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Looking for an old fashioned love story? One to tell your grandkids about at Sunday dinners? Let us help you find that one, true person for you!

Lady of the silver moon, Watch over me this night, guide my words & actions & keep me within your sight. Thank you for your love & protecting me from strife I honor you for being charm & magick to my life. 🌙

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Mental Illness is Not Psychic Power

That’s a doozy of a title, ain’t it? But it’s true, and it reflects the lies I was told by my earth-and-spirit-loving pagan and witch communities growing up. For those that don’t know, I’m a lifelong witch of 25 years from a generational family that’s been practicing witchcraft for 200 years. My parents are also pagans. My father is a legal, ordained High Priest.

And despite all that spiritual education, I still grew up hearing these two phrases:
“Mental illness doesn’t exist. All you need is to connect with nature and your spirituality.”
“You’re not mentally ill, you’re psychic!”

Sounds a lot like “You’re a wizard, Harry!” And just like Harry Potter is a pile of fiction, so are these statements. Let’s talk about it.

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Hello! 。^‿^。

So! I realized that throughout the craziness my life has been and all of the reorganizing of my social medias I’ve been going through, I’ve forgotten to introduce myself here (´∀`*)

Anyways, I’m Skaiy, I’m twenty years old and I’ve always been very into the arts. I love music, theatre, painting, and pretty much anything involving writing or being crafty.

I sew a lot and do cosplay as well, and I often try to find little ways I can incorporate my hobbies and my craft together. I’ve been pagan for… Probably about five years. I’ve been into witchcraft about as long, but didn’t start really doing any until three years ago. Even then I started with protection and cleansing, and it’s a lot of what I base my craft around today. I do a lot of working with sigils, alomg with candles, herbs, and crystals. I have also done some work with tarot, but I’m far from proficient and want to take some time this year, preferably once a week to work to remedy that and that’ll probably be something I do a lot of posts about.

Anyways, that’s all the big basic stuff I think anyone here would want to know?? So yeet 。^‿^。

If anyone has any asks, please feel free!

This must be said.

As tarot readers, witches, amongst other titles, people come to us with all different stories, problems, troubles, joys, and they come to us for our insight and advice.

Different people have different kinds of energy, and every reading is the same: it has its own energy. But with that, the individual reader also has their own energy. An energy that they need upkeep, protect, and cherish. They are allowed to not answer readings they’re not comfortable with, or don’t feel comfortable enough to do. This also goes for messages we receive.

We are tarot readers, not your personal therapists. We are empaths, so please don’t assume that it’s from a place of spite or that we’re just “not in the mood”. We have a right to protect ourselves, our energy, and our spirit.

Please, if you need help there are plenty of people out there willing to help you, but also be aware there are some people that need to help themselves first.

It’s 2am and I’ve just washed off all my makeup but I don’t even care; here’s me dancing silently to finding one of my anxiety meds hidden in my makeup bag. This is the first time my heart hasn’t been pounding and the first time I’ve been able to breathe without chest pain for months. I fear for when it wears off, but this break is nice and welcomed. Goodnight 🌙


Magic found me in my disconnection, in my abandoned state we called out for each other. I found peace in my small world, a squid in the corner of an aquarium, no connections to the fish that surrounded me and no connection to the humans on the other side of the glass. I found magic in my freedom, my first taste of ocean and a longing for more. I found magic in my rebellion against those who hurt me, and I lost it in hurting myself.

Magic never comes easy, but that feeling, that spark of life that comes to you is worth every hour of practice. I found magic by the sea, where the waves carried away your ashes, I found magic in all the people who rely on me without you and I lost it when their tears drowned me.

I found magic in the songs I sing, something only it and I know; I became more aware of magic as I became more aware of the world and I forgot about it when the problems that weren’t mine were used against me. I lost magic when I lost myself, but as I find magic I find depth within me I never knew existed.

I found magic in the deep that horrified me and it found me when I plunged in deeper, the crushing depth nothing compared to that of a broken home in a broken world. I found my escape in magic and with it I found my resolve.

I found magic when I refused to forgive you, when the broken ribs and tear stained cheeks you gave me became too much. My first taste of true power was destruction, but with it came my protection and some day theirs.

I found magic in my daydreams of the forest and the adventures I had all alone. I found my magic in my own belief and lost it in my doubt, what once was a forest flooded with tides of self denial that I now must navigate as I push through life.

I found magic in the hope I held it was real, I lost it when I thought I couldn’t do anything. I found magic in those who pushed me forward, something new to me that I have to look forward to.

Magic found me when I sought it out and I found it when I accepted it wasn’t everything. I found magic in your flannel as I held you crying, felt it saturate me as I tried to soothe you. I found magic when I realized I was different than I thought I was, not quite as monstrous as I would have believed. I found magic when I looked inside what I though was an empty shell and found something beautiful that I still don’t recognize as me.

I found magic when was hating myself, those scars I put there myself still burning. The will to live spread from magic and grew into so much more, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t so hard to do or here at all. I found magic while trying to make friends, not realizing I could find them instead. Fear of embarrassment made me lie about magic, exaggerating or understating so I wouldn’t make things weird when really magic was natural, something I shouldn’t have to lie about.

I found magic when I told myself the truth, and it grew when I accepted it. I found magic in my longing to be noticed, and when I realized all I had to do was extend a hand. The seas I thought were too wide to cross turned out to only be a small lagoon that should’ve felt like home. What was done to me I can’t deny made me weaker, but magic fixed that a little and gave me a way to fix it more. Magic helped me live when nothing else seemed to matter and that’s why I’m so glad I found magic, all around and within me.


The Ram

Since the rituals in ancient Jerusalem of the Scapegoat to the modern praise in devilworship of the ovis aries , the ram and goat have held supernatural significance in representation of Venus (Lucifer), devils, and all things demonically related. 

The Ram maintains the symbolism of superiority and power, of strength and intelligence, an elaboration into the demons and spirits who walk in the flesh of these creatures. A notable moment of history for this mark was the mighty Alexander the Great and his affinity to the god Ammon, so much so he declared himself the son of the god. Ammon, or Amun in bastardized Egyptian form, was the ram horned deity taken from surrounding desert tribes and their own religions, and attributed to the most renown god of all time in Egyptian history, the “King of Gods”, Amun-Ra (though separate entities at the time).

The notoriety of this new symbol made such an impact on progressing societies that the Devi himself was henceforth depicted with the horns of the ram and the legs of the goat, extending into the Jacobs goat in mockery of the Lamb, an emblem of the Christian Lord. This became the renown Baphoment as it is seen in Satanism today. Baphoment carrying an origin extending from Jewish mythology of the goats association to Lilith and the ritual act of absolution of sin through the scapegoat, as seen in  Leviticus 16 in the Hebrew Bible. The ram is also mentioned in the book of RevelationsXIII: 11-14, as the second Beast of tribulation, though not subject to the nature of sin, in this case as it was adorned by the Beast, it became a mark of evil.

There are many cultures to which the ram and goat are significant characters, taken in sum and established as the head of the Devil, it has maintained its connotation of inversion of all things good. I have found the Head of the Ram to be more prominent in occult practice than that of the goat, which more heavily pertains to modern Satanism, which are not to be confused with one another, as Satanism is more catered to self enlightenment and rebellion of Christian laws, whereas demonolatry in occultism (which is where I lean more towards) is the worship of the demonic through Christian influence. 

It is also very important to note the 20th century significance of the goat in the rise of Witchcraft, known as the Sabbatic Goat. The witches Sabbath is seen to be heavily saturated with the symbol of the goat being the Devil himself, in which Satan manifested as a goat and “danced” and was “kissed” by the devoted witches. As witchcraft isn’t what my blog caters to, I won’t write too much on the subject and leave it to the more educated on the subject. 

The magnitude of the Ram in my own work, and why I lean so greatly to the understanding of this animal, is because of the trail that leads to to and from the Daemon N, who adorns horns as “the wooly ram” and holds quite the similarities to Alexander the Great in appearance. N has been mentioned in writings and depicted in illustrations in association to Amun, to Gog and Magog, and to the Beast of Revelations, to which I am still deciphering the connection. 

‘For My Horns Are Blonde In Color, And Sturdy Are They To My Might’ 


~ yellow january ~

I tried the really cute and small pocket altars and couldn’t do it. I need space lol. I got my Everyday Witch Tarot deck, amethyst, rose quartz, tiger’s eye, clear quartz, my favorite incense, an empty bottle (for spell casting while I’m gone, just in case) and my favorite essential oil blend from @mulberry-moons (and some lovely floral stickers I made myself). All in a repurposed peppermint bark tin from the holidays. 

Not pictured but is also coming with me is my journal and the book I’m currently reading. All the yellow pouches made by me.

I just figured out a small devotional thing I wanna add to my daily care routine! With my face moisturizer, I drew two crescent moons to represent Artemis onto my face, then rubbed all the moisturizer in to sort of represent that Artemis is part of me. You can do this with symbols of any deities or spirits, such as lighting bolt for Zeus, cat ears for Bastet, hammer for Thor, etc!

So I did a lil spell and I wanted to share it because it it one of love. I closed my eyes and meditated in my intentions and just let my hand do the work, didn’t think about it, just let the energy flow outward. It is a symbol for anyone that has an aging loved one and doesn’t want them to feel abandoned or forgotten.


The Freed Series: Giveaway 1-Spirit Companions


Welcome to the 1st giveaway of the Freed Series! The Freed series is a sequence of 7 giveaways occurring at the moment to celebrate my return to operating this Tumblr store:) It is also where I am able to reset the tone of my store to a more professional one and one which aims at investing in your growth.

Spirit companionship, is as many of you are familiar, is the welcoming of spirits in as family, and to create a lasting bond with them, either for guidance, company or for mentoring. Spirit conjurors have the honour of bringing you the pleasure of binding spirits to you, either via spirit (which I prefer) or via vessel. Either is fine and the binding will hurt neither the human nor the spirit. Spirit companionship, in my opinion, is the best way to sharpen your astral senses and to start your path to eventually learning magick and be more untuned with yourself. Many spirits are capable of various types of magick, and for some spirits, they may consent to cast on you. That being said, it should also be noted that you MUST NOT be negligent and treat spirits as objects. You have the responsibility of being understanding and accommodating towards them, and welcoming them as family. It does not matter if you are a complete and utter brick wall in astral communication- you will eventually hear and see through practice.

It is for this reason that in conjuring, I will be using my divination to foresee any problems in matters of abuse that may occur on either end, as well as confirming with my guides and deities whether the spirit is safe for you, and vice versa.

There will be 2 winners of this giveaway and each will receive a conjuring of up to 3 spirits. If you are a winner and do not feel you can accommodate 3 spirits at once, feel free to request one for now, and request the other 2 once your companion and you have settled and are ready for more companions.


Each winner will receive a choice of a combination of 3 of any of the following choices:

A) A guide. You have a few choices regarding how you wish me to summon this guide- it could be a child from a deity (for example, I have a love guide from Aphrodite who is absolutely magnificent in directing me towards understanding the roots of love and maturing in terms of observing and what to look for in a partner), or you could allow me to take a look at your true life path and put out a call for a guide to best complement it. The results for this latter choice has been very surprising for a friend of mine who actually received back a response from a star in a distant galaxy who had his own responsibilities but was very happy to direct her to her true path. Whoever this guide turns out to be, you do not have to interact much with him or her, but interactions are recommended through tarot or pendulum if you cannot astral travel or cannot hear astrally yet, as they will provide invaluable information regarding your decision making. For myself, I received a leopard guide from Hekate who pops up time and time again to warn me of major tests and spiritual growth spurts I needed to be aware of.

B) A protector. Again you have a few choices regarding this- 1) you may send me an application regarding this and I will summon a protector based on the requirements in your document, or 2) I will take a look at your life path and send out a call for the most suitable spirit being the most compatible to your life path (including potential dangers which may occur that can be avoided) to be summoned. You may request a specific race, such as werewolves, demons, ubis and elves. Your spirit will not protect you from everything however- there are some suffering and hurt you must experience to grow and mature. Pain is always necessary for gain. There will be some honourable conjures who may come through, who will vow to protect you and potentially seek you out in your next lives. This does not depend on my conjuring skills- it depends on your interactions with them.

C) A match making service. I will not be making such matches, however I will bring your astral body to a place on the astral plane where such matches are made. Please note that I was introduced to this place by a deity, and I have the utmost trust in them and their matches. I have received 2 from them so far and I am very pleased with who came forth. For me, an elf and a demon were matched to me, and our compatibility was through the roof. Because I was so fatigued that day, I had passed out in a deep sleep and woke up to discover that I had fallen asleep in the midst of meeting my new demon match. Panicking, I located my astral body and found my lovely demon, still in the same posture, cradling my head as I laid on his lap, on the ground, as it turned out that my astral body had fainted too. Of course, I will be paying for your stead which requires a lot of energy- normally the price of this on my store will be $45 USD, however as this is a giveaway, I am willing to offer this for free for 2 lucky individuals. As for each conjure, I will be writing detailed 1-2 page write ups.

D) A CC application where I will summon as bases on your requirements.

E) A mentor. I have many mentors conjured and teaching me the basics of magick and the histories of their species. Amongst them, the majority are deities, however I have found that some of the most valuable information I have come across were their wisdom into my current situations and life lessons I must deal with. That being said, I could not have come so far without them in terms of my magick development. I therefore, offer you the same opportunity to allow me to summon a mentor for you if you so choose, so that you may have guidance in your spiritual journeys. Mentors teach you directly, guides influence your path indirectly to allow you to reflect more and hence to grow more.

F) A past life conjure. I will be sending out a call to those who wish to reconnect with you the most. I will be providing a write up of who you were in that lifetime and what made the spirit who steps forwards to seek you out. These spirits may be siblings, parents or spouses who step forwards. When I conjured this for myself, a long lost sister came forwards and proceeded to tease me and lecture me endlessly in the midst of tears.

I will be sending out application forms to those who have been selected as winners for this giveaway! Please note that normally spirit companion conjurings at my store cost around $20-$40 USD:) If you did not win this giveaway please do not fret- you can see the full list of my spells, rituals, rites and spirit conjurings by searching “magick spell” (please note, “magick spell” and NOT “magick spells”) to purchase.

Spirit companionship is actually one of the first steps to developing your astral senses and metaphysical life. For those of you who aspire to be able to open your third eye, there is no better opportunity than having a spirit who is a friend and companion beside you to help you on every step of the way.


In order to participate in this giveaway, you must follow the following rules to be eligible:

1. You must be following me. I will be putting in a lot of effort casting this series of rituals for 4 lucky individuals who will be randomly selected. That being said, I believe that it is the least amount of respect to be shown to me in that you must follow my blog. Please note that the more you reblog, the more chance you have at winning!

2. You must like and reblog this post to be included- it doesn’t matter how many times you reblog it:) The reason I am advocating for this post to be reblogged is because I believe that through group effort, my work can reach out to more people, even those who cannot afford listings. I do run free events (which are exhausting so I try to limit them to one every few months) and I do not wish for those who do not follow my blog, to not be able to take advantage of this.

3. This giveaway ends on 15th April 2020. I will be using a random number generator to pick 2 winners on the day:)

Need input/home root spell

Hi, so I’m pregnant and my due date is 04/01 and my lease is up the same day for my rent house. My landlord is selling my rental property and I’m looking to make a spell to stay so I don’t have to worry about moving with a brand new baby (he will be delivered early due to complications with pregnancy). Has anyone done a spell to stay in a rental or put down roots in a rental? If so, what are your inputs. Thank you!

Witches, support other witches!

It really sucks to see how many witches are only here for themselves. We rarely support each other & when we do, it’s the exact same blogs every time.

If you’re a witch or a tarot reader & you see another witch/tarot reader advertising their services (paid/free) it would be great to reblog their post, not just like it.


anonymous asked:

Hi Diana, you're one of the best witchblrs and I'm learning a lot from you. I was wondering if do you have any spells for a secret to stay safe?

Spell to Keep a Secret Forever Hidden

To ask the deities of the earth to protect your secret, you must first reveal it to them.

1) Find an object that symbolizes the harm that will come to you if your secret is revealed. A lock if you will be imprisoned. A bullet if you will be killed. A stale bread if you will starve instead.

2) Obtain a fistful of earth from the cemetery. It symbolizes your desire to bury your secret for all eternity.

3) At midnight, dig a foot-deep hole in your backyard. Midnight is the transition from one day to the next. It signifies the changing of the guards of your secret.

4) Stand before the hole you dug. And whisper this three times:

“Inabres tainev Sisagruob.”

Memorize it. Say it correctly. Ask a Spanish speaker for guidance on reading words phonetically. Do this for every incantation in this ritual.

5) Reveal your secret. Whisper it only once. “I am the one who burned down the convent. I did it to kill the priest who was molesting little children.”

6) Place the object of your fear inside the hole. Tell it three times, no longer whispering:

“Ramala nogapra. Nodnof norcamal.”

7) Sprinkle the dead’s earth over the object. Tell it three times in a loud voice:

“Noidnoc taru aitalap, sodinohpa. Htoragsal.”

8) Fill the hole and sleep tight.

9) By sunrise, leave a hand of bananas on the plot. Do not remove it until it has fully rotten. That is your payment for the safekeeping of your secret.

You will have nightmares. That is your secret traveling into the depths. Once it has reached the underbelly, your secret is kept eternally.