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Deadlines for and are 2 weeks away. For the procrastinators out there, we've got you covered:

Skill, strategy, effort at play on faceoffs, where men's hockey team's stats aren't pretty

Making afternoon plans? Here's a look at the current radar for southern . Find out more weather info here:

So, more good news for today...the unemployment rate has now been 3% or less for 11 consecutive months!

β€œWe are fortunate to work with talented inventors and innovators who are making a difference in their fields, from biotech to manufacturing to agriculture.” Bottom line: Our consultants love what they do.

I couldn't wait till Spring to return so I'll be back in February! February 4th February 5th-6th February 7th-9th Book early for Advance Notice Rates! (no exceptions to deadline dates)

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A winter storm watch is in effect for parts of the Midwest and Ohio Valley. A winter weather advisory is in effect for parts of southern . 3 to 5 inches of snow is expected. Use caution if you are traveling.

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Pewits Nest Canyon, Baraboo, Wisconsin


What’s unnatural to me is
how natural people think
this is now.

I rarely see a sunrise or
sunset that is not blocked
by fake clouds.

The lines in the sky are
not natural. Our brief blue sky
was littered with chemtrails today.
It’s never been more obvious to me.

Our sky, like our world,
seems surreal.

It’s all by unnatural design.

Have you noticed yet?