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its confirmed wil dismantle in today's match. took this picture exactly on april 9 so no surprise this effect will commence today on and on . Im super excited on today's match 😂😝 cant wait 😂

House spirits fed, house smudged, main altar open, coffee brewing. A fantastic end to a Sunday..

Annaleah, a white is accustomed to life as an outcast. When she starts working with Professor Sebastian, her life abruptly changes RomanceReaders KU KDP RomanceBooks romancE UnlimitedKindle KindleUnlimit…

I can't believe someone actually wrote to a newspaper to say this, personally im gutted, Don sounds dreamy.

Annaleah, a white is accustomed to life as an outcast. When she starts working with Professor Sebastian, her life abruptly changes RomanceReaders KU KDP RomanceBooks romancE UnlimitedKindle KindleUnlimited

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Who else would love to have a room like this?? 😍🔮

Write Your Witchcraft– 4

I found this post originally here

Note: These are my personal beliefs. Feel free to disagree with them as I am not stating facts. I’m stating my beliefs. Nothing more, nothing less

Do I Want to Follow a Path That Has to do With a Little Nature or a Lot of Nature?

My answer is that it depends on the definition of “little” and “a lot”. I like to incorporate nature to varying degrees (rocks, branches, pinecones and etcetera) and I think nature is special and all that, but spending hours in nature isn’t necessarily my cup of tea. Especially since mosquitoes wreck me in less than five minutes. Plus, sometimes it’s easier said than done

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hi!! im cms and im a capricorn sun. can i have a general easter reading?? thank you 💕

You got the poets narcissus, a beautiful flower for a beautiful soul, which speaks of a message for confidence that you need more of in your life. This flower is telling me this full moon will bring you an understanding and an appreciation for inner truth and to realise how beautiful you are in the inside. You need to love yourself more it’s saying, you’ll start to feel a feel of increased confidence, an awakening and renewed hope of a situation you’ve been worried about for awhile. It’s telling me you’re going to be getting the clarity you’ve been seeking also you’re going to feel inspiration and new ideas. There’s a female energy here, someone is going to come into your life and lend you a hand I feel. Something is expected, a message? An answer to a question. It’s also saying that there’s a lot of people who are confident in you.

It’s also warning you to not give into peer pressure in the future, don’t lose yourself to please others, it’s also warning of overspending? Don’t give into gossip either it’s not healthy it’s saying. ✨

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hey I am ajk♒️ can I have a general easter reading? any messages the universe feels. Thank you

The universe has drawn this flower for you I feel, the sacred lotus is telling you that to reach your highest good, detachment is needed here, you’re too focused on the results I feel. It’s asking you to stand strong stand apart and seek independence in your thoughts and actions. A time to let go of certain habits and entrapments and revise thought patterns that are holding you back from your highest potential. Look at your current situation, there is spiritual growth promised here for you. I feel something is waiting for you, but there is a blockage that you need to release within yourself, you have been ungrounded for awhile and now is a time to relax and treat yourself. You are deserving of what is coming to you, I sense a gift? A time of happiness? It’s waiting for you if you allow it to come on it’s own. Don’t wait for it, just let go, what you’re wishing for is coming, I feel it.

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aquamystic  asked:

hello! could I have an Easter reading about what will this full moon bring me? thank you ; csd ✨🦋🚀

Of course! ✨ wow I’ve never drawn this flower before you’re the first to receive this lovely and beautiful bright flower 💐 the honey grevillea is a very good fortunate flower, it symbolises creation, a very positive time of harvest and enjoying the rewards of what you have created, I feel perhaps you are trying to manifest some things into your life? This full moon has blessed you and I suggest you prepare to receive them soon. There is passion signified here, an opening to love? The passion I can feel from the bright vibrant yellows, orange and reds it’s almost like a fire. Relationships..? Twin flame? I’m not sure? I feel like there is a love here, a love is coming? A new way of thinking will come to you aswell. You’re going to feel a surge of energy from this passionate flame within yourself you’re going to feel a sudden push towards something, a progression? You have been having a sense of blockage maybe, suppression for a little while, impatience, irrational thoughts that do not define you. You’re doing the best you can and the universe and your spirits can see that, this full moon is helping you release that, if you ever feel down, this doesnt mean you’re not succeeding, this is a release of what’s been hiding in your subconscious, feel them, write them down if you wish, and burn it, or let it run down the drain, release and let go is what I’m feeling here, because there is such a creative fiery spirit within you, explore creative projects too, I keep hearing you are very much loved, so loved. 🧡

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what i believe about tarot

the universe is full of randomness. everything is a chance event. it was by chance that life started on earth. it was by chance that you were conceived. it is the result of many chance situations that you are where you are today.

the tarot too, is full of chance. it is by chance that you drew that particular card, and by chance that it landed on that place in your spread.

the universe is also full of choice. everyday we make choices, influenced of course by the chance situations that arise in our lives. this is where interpretation comes in. you choose how you interpret that card.

to me, tarot is the perfect synthesis of chance and choice; it is the universe in a deck of cards.

Non-Alcoholic Beltane May Wine Recipe

So, I just made this post on how to make a Beltane May Wine, and I thought, why not make a non-alcoholic one as well?


  • 750ml of White Grape Juice
  • A cup of canned peaches (with juice!)
  • One sliced orange
  • 8 - 10 fresh stalks of Waldmeister
  • Optional: half a cup of sugar
  • Two empty 1L jugs
  • A funnel
  • A fine sieve


Let the fresh stalks wither for about half an hour to make sure the taste it at its best.Then, once that’s done, you can add the sliced orange, the peaches and the Waldmeister to the empty jug. Add the sugar (if you want it to be sweeter) and the Grape juice. 

Put it in the fridge and let it sit for about 3-4 hours. When those hours are over, you can take the jug and fill the other empty jug using the sieve and funnel to make sure no pits or loose flowers get added to the drink. 

Now you can enjoy your Beltane with your loved ones alcohol-free!

Beltane May Wine Recipe (alcoholic)

For the Non-alcoholic version, click here

So I decided to make a May Wine since my Waldmeister kept on growing and growing. It’s really sweet and would be an amazing drink for Beltane!


  • One bottle of white wine (preferably sweet)
  • One sliced orange
  • 4 shots of vodka
  • 8 - 10 fresh stalks of blossoming Waldmeister (in English it’s called Sweet Bedstraw, I believe)
  • Optional: Two tablespoons of white sugar 
  • A big jug (about 1L)
  • A funnel
  • A fine sieve


When you pick the stalks of Waldmeister, leave them to wither for about half an hour. That’s when their taste will infuse the wine at its best. 

After half an hour, put the sliced orange in a big jug and add the waldmeister. If you are using sugar (for extra sweetness) this is when you should add this as well. Now, pour the vodka and wine over it, cover the jug and put it in the fridge for about 3-4 hours. Keep the empty wine bottle, this is a great bottle to store the wine in back again.

When it’s done, you can take it out of the fridge, stir around with a wooden spoon and pour the substance back into the wine bottle using a funnel and the fine sieve (to make sure no loose flowers or orange pits get in).

You can store this for up to 7 days (in the fridge) and it’s a really great way to celebrate Beltane with your loved ones if you are of legal age. 

Springtime. Full moon charging, growth where there was fallow, new life and change. A fantastic reminder to all of us who are struggling through this energy.

My altar, grape vines, fig tree, Texas thistle, and a really cool Caterpillar type bug. Blessed be, y'all. 🌛🌕🌜

Spells still work with substitutes!

I know some of the spells I post call for specific ingedients that may not be available to everyone (like certain flowers or other plants), so here’s a reminder that you can always use a substitute with similar properties!

Also: my spells can always just be a basis for you to move off of. You don’t have to copy everything I do step by step for your spell to work. I simply post what I do (i often base my spells off of advice given by spirits) in case my spell might inspire someone else.

Your craft is yours! Don’t let me or anyone else decide how you do your spells for you.

anonymous asked:

May I have a flower reading about how the moon affected me please? Devin & Capricorn

The Siberian Iris wants to make itself known to you. This flower links closely to inspiration, the iris connects strongly with creative spirits, with this full moon I feel the message it wants to give you is that it wants you to be creative, and curious and you need to actively try harder to unblock the path of learning. This full moon has boosted you new paths to approach an issue, they’ve been unblocked to come to you, the answers you seek are coming. Try thinking outside the box more, not the limitations you set for yourself. Inspiration is just around the corner for you. Blockages are vanishing for you, use your own voice and don’t let others bring you down. The green is very prominent in this card, I feel you are going to be very lucky. 🍀 you’re going to experience a surprising event in luck.

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loonylavender  asked:

I would love to have a reading on how the full moon has affected me! Thank you and I’ll be sure to leave a tip :-) -RD, Gemini

You’re too sweet thankyou! 🌷

The flower snowdrop of hope fell out for you. This full moon is bringing you a new sense of freedom and solutions are coming to something that has been bothering you for along time. You’ve been having some issues that have caused you pain and suffering, you will be released of these things, a refreshing new energy and optimism will hit you, perhaps some more good luck has been boosted towards you this full moon, you’re being asked to let go of limited attachments. A new beginning is coming your way, a new awareness, something is asking you to take action on something you’ve been indecisive about, this is your sign. If you’ve been feeling blocked or stuck, this full moon is blessing you, and it will be unblocked, it’s reassuring you of that.

There’s a message here for you, saying that you’ve been neglecting your own needs and giving too much to others, old wounds won’t heal if you continue to give so much to others rather than yourself. You cannot change or be bitter over the past anymore, it won’t serve you anymore, don’t be afraid of starting over again it says, you can do this. Treat yourself more and know you are so deserving of happiness. This full moon really has boosted you with power of luck and beginnings, there is hope here. Don’t give up on yourself, keep going forward. I feel you’re going to get a text about something important? I don’t know I felt I had to add that there, I felt the word “text”. Good luck to you love and many blessings.

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fleuraubade  asked:

hi can i get an easter reading? what will this full moon in libra bring into or enhance in my life? thank you — jada, capricorn🌟🧸👼🏻

You got the pohutukawa flower, which represents transformation this full moon. If you look at the card you can see the colours are calming and vibrant, there is a wild sea in the distance, the unknown, and a rocky path with a tower in the distance, I sense this is a major change coming this cycle, a better understanding of yourself, balance of mind, body and spirit. There seems to be a feeling of love here, by the colours of red, which sprout upwards near the sky, compassion and faith, someone is coming I sense? Or an opportunity? You’ve been having a hard time, this full moon has blessed you with restoration of power which will increase over time. If you ever feel like things aren’t working out, don’t, they are, stick to your manifestations and have faith, do not sink into lack of faith, you will feel some exhaustion and you must not fall into negative self talk, you will come to an indecision on something too, take your time, I feel you’re going to grow into something, something beautiful is coming I keep hearing and sensing that. Don’t believe the negative words your mind tells you, they aren’t real, you are worth a lot, Be prepared for unexpected opportunities.

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I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned on my blog that I have a favourite Oracle Card. Well I do and it’s the card that represents healing and joy 😁 The woman on the card looks so happy & at peace, wild & free, it’s a beautiful day, beautiful colours. I love it! Well me and my family were out and about and found a huge dandelion field!! 😍 It was soo beautiful, me, my sister & neice immediately decided to take a dandelion rest break & take some selfies lol 😁