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scares me and turns me on at the same time. Is that weird? I watched last night and was like well damn!

On today’s episode, we look at Steve McQueen’s newest film and whether it works as a heist film. Listen Now:

In all the excitement and confusion and stress of this week came out today! Now you can take home the story about a group of awesome women doing what they gotta do. Masks on ladies!

It’s time to settle the score. Watch Steve McQueen's critically acclaimed now on DVD.

Prepare-se para a dose de inspiração mais alta do ano. Mulheres poderosas te esperam em As Viúvas Com Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Cynthia Erivo e Elizabeth Debicki, disponível em DVD a partir do dia 20/03/2019 nas lojas de todo o Brasil.

Top-selling Blu-rays for week of February 10 ... 1. The Grinch, $9.6m 1st week 2. Widows, $1.1m 1st week 3. The Girl in the Spider's Web, $900K 1st week

It was nice to see some familiar faces that I haven’t seen for a while. was really a nice and simple drama / thriller heist film.

Just... should've been nominated for at least one category!! I'm gonna be salty for awhile

Now can we talk about ? Steve McQueen, and co-writer Gillian Flynn. The badass female-driven film of the year. (You'll love it or hate it, no in-between.)

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Here's our episode with . We waited for Oscar noms but that was no good. We waited for YET ANOTHER Liam Neeson revenge movie and that was even worse. So enjoy an early spring break edition podcast on women pulling off heist movies:

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A movie has the power to cut across race, boundaries, barriers and make history….telling real life issues as it is… @widowsmovie
Reposted from @widowsmovie - Real, authentic love. @ViolaDavis talks about the power of WIDOWS—watch it today on Digital. Link in bio. #WidowsMovie
(at The O2)

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Daniel Kaluuya on his American accent, meeting Martin Lawrence and why his mom doesn’t understand his success…

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I’ve been enjoying these circuit interviews just as much as the movie. #ViolaDavis and #widows cast is giving knowledge in these streets. #thankyou ✌
@Regran_ed from @violadavis - “You can either leave something for people or leave something in people.” @AnneLamott
#MondayMotivation #WidowsMovie #NowPlaying - #regrann

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Just went to the restroom after seeing “Widows”

Two older women having a conversation in the restroom:

Woman 1: “That was a great movie”

Woman 2: “Yes- it was. It really was”

Woman 1: “Widows, huh? Truly a great movie”

Woman 2: “Oh yes, it was”

Woman 1: “ I haven’t seen a movie like that in ages, it has been a while since I saw a movie that good. It makes me really happy and proud.”

Woman 2: “Happy and proud?”

Woman 1: “Yeah, happy and proud to be a widow”


#lovedit 💯
@Regran_ed from @juveeproductions - Who’s going to see @WidowsMovie this weekend?
It’s finally here! @WidowsMovie is in theaters TODAY. Get your tickets now: #WidowsMovie #TagAFriend
RP from @violadavis - #regrann

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🎬 I gotta see this movie #widowsmovie ❤️ @violadavis 👏🏾

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It’s payday. 💵 Get your tickets to see WIDOWS, in theaters TODAY. Link in bio. #WidowsMovie #violadavis #michellrodriguez

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I been waiting for this movie since September…it’s been a minute. Sure would be extra nice if they premiered this in DC at the @airandspacemuseum @imax
I’d want a front row seat and pics with the whole cast at the end of that red carpet. 🤗😍
@Regran_ed from @violadavis - Coming soon! ♥️ #WidowsMovie - #regrann

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Critics are giving WIDOWS 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟. In theaters November 16. #WidowsMovie

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Don’t miss Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Debicki and Cynthia Erivo in WIDOWS. #WidowsMovie

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Watch this 3-minute clip:

Colin Farrell explains his character’s reaction to the character’s father’s use of the n-word, in movie ‘Widows’ by director Steve McQueen.

McQueen also explains, following Colin Farrell’s response.

And after those thoughtful responses, all that f*cking ‘journalist’

(a different one from the one asking question in this clip) can think of, is to

write a fake ass news title

called ‘Colin Farrell defends the use of the n-word in movie “Widows”’, for views and clicks. And now that article is starting to get quoted and posted around.

This kind of behaviour by journalists is so evil. F*ck that guy.

Link to full press conference:


They’re on their own. Watch the new trailer for WIDOWS starring @ViolaDavis, @MRodOfficial, Elizabeth Debicki and @CynthiaErivo. In theaters November 16. #WidowsMovie

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Okkk. A 2018 set it off?? But with some deeper motives to steal. Looks good! In theaters-November16

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WIDOWS - November 16. #Repost @widowsmovie with @get_repost
They’re on their own. Watch the new trailer for WIDOWS starring @ViolaDavis, @MRodOfficial, Elizabeth Debicki and @CynthiaErivo. In theaters November 16. #WidowsMovie (at Hollywood)

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Jon Bernthal:
That’s right Jon, teach em young👍🏻…..this video absolutely made my day….
❤️❤️❤️the children, bring them up with all the ❤️you have to give, don’t preach it, live it, walk it, be it, children grow up to be what they know, its a slim few that ever break the chains of negativity. So show them how to ❤️ ❤️😘✌🏻
#repost @jonnybernthal

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#WomanCrushWednesday with @violadavis @mrodofficial 👸🏿👸🏿
From Oscar-winning Director Steve McQueen, WIDOWS arrives in theaters this November. Trailer link in bio. #WidowsMovie

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