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Definitely the margarita one and it’s 9am 🍹

Chilean Merlot 12% abv by Wine Route. Thirsty Thursday says 'part of a Tesco Meal Deal - amazing value, I've had £10 Merlot's not as good as this'

The First Anniversary of Croatian Premium Wines Imports Celebrated in Boston... and I know that they are bringing fine wines... Very fine!! živjeli!!🍷😃🥂 . You can read more about it here: .

We'll be taking bookings for bespoke private tastings that can be held on dates throughout 2020. We can adapt to almost any budget. Do get in contact if you'd like more information.

Cata del vino Borsao Tinto Selección 2018, disfrutando de su nueva imagen y etiqueta. Estupenda RCP, de lo mejor del mercado esta Garnacha joven pero con mucho carácter

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It's all grape juice my friend. Vanity and snobbishness make some outrageously priced. The big names are certainly cultivated and aged better but not 100 or 1000 times better by any means. 😉

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Got called for Jura Duty. Tissot - DD Rouge via /r/wine