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BEFANA CHRISTMAS or hag figure; she delivers gifts down the chimney to Italian children on Epiphany Eve, in a similar way to St Nicholas or Santa Claus. Effigies of her made of rags are hung up & placed in windows by women & children on Twelfth Night

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From ” cards of the Sun & the Moon with Phoenix & Dragon” Message for tomorrow, December 13 "-“ The state is quite unstable. It may get better, it may get worse .... Let's decide on your resolution.

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Don’t forget to charge your crystals and make some very powerful moon water tonight. This is my final post of my full moon ritual. Goodnight Witches 🖤🔮🌕

Tonight is the night, Ghouls and Goblins. The final full moon of the decade is tonight at 12:12am (so technically tomorrow...SUPER early). Get your crystals outside or in a windowsill for charging! 😁

“Wait! Witch~Senpai, you’re a girl?” “Waah? Of course I’m a girl! Now pay attention before I curse you!”

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I did a small cleanse of my black obsidian for the full moon. I was feeling a little depressed but I did feel a bit more relaxed after doing it. I still can’t believe it’s the last full moon of a decade. ✨🌸

Spoonie witch misses last full moon of the decade because of illness - a memoir written by me

I did manage to make a fire offering to Hekate, and promise proper offerings when my brain didnt feel like it was trying to melt itself.

So, not a complete loss.

home and hearth greeting

I really like kind of mantras and incantations, and I also like non-spell related witchcraft, i feel bad if I’m only asking for things, and I like to just thank and acknowledge things around me in a spiritual way, so i combined these likes into a small greeting when you arrive home. I hoped to express gratitude to the home, a small blessing, and joy to meet again. I live alone so it can be nice to greet the apartment when I come in the door, and I think it’ll help me personalize myself towards the energies of my new home. If you’re reading this and want one for yourself, here’s mine;

“Happy meet

Ceiling to feet;

Blessings to all

to heart and to hall”

I needed it be short and simple. Feel free to use!


Beautiful faceted black onyx coupled with black tourmalated quartz for these two one of a kind witches rosaries. Cleansing before my Friday the 13th collection release 🕯

Red Rose Bard

Yes, it is Bread we fight for, but we fight for Roses too.

[ ][ ] Sight of the Heart’s Need – When you lock eyes with someone, you immediately intuit what they hunger for, be it a literal hunger for sustenance or that they are deprived of laughter or song. At second level, you can choose to gain this intuition on seeing someone without locking eyes, can can evaluate a group or crowd as well as an individual.

[ ] Song of Bread – By spending d6 rounds singing to a person who hungers, you can produce a small loaf of bread, singing it into existence, to give to them.

[ ][ ][ | ] Song of Roses – When you begin singing or performing poetry, you may choose a person or a group that can hear you. If you do, roll a d6 and add your level of Song of Roses. If you have an intimate understanding of their feelings or need, you may add up to +3 more to the roll, as per the GM’s discretion. On a roll of 5 or more, your performance touches on subjects that are dear and important to the target. On a roll of 8 or more, the performance is deeply moving to the target, stirring intense feelings in them.

[ | ] Marching Song – When you march with purpose, you can perform a song that declares your ideals and your purpose. Those who earnestly believe in your cause who march with you will not tire at all from the marching, and gain a d6 bonus to all rolls for as long as they march with you. Additionally, they know the words to sing along without needing to learn them.

[ | ] Song of Ended Toil – You know a soothing song that honours those who work to care for others. When you perform it, all who hear who are exhausted from working lose the aches and weight of the day. After a night’s rest, those listener’s will be restored to full health.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] Song of Trudging Spirits – When you confront a wrongdoer, you can invoke the spirits of those they have betrayed, or that have in the past been similarly mistreated. When you sing the song of these poor dead, you allow them to unleash their pain and anguish on your target. While you continue to sing, your target takes a -1 penalty to all rolls per level of Song of Trudging Spirits. When you finish your song, they take 1 wrath damage per level of Song of Trudging Spirits. When you conclude your song, you cannot invoke the same spirits again, as they have achieved their catharsis through you.