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Mysterious Wasteland — Digital Art by Dani | Shot on Canon 500D / Rebel T1i ⁠ ⁠

The darkness once consumed as it has done those who choose to oppose me now. I’ve become an Oracle of Light, a beacon of hope in the darkness of deprivation. I will overcome and prosper.

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RT NXTUK: UP NEXT: The IslaDawn squares off against JinnyCouture on !

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OMG won, she always impressed me every time 2019 is her year mark my words when I tell you this before the end of the year she's gonna be the NXT UK Women's Champion Behold the

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Super blood wolf moon lunar eclipse

January 21 12:34

Birth Chart painting!

Project number 4: my natal chart on canvas. I love learning about myself on a more spiritual level. Plus I’m really trying to practice my painting skills, which obviously needs some work but I am learning :)

I’m having a lot of fun making these for people because one, I get to practice my craft, plus I get to learn more about birth chart readings. Now I can make these for people and give them a detailed birth chart reading as well!


Heeey beautiful people !!!!
Woke up to a ton of snow today… everything is white❄.. our car is burried under the snow and all the roads are blocked.. this means that shipping of your packaged will be postponed until I can leave the house…
In the video a little preview of my new collection.. this beautiful #rozequartz bracelet will be a part of it.. I thought that the pastel colors I’ve used look well in the white surroundings… what do you think of it?
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Capricorn love ♑️

This zodiac spread is great for the time of the Capricorn. Whether you are a Capricorn or want to unlock your inner one, try out this spread. Thanks to emerald lotus divination!

  1. Card that best describes me currently
  2. Why am I afraid to ask others for help?
  3. How can I begin to open up to others
  4. How can I be more relaxed and mindful
  5. Something I should be proud of
  6. Something new I should try

🎆New Year Spread🎉

Make the most of the new year with the New Years Tarot spread! This powerful spread can be used to start of the new year. Thanks to Biddy Tarot.

  1. The previous year in summary
  2. Lessons learned from the past year
  3. Aspirations for the next 12 months
  4. What empowers you in reaching your aspirations
  5. What may stand in the way of reaching your goal
  6. Your relationships and emotions in the coming year
  7. Your career, work, and finances
  8. Your health and well-being
  9. Your spiritual energy and fulfillment
  10. What you most need to focus on in the year ahead
  11. The most important lesson for the coming year
  12. Overall, where are you headed in the next twelve months

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” ~Willie Nelson
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Crystal time


The amazonite stone is a great stone if you want to tap into child like energy. This stone encourages you to have more fun, loosen up, and to enjoy life instead of trying to plan the entire journey.

The amazonite stone is used to to open up and energize the heart chakra. The greenish color helps remind individuals of the Amazon river, meaning to release all the stress and anxiety in your life and Learn to go with the flow. Of fear, stress, and control motivate a lot of the decisions you make, use this stone to imbued yourself with trust, creativity, and confidence. Flush those negative feelings out of your heart and body.

If you find yourself drawn to Amazonite, like myself, you are probably a huge control freak! Carry this with you in those high, stressful situations. You will see that amazonite will release an energy to help you go with the flow.

A fun thing to do, once you amazonite stone is cleansed, write a list of a couple things that you need to loosen up about. Set intentions strong and place your amazonite stone at the top of your list.

Winter Solstice Tarot Spread ❄️

The winter soltice is a great way to welcome the darkness and hibernate as the shortest day of the year arrives. While you relax during the winter months, it’s a great time to reflect on your shadow self (the part of you that you try to deny or hide from others)

1) What is the essence of my inner shadow self?

2) What can I learn from my shadow self?

3) How can I bring my shadow self into the light?

4) What lights me up from within?

5) What new seeds am I planting?

6) What do I need to release in order to create space for growth?

Have fun with this spread during the solstice or throughout the winter! Also enjoy the full moon tonight! 🌝


(Werbung/ad: unbezahlte Markierungen) 🖤Today’s Christmas originates from a pagan tradition, celebrated as Yule - the winter solstice, which is today: the longest night and also the shortest day of the year. Today marks the turning point. In pagan traditions the return of the sunlight is being celebrated.
Although I’ve always been celebrating modern Christmas with my closest loved ones and family with a sweet gathering, good food and a traditional long ‚unwrapping ceremony’ of the presents ;), I’ve also been celebrating Yule in the most traditional pagan way since almost two decades on the 21st of December. I love the thought that the light returns from now on. The time of total withdrawal and the darkest night is finally over, and we can slowly begin to make plans again and focus on what we want to do in the next year. Yule is the perfect date to set intentions for the new year, to write down goals and to visualize your dreams being fulfilled.
It’s a perfect time to say ‚thank you‘ to all the lessons that made us learn something to say ‚thank you‘ to all the teachers that we met along our way in 2018 (the good and the unpleasant ones), and - not to forget - to thank yourself with a loving smile.
Send this warmth of gratefulness throughout your whole body, breathe in the changing energy, take notes, collect new vitality by meditating on the return of the sunlight. Have a wonderful Yule, if you celebrate it as well! 💫💕
How do you celebrate Christmas?
Video by me @akashicarts | assistance: @black.spirit.x
(See the full-size video on my IGTV)
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Today’s Reflection: Perception

Our perception shapes our world, how you want people to perceive you shape theirs. Perception is very influential on how you take on challenges and experience the world that you live in. If you perceive something that may not be accurate, you could have issues arise. If you portray yourself falsely, then how can one understand what you really want or need in the world.  

The perception card indicates that you need to give the whole story, be honest so that others do not assume your actions. Also take the time to challenge your own perception, what things are clouded, what influences you, do you have all the facts, and to seek new perspectives to grow as an individual. But be wary of false guides, they may steer you the wrong way.

Citrine (Brazilian)

This stone is a yellow-brown type of quartz which has iron in it. It has a hardness of 7 on the hardness scale and belongs to the silicate group. Citrine forms in volcanic rocks or mostly granite. Almost all of the citrine is heat treated to intensify the color.

Legend: believed to help the heart, kidney, and digestive system. Is good for creativity and holds the power of the sun.