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Haber için gitmesem kar göreceğim yok 😂Eskişehir'den mezun olduğumdan bu yana ilk karlı fotoğrafım📸🌲

WHITEワンマン頑張れ!!! オレはちょっと体調があまり優れないので今日はお家から応援します!!!!

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Maybe you don't know. Maybe you don't see. Maybe you're just dumb.

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. きょーは のワンマンLIVE✨ 初LIVEに行った場所とたまたま同じところで歌うとか幸せすぎ🤭💕 笑顔で楽しめますように𓂃 𓈒𓏸 .

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not ur grl

Fresh White, Acrylic Paint

Goodbye kisses are my first and only memory of what love is supposed to look like 
How it seems only when you’re leaving, can a kiss quench the burning and make it feel all better 
It’s a simple childhood wish, maybe I thought finding it could make it all clear 
I mean, the weather. 

I never made myself out to be my first pick, 
Teams weren’t my style, if I ran for miles I could just drop off the thoughts at marker 4 and wonder what it would feel like to follow them into the river, 
See, I’ve always been a dreamer, but only if I was a bit thinner did I feel that’s what it meant to be achieving, pulling down the clouds for candy, eating them alive instead of just settling for the sweetness 
But they left the taste of feeling empty, that you learn the hard way you can’t fill with self-pity 
Hind-sight is 2020 but it felt so fleeting until I noted it was 
November again and it snowed in my head, leaving sun reflections in my iris,
Do you ever feel so tired like this? 

I think for the first time I’ve tasted and swallowed purpose, it likes to stay awake at night, made me a new canvas of fresh white acrylic paint and never once, did it try to force it’s way out of my skin. 

I think maybe we’ve become friends.

01-22-2020 -:- 11:32 pm