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More WIP.

managed to get a chapter done last night . I'm actually proud of myself . Here's a little for my current

Rai with a cute ponytail hairstyle. It is a piece. But I wanted to post it :)

of my oc childhood memory of Hotaru playing with her adopted younger sister Eve, with a 'Raven watching over them. This is a so excuse the lack of detail and colour I will finish it later on at some point.

Good morning for most! Goodnight for me. I got a lot done on my overnight. I’m going to try to get in a few hours of shut eye now. Have a great Saturday!!!

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So could be that I'm working on a digital drawing right now with which I'm quite happy for the first time in forever?

Good to be back at it after a break, it's nice to see everyone is just where I left them (no tea allowed in the reading rooms though 🍵👎).

Brought out the old slide projector again to play around with materials placed inside 35mm slides. 📽

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WIP - a quite early stage of my redrawing of my tarot cards featuring my ocs from my story.

This will be the card for my main character, Scarlett, with the major arcana The Moon.

Going to see if i can do this practice with light and shadows by using values. It was quite fun and a learning experience the last time i did this, but i am not sure if i can do it again! We will see. :)


Baby hands
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You know that early point of drawing when your art looks nothing like your model, and you try to get over your frustration by making multiple trials on other sheets, and at *some* point you kinda get it right? And you’re like “I’m too tired, I’ll go to sleep, see you in a few days”. And you sense it’s probably going to be ok because hey, look at all the other stuff you’ve done so far, it’s nothing, right? Right??

But you don’t believe that, and no matter how much proof you give yourself, it kills you. It kills you that the draft is still sitting there, unfinished, and even though you know you’ll finish this new piece at some point, it still kills you. You want it done yesterday and instead of enjoying the process it just. Kills you. The fact that you have no patience or memory of what you’ve done.

Some ignorant soul once said that for some people art is easy, that I’m “shitting out masterpieces”. To anyone who’s at the early stages of learning how to draw, I have this one thing to say: it never gets easier. Never. All that changes is the outcome. And if it’s good enough, it serves as a painkiller, nothing more, the painkiller that you didn’t have when you started out as an artist, because I assure you the amount of effort remains the same.