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Toady’s daily draw. I usually only draw one card. But today these three literally fell into my right hand. And I’m very happy about that.

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Blue candles in magic Qualities • Peace • truth • wisdom • protection Uses in magic • patience for stressful situations • Healing • psychic ability enhancement • harmony in the home

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Orange candles in magic Qualities • Energy • attraction • vitality • stimulation Uses in magic • Adaptability to sudden changes • encouragement • power • Revive list energies

And here are the links. (Too much wine)Hoping to sell some of my Medieval Manuscript Art colouring books before Armageddon.

Buying music to hear offset mumble about Cardi, again 🤡🤡🤡

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Ayer subí un video donde hablo de los diferentes métodos de adivinación disponibles para los estudiantes de lo oculto ✨. Enlace en mi bio 🤟🏼. .

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I’m bi and a witch. you could say I’m a…. bitch


The Nightingale and his Flock

They say with great power comes frest responsibility, but what they dont say is with great power corruption lurks around every corner, taunting, beckoning.

Welcome to the beginning of my novel: The Nightingale and his Flock. This is a modern fantasy gptq+ story set in Italy about the effects of gaining immeasurable power. It follows the lives of six individuals as their paths paths become irrevocably tied together. The story centers around a man of many names, beginning with Nato derived from his name that sounds nothing like it. Look forward to different branches of magic based on reality, Old Gods, sass, people trying to do the best with what they are given, and, for course, The Gay.

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Little witch things I do

1. Hair

So whenever I tie my hair back to go to work for the day I say a little incantation to protect me from Harm:

“Black ribbon, tied around my hair. Keep away all darkness and despair. As you’re tied a second round, my magick be focused and evil be bound.”

Well….I still do that, but it won’t be long and the dreads come off

2. Cooking

Since I’m not yet that big on kitchen witchcraft, I just use whatever I already know to enchant everything I cook or bake with a little something.

Salt for protection

Pepper to break curses

All kinds of herbs that fit the meal

Honey for light and to sweeten the mood


And remember to always stir clockwise to call the power of your ingredients

3. Tea

This one could technically also belong to Kitchen witchcraft, but I want it to be it’s own thing, so yeah.

I make my own tea and I mix it the exact same way every day (though the “how” will stay hidden). It’s a can of tea I take to work everyday to stay grounded, positive, powerful and protected and to connect to the Tuatha de Dannan in everyday life

4. Music

Now, I’m no good singer….never have been, but whenever I or one of the children I take care of are feeling sad, or start to cry, I sing to them. Just some light tunes hummed under my breath actually…..but it helps to calm them down.

5. Prayer

I have written my own set of three prayers to say every day. One for the morning, one for meals and one for the evening.

I also rarely use the prayer beads I made, which are in the exact right order to cast a proper big ritual circle with.


Jean St. Malo aka St. Maroon, an ancestral loa and Voudou saint in New Orleans Voudou. From my next book (after The Magic of Marie Laveau) tentatively titled From Annie Christmas to Zozo La Brique: Voudou Spirits, Hoodoo Saints and Folk Legends of New Orleans. Part 2.
#bedtimestories #authorDeniseAlvarado #neworleansvoodoo #stmaroon #sanmalo #hoodoo #voodoo #rootwork #creolemoon #witchcraft #maroons #slavery #voudouresistance #resistance (at Prescott, Arizona)

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Two of Pentacles.

Be at peace with all things your world. There is little reason to harbor feelings of discontent. Seek balance and it will find you. When given a choice between taking or giving, choose the latter. You’ll be better for it. With tolerance comes understanding. Live in love and you will find beauty.

Queen’s Rest

The Night calls, a warm bath filled with lavender, coconut oil and a room filled with insence, this is the beginning of rest.

A special cup filled with lavender, chamomile or any variety of Sleep tea to sooth the soul into a restful state.

Cleanse the face of makeup, let the glamour fall gently from your body. Let the stress of the day go from your feet into the floor below you or let the water of the bath soak it out of you.

Breathe deeply of the steam and insence. Let the air cleanse your soul while the water cleanses you body. Let all the worries and tensions of the lost hours disappear with each breathe.

Washed and dried, forget not your dash wash and moisturizer. Brush your teeth once more. Then remember to have some water along with any sleeping medicine you may need.

Some play sweet music, others need total silence, still others require a nightlight or total darkness. However you do it, now is the time for rest, renual and dreams.


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We look at the witch trials like how could so many people at once be scared of things that aren’t real and suspend disbelief and all critical thinking in clearly absurd trials but then also people are really demanding Brexit so…