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Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition Tasting Notes! View our product card below to find out more about the taste of this amazing Irish whiskey

Late night at the distillery. A wee bit cold outside and the fire is keeping us warm. Those barrels sure are lucky! to all. Let's get started with the last of our bourbon cream tomorrow . – at Nightside Distillery

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You’re a hater if you say I have a problem, but you’re a dumbass if you don’t.

It’s Time To Finally Decide Which Whiskey Goes Best With Fudge Brownies

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#Whisky #JapaneseWhisky [Uproxx]“The age statement versions of this unique blended malt from Japan are unavailable — except to those with deep pockets on auction sites — due to the current boom in the Japanese whisky …

shot bar BARRELです。


#加藤ご夫婦ありがとうございました (Itami, Hyogo)

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Innovation  /  Glass Bottle Beer & Soda

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Consumers have a strong preference for glass packaging, 90% favor glass to preserve and protect, when it comes to wine, craft spirits and beer. Many of today’s market trends influencing beverage packaging present strong opportunities for glass containers, and an exclusive design of a container is an added value for its content as well.

As premiumization grows in all categories, and especially wine and spirits, glass containers are front and center, and the desire for sustainable packaging is a value that continues to be high on consumers’ list of priorities. Research on consumer sentiment shows that glass is well positioned as the packaging of choice for taste and sustainability. Most importantly, glass packaging is in a unique position to capitalize on the premium experience, which right now is a strong consumer demand in nearly every product category.