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You're going to need the B's

Learn the basics of harnessing by reading our article, and earn GBCI CE hours along the way!

Are you missing the hot weather today? The Shine Turbine is the perfect item for summer days spent by the water! Take 40% off pre-orders now at

Mega wind turbines (with blades the size of football pitches) coming to a sea near you

[Siemans Gamesa Renewable Energy]

How about this for a ? Share of generation 2008 v 2018 by In 2008 contributed less than 2% to our mix. A decade later & it provides clean energy which meets 17% of our electricity needs.

Ben jij op zoek naar internationale samenwerkingspartners op het gebied van floating ? organiseert van 24-26 april een matchmaking event tijdens het internationale floating offshore wind event in Montpellier!

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We really like how the Orjak wind-farm project is shaping up, here is an even better view of it!


Wind Turbine Technician is one of the fastest growing jobs in America. With views like this from Rattlesnake Creek Wind Farm in Allen Nebraska there is no wonder why this job attracts so many. This photo was taken by Jake Merritt early Saturday morning.

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Dragon Kite Festival
Wonderful, light structures floating in the sky! Poetic and joyful.
The back drop of the extraordinary Templehof Airport, and the container city refugee camp… The constellation is remarkable.
#dragonkitefestival #templehof #templehofairport #berlin
#windenergy #kite #lightweightstructures #leichteflaechentragwerke #refugeecamp #containercity #refugees

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#WindTurbine #WindFarm #WindEnergy #Oklahoma (at Clinton, Oklahoma)

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