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Eindelijk lekker -rijden!

Ma cosa si mangia per correre una gara come questa? Simone ci spiega la sua strategia pre gara! Salomon Running Masters Sziols Italia Impossible Target Suunto Pac…

Classic Alexander McQueen Men's 3/4 length cashmere wool coat (Navy Blue) Sz Med. This can be worn as an overcoat or just as a warm coat casually or dressed up. $240, beautiful coat, about $1,500 retail.

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Hands up if you were stuck inside due to snow today❄⛄? Here at Utek we're beating the chill with our wide range of heaters and radiators! 🔥

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Apparently it’s been snowing in some parts of the UK today - so seem fortuitous that today’s the day we secured the rights to our December production at the .

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Zorlu doğa şartlarında koşullar ne olursa olsun, Watertight teknolojisiyle "Asla su geçirmez, nefes alır!"

Elsa who?! The crisp, icy weather at the beginning of last week provided a fantastic opportunity for our Nursery children to explore the wintry world around them. They enjoyed using tools to crack ice, as well as taking a trip to a nearby frozen lake.

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Some places in Scotland will be experiencing icy conditions and snow today. Make sure you're careful on the road by reading our essential guide to winter driving.

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Hi I made a new song. It’s out now everywhere. Thank you

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Mother of Dragons 🐉 you are welcome to visit Peru 🇵🇪 #WinterIsComing #GameOfThrone #Peru #EmiliaClarke #Khaleesi #DaenerysTargaryen

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Todo lo grande está en medio de la tempestad. #storm #tormenta #winteriscoming #weather😍

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“- Who comes before the Old Gods this night?

– Sansa, of the House Stark, comes here to be wed.

A woman grown, trueborn and noble.

She comes to beg the blessing of the Gods. Who comes to claim her?

– Sandor Clegane, the Hound. Who gives her?

– Arya Stark. Her sister.

– Lady Sansa, do you take this man?”

– Yes. I take this man!

This one’s for @mynameisnoneya1991


No one was hurt but a lesson learned drive safe
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Originally posted by kingsleigh

Ok guys do me a solid and send me all the Sansa warg fics you can find. I want fanfics with Sansa as a magical BAMF. Extra credit for Jonsa, but Sansa with any powers, possibly warging is desired.