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Eyes Express a lifetime Telling how u've survived When happy they twinkle they smile Showing everything is worthwhile Those eyes switching feeling when the whole world is reeling Those eyes which can stand the test of time Radiating like the moon backed by the sunlight!

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A drawn to the dark world that's only going to go darker. A tale of and . Perfect for fans of fairytales and Disney.

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From “ cards of the Sun & the Moon with Phoenix & Dragon” Message for tomorrow, June 18 "- “ It is full of power that runs up the slope at once. Everything will progress independently of intention.

Our Hyacinth Macaw and resident Princess Tara admiring herself on the covers of her latest fantasy novel series, the Kalaratri Trilogy, about a parrot that just happens to be a witch. With a coffee addiction. Available from Amazon:

A character design for !!! Oh yeah! A witch druid!!! OH MY GOSH SUCH A GOOD DESIGN REE Bless this human for designing a dirty witchy druid she is my life.

Myself and want to wish my of a sister and her hubs a huge congratulations on the birth of my niece . 👶 🎉 🎊

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Rainy day adventure

Hecate Waits for Us

Meet me where the railways cross

Drag our bodies along

You have the stomach, don’t leave me here

I don’t think I could take the dark.

Let’s have our last meal, lay out the bones,

Count until six trains have passed.

Now is the time, clutch the match, 

Paint the words on my skin. 

We’re not ready, but now we go.

Don’t mind my terrible photo taking skills, my desk is a horrible mess and it’s not even big enough for legit spreads anyway

I have a huuuge decision to make in my personal life and I have no idea what to do, it is really personal so I’m not gonna say what the actual decision is, but so far based on this spread…. does anyone have any thoughts? The lovers, ace of swords, and knight of wands DID initially come reversed, but I don’t normally read reversals so I’m not sure what to believe. Help! I’m such a newbie witch


Happy Father’s Day! Today’s card is perfect: Six of Cups…
A good day to NOT demand a lot of yourself. Show your vulnerability in a space you’re most comfortable in away from the general public. Look at the emotional experiences the day brought without over-analyzing. #tarot #tarotdaily #witch #cardreadingsofinstagram #readings #psychic #mediums #oracles #decks #riderwaitetarot (at Boulder, Colorado)

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