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“She is more than a picture on a screen. She is a human being with thoughts and emotions. A human with good days and bad days and countless in between days. She has a laugh, voice inflections, mannerisms that belong to her and to her alone. She has everyday responsibilities and goals for tomorrow. She is more than a picture on the screen, she is so much more. ”

- J. Iron Word

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I’m gay and I’d like to be called my future husband’s “wife” sometimes as a joke because it’s funny. I don’t see the problem with calling wangxian husband & wife (even though lwj didn’t mean to call them that it’s in the word for married couple). It’s weird to me how people call that cringe. So gay people who make those jokes or are legit about it are cringe too? Ok. I just wish more people would get behind calling lwj the wife sometimes though instead of only wwx. Give them both a chance.