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Been here in London quite a few times but surprisingly just my first time in . I’m not quite a shopper.

Beautiful day this morning . So glad I was able to capture some of these. I was also able to taste some local

Visit the Warner Bros. Studios to get a look at the various locations of the Harry Potter universe, !

Located in Central London, Hyde Park is the largest of the four royal parks. , make sure you visit here and enjoy a good time.

The London Underground or as it is more commonly referred "The Tube" is a public transit system with a deep history. ensure that you take this travelling experience at least once.

Hello there again.🐳Took a picture of the same subject about 6 months ago and its amazing how various lighting, time of the day, angle and edit can make a difference in a shot! . . . . -- #…

visit the iconic Buckingham Palace, a monument that is the focal point of British tourism.

The London Bridge is one of the most iconic monument not just in England but all over the world. It is an architectural marvel. make sure you get a glimpse!

Looking for something to do this weekend? Don't miss out on the London Short Film Festival 2019

Enjoyed seeing Christmas Carol (I know we are in Epiphany) in London!

The view of London from The Shard is fascinating and majestic to say the least. do make a point to visit The Shard and enjoy the view.

Cozy up in the igloos this winter in ! The food is tasty and the views of Tower Hill & The Shard are glorious πŸ™ŒπŸΎ

It’s a perfect evening to do a little skating . I’m glad I always travel with my skates in the winter.

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This morning’s activity.

#changingoftheguard #buckinghampalace #averybritishday #imsuchatourist #wheninlondon (at Buckingham Palace)

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November 12, 2017

When there’s an opportunity, grab it!
Almost three years ago, my now manager asked me in my interview why I was interested to apply for the role. Being a fresh grad back then, one reason that I told him is that upon seeing the job description, I thought that there might be a possibility for me to be sent to another country. To manage my expectations, he cleared out that the role that I applied for is not likely to be sent to another country for business purposes and if ever there will be a chance, it would be very rare…

The “rare” thing happened! Last November 12, I flew from MNL-LHR!

“LOOK RIGHT” and “LOOK LEFT” written on curbs are meant to be obeyed – they could save your life as you are not used to the traffic flowing in the “wrong” direction. Trust this.  Rely on this.

I think we’re going in the right direction.:)


When in London🇬🇧… you let a random person braid your hair 👧🏽• #ogxbeautyuk #rockwhatyougot #cestlavie #liveadventurously #wheninlondon #adventureisoutthere #exploring • @ogxbeautyuk @thisispowder (at Old Spitalfields Market)

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Alicja Kwade #alicjakwade #mediummedian #spaceandtime #lovedit #exhibition #beinspired #sogood #art #wheninlondon #expo #artistic #artforsoul #inspiration

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