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What is the point of living with from past circumstances that didn't bloom into today's circumstances?

Sunday stroll, day dreaming, future thinking. Let's not think about the , think about the . We believe in you, so now it is time to believe in yourself. Success is for the do'rs and

Wish Pats did their homework before ruined the chemistry and focus of the team. had a great preseason but with the chance of getting AB, Pats let him go. will haunt this team BUT

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I bought these shoes a few years cause of you and LJ.....haven’t worn 1 time #whatifs#throwuptheX

what could have been until some monster told my mum na “walang pera sa arts”🤷🏻‍♀️ kids: follow your dreams. kung kaya niyo suwayin (sa mabuting paraan) ang magulang, go! 😅

How many nights of not sleeping, does it take for your body to really need a decent nights sleep. I’m going to be tired tomorrow!

Going through phases of can be challenging, especially knowing how much we like to be in ! Consider the following to get through these periods: 1. Stop asking 2. Start of your need to control 3. Continue to where you can

These represent challenges in building a network and offers a glimpse into the future. What if we build a network of that aims to build a database of and leverages to build capacities?

YCH Question: If you were stranded on an island, who would you want to be with you? TAG THEM! 🏝️

Prayers today for all those asking ‘what if’ - in a bid to be part of blessing others that they might flourish in their lives.

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A self-serving hallucination of the dreams of a committed leftist as to what has transpired & the authors' hopes through the rose colored lenses of . Filled with rampant speculations of the President's behavior in light of unlikely .

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An amazing hallucination of the dreams of a committed leftist as to what has transpired & the authors' hopes through the rose colored lenses of . Filled with rampant speculations of the President's behavior in light of unlikely .

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band aid comic. “water park syndrome”

Hey you

Hey you,

It was nice talking to you again. I’m happy that we’ve both moved on & living our own lives. The pain that I felt before is already gone. But it still annoys me that I can’t stop thinking what could have become if we chose to stay together. I realized that maybe I’m still a fool. You still have this power over me that I thought I overcame. How come you can still make me feel this way in spite of all the things that happened, all the things you’ve done to me. Why? I wish I knew. I wish you knew. I guess you can’t just remove a part of the past that was so pure and real. But maybe it’s just me being this way. 

daily tea 06

Why is it so hard to find someone who wants you, the good and the bad, and holds you closer when it’s hard versus creating distance? Why is it so hard to find someone who sees you and thinks, ‘I’m so in love with this one, despite it all?’ Why is it so hard to find someone who doesn’t look at you with question marks, but knows that whatever is happening they wouldn’t exchange it for anything else. I guess I just want to know when someone will be confident in me, in us, in them.

Entry 003

My parents raised me as a God-fearing woman and to always believe in what He can do. In the church that I am a member of, we always attend services every Thursday and Sunday. I always attend every Thursday night and second service on Sunday. Maybe because I get to see you each time.

Whenever I enter the church, my eyes automatically search for you in the crowd and each time, I find you. Our relationship was one heck of a roller coaster ride, but one thing that makes it stand out from the rest of my past relationship–ours was written by God. We made sure to always consult to Him with all our decisions, to always ask for forgiveness, and to always think about the choices. You taught me to always rely on Him, to always believe in Him. You brought me closer to God. And that will always gonna be the reason why you, of all my exes, are the one I won’t forget.

There was a time I asked him how could He let this happen, that I thought He will always guide us to make the relationship better, but at the end of the day, its my fault for letting things happened. I chose to destroy our three years to feel a little bit of reckless happiness. I know I’ve said this a million times but I’m sorry. I know how I destroyed you, but I’m glad you were able to get up and continue your journey. I hope that one day, I’ll be able to forgive myself for hurting you.

What if hindi mo ako iniwan noon?(July 2005) Tayo pa rin kaya hanggang ngayon?

What if hindi ka natakot nung bumalik ka sakin noon? (2006) Masaya kaya tayo ngayon?

What if hindi ka naghanap ng iba at kinalimutan ako? (2008) Ako pa rin kaya hanggang ngayon?

Napakadami kong what ifs pagdating sayo, pero hanggang what if na lang talaga yon.😢💔

It has been almost two months since I logged out from my facebook, instagram and twitter (my social life but yup, stayed here on tumblr) and I am completely fine with it. Then the past two days, we had no internet connection… And I am still okay — like ‘i can live with this’-okay. I thought, maybe… If I came into a situation where it won’t allow me to access any gadgets for a day or two, I’d be living primitively.

I’ll be a lone wolf or the big foot. I don’t know.

endgame what if theories

what if quill gets flashbacks of moments of him and gamora while he’s in the soul world because he’s grieving her and he misses her. Everyone else is trying to find a way out while he's just sitting there sad and lonely thinking of his girlfriend and groot, mantis and drax comfort him


I’m watching Family Feud and the thought comes up: what if the Matsus were on family feud with Steve Harvey? I can’t help but think it’s going to be funny as hell.

Osomatsu is definitely gonna be the one giving wrong answers all the time and gives the most inappropriate answers like penis and shit. Steve Harvey would comment, “It’s probably good you guys don’t have a partner yet because you sure as hell won’t be able to get in the door.”

And Karamatsu…I don’t even know. It’ll probably be when it’s his turn to give an answer and Steve Harvey is learning about him and then he’ll give a funny answer but at least it was correct.

Choromatsu would give the most correct answer even if they’re not up there. He’s probably the only one taking the game seriously because they can get money and a car!

Ichimatsu probably won’t be there. He’ll be in the crowd with their mom and dad and watch as his brothers make fools of themselves.

Jyushimatsu would just put up the most ridiculous answers. He’ll say off topic answers while speaking into the microphone when we can hear him perfectly.

Todomatsu will probably get stumped on one question and end up not answering, but he don’t have to worry because Steve was stuck on the question too. And Todomatsu would try not to embarrass himself with some answers.

In the end they all lose and only get $1280. But in some miracle they win, the only people who would be able to help them win the $20,000 would probably be Choromatsu and Karamatsu.


So I dont know how to word this.  
Without someone get into they feelings fuck it.  Because people they world is shitty.  Because what the different between us and inmates.  Absoule nothing only true different is they look at walls and bars for 23 hours a day really a adult version of time out.  Then you can be argue they got no freedom.  Because they be cage most they time and be told what to do and when to do it.  Everyday just like us on outside why you ask why I say like us?  Because one we need money to do and survine in life.  In a way we kind of is control.  Because you have to work to pay bills for transport,food,and a place to live.  Infact everyone kind of or is greed because you need money to pay bills legit the whole purpose to work is basic to live.  Because one you get judge by everyone because since they got money and pay they bills.  But fail to realize this great saying I finally understand the true prison is your mind.  Because legit you can go anywhere in the world and date and friends with anyone.  But soon something you dont like pop up and you tolerance and get tired of it and complain about it and stay then you legit.  Just became a prisoner in the sitution in life.  Shit we any became prisoner of vaildate.  What I mean is I hate when people tell me stop worry about people like I understand yea toxic people need stay out your life.  Because you become they prisoner.  My problem is we as a race are socal and want and need vaildate.  For example this from personel Experiences I met two girls who didnt absolue didnt have no one to vaildate them was legit just talk to family and me.  But soon they got thirsty fuckers give them validations I didnt exist no more to them one was my first true love, first true heartbreak it change me open my eyes to stuff how mostly world are sheep to tends and drama and vaildation another one I love her to she broke me to I tried be a good person.  But it hard when i have to vaildate myself to people.  Because everyone trying be the one everyone validate to point now.  If you got somewhere to live, eat and tranportion to everyone you got your shit together.  But at what cost?  You have work your ass off at a job that legit replace within a day.  If they feel like you cant do the job.  So you got be the best there in your boss eyes any then.  If he doesnt like you you already loss it same for dating,and people and what kill me.  Everyone know this but no one wont admit it, agree or any accept the facts.  Let be honest here every thing you basically do to impress someone you,boss, that girl, that guy and friends.  Some will say it false.  If it is why dress your best when you go out, for the job, and got have the best looking car?  Hmm I know i am step on toes with this note or rant.  But people need open they eyes and accept the facts. If you refuse you become prisoner of the world and never truly be free. Something to think about got any questions I am more then welcome to express my opinion on this and your questions ask away.

June 29, 2018


The Reality

I hate to see the reality of what is my life.

I’m constantly searching for ways to improve, yet I’m never satisfied.

I thought this was a good thing.

I still think it’s a good thing.

‘Never be satisfied, stay hungry’ they say.

Except, if you’re never satisfied, when do you get to be happy?

When do you enjoy your achievements?

When will I get to pat myself in the back and not feel guilt?

What if I never live up to my expectations?

Will I ever reach satisfaction?