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West Wittering Beach, Sussex WIP for new travel poster no.119 So dark and gloomy outside and I'm trying to remember what warm sunny beach days actually felt like... Cheering myself up with some lovely daffs and couple of 😍

A little for something that I'll try to finished this week (that would have totally been finished before if I hadn't started/ been captivated by other projects :I).

When you’re writing a very serious but you only want to include the hilarious/incredulous/befuddled comments from beta readers/writer friends on the book jacket.

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A promising anesthesia intern suddenly discovers her super-psychic powers and thus begins her hero's journey to find true love and fight the different faces of Evil.

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Haven’t looked at this for a hot second and I still think this boy looks dope!!!

Sending left and right the past couple of weeks. Now the worst part of ... The wait. My is at 37,000 words as of this . Setting a goal to get to 40,000 by the end of the month while I wait.

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Another comment who i can draw pa haha also

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Little RoseMary drawing I’m working on


Keeping myself busy working on current commissions and adding more characters to the list, which will most likely be available for the Ko-Fi event as well soon. First is V from DMC5, more to come.

To do:

• Fix eyes for better posing
• Fix any odd shape
• Fix face texture
• Add body tattoos

Very raw first wip. His body shape is quite interesting to shape… he’s thin and visibly underfed judging by the stomach area, but at the same time he got muscles. Working on this models allows me to study the characters up close and discover details that I may easily miss in other circumstances.