

🌺 Ostara – Vernal Equinox : Sept, 23rd

🔥 Beltane – Mid Spring : October, 31st

☀️ Litha – Summer Solstice : Dec, 21st

Lost Wand

I’ve always had a very strong connection to words and literature, and art in general. Since I spent a good part of my childhood alone in a room with books and a notebook, I guess some of my magic got attuned to them.

I started noticing it when I was around ten, when I wrote a goal list for the year. In it, I said I wanted to have a laptop of my own. Just two weeks later, I was walking out of a store with one. Everything I write down I never forget, and many of the wishes I write or draw become true. It is, however, a double-edged sword; once I forgot to add one of my friend’s cats to a drawing and accompanying fic, and the poor kitty died just a couple weeks later.

In the latest years I had started using a single pen and specific calligraphy for all my personal writing, so not to mix it with school notes and impersonal stuff. In the past weeks, this pen disappeared into thin air (chances are it fell somewhere, someone took it, I left it somewhere…) and it feels like… A part of me is missing? As soon as I noticed it gone I felt so bad about it. I searched my entire house to no avail, and looked everywhere in campus. Even my friends helped me look for it. And since I had been using it for so long, it had already a feeling of a… Personal extension, so to say. My mom, who’s also a witch, often called it my “ink-wand” or “silver-tongue”.

I guess I’m getting a new one in the next days, and I hope that it will turn out as good a pen as the previous. I would like to ask, does anyone here know a way in which I could transfer some of the past pen’s magic into the new one?

To see a fairy in your dream indicates that you are in search of some help or advice for a problem or decision, but may not want to directly admit you need help. In particular, if the fairy is evil, then it suggests that an aspect of yourself needs to be set free. The fairy is also symbolic of your soul and the feminine aspects of yourself.


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Cooking with Witches

        "What did I tell you?“
        "Don’t lick the spoo—”
        “Don’t lick the spoon! And what did you do?“
        "I licked the spoon.”
        "You licked the spoon! And now look at you: got scales growing every which where and Lord knows who long it’ll take to get that pink outta your hair.“        
        I pick at the skin on my arm and peel away a long, slimy patch. The scales underneath glisten beneath the buzz of a yellow light bulb. I’d made a face of disgust, but my cheeks feel as stiff as a board. There’s a fly hovering over the pot bubbling on the stove. It’s hard to tear my eyes away.
        Grandma Gristle puts a hand on her hip and wags a wooden spoon at me. It smells like chocolate and peppermint, and I can still taste it coating the back of my throat. She’s wearing her "Kiss the pagan” apron, as clean and pristine as the day I bought it for her.
        "What have I told you time and time again, child?“ Her voice is smooth and warm like a summer rain from a cloudless sky. It makes me think of a home I can’t remember and I feel my eyes close.
        "Never lick the spoon from a witch’s pot.”

Rituals and Readings are now Open!

Hey everybody, im opening up a few slots for my readings and rituals.

I do most everything when it comes to rituals and readings. The only thing that really changes is the price.

3 Card Reading-2$

For when you need answers now and any advice on things, pretty cheap

10 Card reading- 15$

A in depth reading on most anything in your life, this is fit for business ventures or relationships.

20+ Card Reading-Varies

Wow you really wanna go that far huh? I mean you can go all out, depends on how big a spread you want them the prices will change.

Simple Ritual-15$

A simple ritual, usually incorporates sigil and candle magick, easy but gets the job done

Intermediary Ritual-30$

A ritual that usually call upon guides and other guiding spirits to be sent off to do a task, it could also involve specific ingredients and talismans that need assembling. Ancestors are often call on too

Advanced Ritual-50$

This involves calling on the highest heads of the divine, preformed on specific dates at specific hours to maximize the effectiveness of the ritual. I will put my all into these rituals and will send frequent updates to the progress of the rituals and all its side workings

αη∂ тнє ℓαѕт ƒυℓℓ мσση σƒ тнιѕ ¢у¢ℓє נυѕт ¢σмє αη∂ gσ 🌕 And just as the moon is now focusing on renewing itself and plunging into darkness, draining its light a little more each day, to illuminate our beautiful skies in an upcoming lunar cycle next year.

So we humans are about to begin a new solar cycle that is getting closer and closer, and with these last weeks remaining, it is a good time to focus on what we want to abandon and leave behind, it is time to renew and be ready to start from scratch.

It is time to also take some time to get away from everything we have left over, let go of everything else in our lives, and focus on what is really important, because a new beautiful cycle is about to begin, and hopefully this new cycle I took you light equipment and ready to take new steps and travel new paths.







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The oldest Salvatore:

Part 1 

Summary: (Y/n) Salvatore is the oldest Salvatore, but only by two minutes. She is Damon Salvatores twin sister. She isn’t what you think though. Unlike her brothers (Y/n) was given the gift of immortality at the young age of 18. But there was a down side to that. (Y/n) has been in a magical induced coma since she was 18, only to come out it when she is needed the most. What happened so bad that she woke out of her Coma? What did she have to do to protect her brothers? Find out when you read The oldest Salvatore. 

*I do not own any of the vampire diaries characters! * I also do not own the gif *


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For over a century I have been in a coma. A magical coma at that. My name is Y/n Salvatore, I’m Damon Salvatores Twin sister. I’ve been in a magically induced coma for the past century. I was buried alive, since my father and brothers thought I was dead. They buried be in a grave right under my favorite oak tree. You are probably wondering why I am stuck in this coma. I’ll give you an answer. A witch came to be telling me that she wanted to give me a gift. Well me being young and naïve. I told her I would except the gift. She told me to hold my hand out and then I blacked out. My brothers were the ones to find me. I was out by the barn. I had fallen right on a haybale. My father didn’t seem fazed. he didn’t seem to love me ever since mom died. He blamed be for that all the time. Now after a 100 and some odd years later, I have been awoken. I didn’t know what had happened.  All I thought was that I had woken up from a nap. Well that’s what I had  thought. Your also wondering, “Hey if she was ‘dead’ and buried how did she get out?” well let me tell you something, it was the most strange this ever. I opened my Coffin and it seemed as if my grave had been dug. I climbed out, not seeing anyone. So I did what I thought I should do, go home. 

As I was walking through the woods to my house. I noticed a lot of things have changed. The field that was once there had giant houses on them. The thick forest that was there was gone. The church gone. Everything that I remembered gone. As I reached my house I noticed it wasn’t there. The only thing there was a bunch of bricks. “Damon, Stefan!” I called out hoping that one of my brothers would be there. -My once clean favorite (Y/F/C) dress was now getting dirty from the dirt. I noticed it and shrugged I was never really that girly. I had two brothers, but I always had to wear a dress. I walked around in search for anyone I knew when I heard a twig snap. “Whos there!” I called out looking around. I didn’t see anyone so I thought It might have been just an animal. “Who are you?” I heard a voice ask. I turned around, hoping for it to be Mr. Gilbert to tell me what had happened to my home. “Y/n?” Stefan asked looking at his older sister. “Do I know you?” Y/n asked looking at the man who looked at lot like her younger brother Stefan. (Before y/n was in a coma she was 18 which made Stefan 11). “It’s me, Stefan. Your brother.” He’s changed. He is no longer the 5′4 boy he was now a man and taller than me. “Stef?” I questioned not sure what was really going on. He ran to me and pulling me into a tight hug. “This can’t be real.” He said with a smile as he looked at me. I wasn’t sure if  I should hug back. The only thing that I could think of, is that a stranger was hugging me. “Oh I’m sorry you probably don’t remember me. My god I can’t believe it.” Stefan said happily. “Can you tell me what happened to my home?” I looked up at the man who claimed to be my brother. “It was torn down. There’s a new one, I can take you to it.” Stefan said with a smile. I nodded while saying yes, please. He nodded taking my hand in his and walked me to his car. “What is this?” I  asked looking at the big machine. “This is a car. Instead of horses. They have invented the car.” He explained. I nodded as I got into the car.

After the drive Stefan pulled up to the Salvatore boarding house. “Thank you.” Y/n said as he opened her door. He nodded giving her a smile. “Are you sure you are my brother. Because my brother Stefan he is just a little boy.” Y/n said not knowing that it has been a hundred some odd years. Stefan nodded looking at Y/n. “I can prove it. Your name is (Y/F/N) Salvatore, your favorite color is (Y/f/c), you love (FAVORITE FLOWERS), you hate (Less favorite veggie), you love to work on our old farm, you had a horse named (A name), and your best friend name is (Y/bff/name).” Stefan said looking at Y/n. “Oh goodness it really is you.” Y/n said with a smile. “Oh I’ve missed you.” Stefan said looking at Y/n with a smile. “Where is Damon?” y/n asked looking at Stefan. “In the house.” Stefan said with a smile. “And father?” Y/n asked looking at Stefan. “He died. a couple years after you.” Stefan said looking at Y/n. She nodded as she looked at the big house. “This house is so big!” She exclaimed looking at the house in awe. “That was the plan, you should go inside I bet someone will be happy to see you.” Stefan told her as he nodded towards the house. Y/n nodded as she followed her younger brother. 

“Damon, you have a guest.” Stefan said as he and Y/n walked into the Salvatore house. “Well I don’t want any so send them away.” Damon said as he came down the stairs in a rush. “Not even to see your twin sister?” Y/n asked looking at her twin brother. “No, your dead.” He said as he vamp sped to her. Grabbing her by her neck and slamming her into the wall making her hit her head. “Damon, stop your hurting me.” Y/n said as Damon added pressure to her neck. “Damon, stop its her.” Stefan said trying to stop his older brother. “No, its not Stefan. Our Y/n is dead. She died 170 years ago. Whoever this is isn’t her.” Damon said as he started lifting her off the ground with his hand around her neck choking her. “Please, stop.” She said as she was losing air and her neck was bruising from his tight un-natural strength. “Damon stop!” Stefan yelled pulling on his brothers arm. Damon jerked Stefan off of him and looked at the young girl who seemed frighten. “WHO ARE YOU?!” He yelled as he compelled her to answer. “Y/n-Sal- Salvatore.” She choked out as she tried to breathe. “It cant be you.” He whispered more to himself then her. “If its really you say something only Y/n would know, that nobody else knows.” Damon said looking at her (Y/E/C) eyes. “When we were young you were frighten of storms. You would tell father, but he would scream at you to be a man. So I would let you go into my room to sleep in there until the storm passes. Even as teenagers I allowed you into my room, because you are my brother. Whom I love.” Y/n said as tears filled her (Y/e/c) eyes. “Y/n? Oh Y/n, I’m so sorry.” He said as tears filled his blue eyes. wrapping his arms around his older twin sister. 


What happened to make Y/n come out of her coma? Does she remember everything? What is she going to do when they found out what was so horrible they needed her? What was so horrible they needed her find out in Part two. 

Heavenly Disasters Prologue/Preview


Originally posted by neozlicembe

“She has the laugh of an angel and the smile of the Devil. She’s a wild, wicked, wreckless thing.”


Have you ever heard the story of how the Devil was locked out of heaven? Most people hear the story was due to the rebellion against God. The part of the story they don’t hear is however is the Devil falling in love with Heaven’s most treasured angel against God’s wishes. He foresaw a great evil between them so this is why he wanted their relationship to be prevented. The Devil of course ignore God’s wishes so this lead to an uproar that sent the Devil and the aforementioned angel casted out for eternity. Forbidden love is forbidden for a reason and soulmates exist because two people that are meant to be together so much deserve to be together. Even if it costs them everything.

Present Day

Good and evil have been two realities that have hung into balance since the beginning of time. It’s no secret that these concepts of good and evil lie on a supernaturally charged spectrum and when one becomes too overly powered, chaos ensues. Good and evil work like ying and yang, but who am I telling of course you know this. The part you don’t know is how this story is going to end because this isn’t your typical supernatural love affair. It really isn’t that at all. It’s more like a supernatural nightmare apocalypse, it isn’t going to be a happily ever after.

author’s note: this is an original story I’ve been wanting to work on for a while so here’s a preview/ prologue of it. I’m excited to finally get this into the world and get some feedback on it!