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Workout Motivation

Darkest Before the Dawn

I do believe in the freedom of my body, but more in the feeling of my soul.  There is something that is very personal about the thoughts you allow to flow through your brain, your heart - your core.

The honoring of the difference, that I recognize, is what people forget to give credit to.  It’s hard to dance when you’re blind.  Even if you find your rhythm.  Eventually, if you lose your ears too - your hands will grip the sky for the feel of the sun on your skin.

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It wasn’t one click.  One idea that made me feel like the things that are meant to be will be, regardless of how many pills I end up shoving in my face, or how many needles end up in my veins.

The choice is the issue.  I didn’t choose to have these diseases.  I didn’t choose to feel this way every day.  I didn’t choose this sadness, loneliness, this emptiness.  But it’s mine regardless.  So if it is, I feel it’s only fair that I get to be in charge of at least that.  Why can’t I be the steward of the world the universe has decided to hand me?

I should be able to treat any and every condition I develop the way I wish, to the degree I wish.  Whether that be with prescription medicine, new therapies or lack of medicine - it should be what I choose.  

That is where I stand.  

It should be treated the way I want to treat it, at my discretion - with my ability to say enough.  

Heavens fall just by walking away, some people have that power.  Some people have that way.  I don’t want that power, it is too immense - too full of responsibility.  I am brave, and tough and kick ass - but I am also emotional and way too full of realization that there is no more time to waste.  

I know right now, I want to live.  No matter how sad that existence may feel to me right now.  It is an existence - I am loved, I am cherished.

That doesn’t make me any less lost, or scared, or dark.

But it does make me needed.  And at least, I am that.

sophiaelisej  asked:

hello! i’ve seen you post about health and wellness and i’d like to send a few questions your way! i’m working on a few lifestyle changes currently and i’m wondering what your workout schedule is like? what type of exercise do you like to do? do you go to a gym or work out at home? do you follow a specific diet (vegetarian, vegan, keto)? what are some of your favorite snacks/what are your day to day meals like? any other health/wellness thoughts? thank you so much!! 💗

Hi there!! It has taken me YEARS to get to the point I am at now and I still struggle with continuing healthy habits but many things have helped me on the way! 

For food and snack ideas, I recommend reading Body Love by Kelly LeVeque. In the book, she teaches you how to make a good meal that will nourish you and keep you feeling full longer. I also like to research what certain foods can do for you, like a diet for my brain involves berries, salmon, etc. I think just investigating what you want to better can help you narrow down what to focus on. I also like try new recipes all the time. I like the idea of becoming vegetarian but I just haven’t gotten to it yet. I am trying to be more plant-based right now. Once you see food as something to experiment with, your mindset will be one of pleasure and fun than rules and restrictions. My priority is brain and gut health so that’s mostly what I research. I try to think of the simplest meals to make that will be realistic for day to day life: 

Frying up asparagus or any vegetables to make a stir fry.

Making a sandwich with lots of spinach.

Buying smoked salmon instead of having to bake it.

Buying pre-made bags of organic salads.

Create a plate of cherries, watermelon, any favorite fruit, some dark chocolate, and almonds instead of ice cream.

ALSO, I avoid added sugar at all costs. 

For exercising, I first started out with fitness blender programs ( that helped me lose extra weight and also kept me feeling good. After awhile I started taking gym classes and that’s when it really started to change for me. I love the environment of having everything planned out by you by a trainer and the community of people around you. When I go to the gym, I try to put my mind set on pushing myself and only focusing on what I am doing in front of me. It relieves stress and to be honest, sometimes I pretend I am in a nike commercial or in game six of the NBA finals or something (insert laughing face:) . It really does help to see yourself as an athlete and you’re at the starting point. I am competitive by nature, so I like to push myself to see progress. That means physically seeing my muscles grow over a series on months, or becoming mentally stronger by listening to the inner voice that knows what I should be doing even though I might feel lazy or tired. Everyday is an opportunity for you to choose which direction to go, and I truly believe it all starts with just one decision which turns into a series of decisions that turns into days into months into years work of trying to be healthy. 

One more thing, I have noticed that when I focus on how I look versus how I feel it becomes way too stressful and overwhelming. I am not doing this to look good, I make my decisions based on how I know I will be thankful and happy after for giving up comfort to move around for that dopamine boost. I know avoiding (added) sugar will give me a more stable level of energy throughout the day so I choose to eat fruit instead of ice cream for sweets. There are so many tiny little steps, but all them come down to what’s in front of you, so how can you change? What is in the scope of your control right now? Focus on that and educating yourself and you are good to go.


Universal Rule: You are only as strong as your ability to stabilize.
For as long as you live, shoulder and hip stability will be a major priority.
So it’s great to mix in these moves into your routine as a mobility diagnostic check to make sure everything is running smoothly. 💀👌🏾
PS: My ass is on fire.
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“Our Divine Feminine must stay true to Her values of love, #healing, and triumph of creativity over destruction born of fear and hate. She must never give up Her belief in Her ideals that make our #hearts #stronger and #feel right within our belly. With such love for Her Divine Masculine, She never gives up on Her belief in Him either, and in Her desire for their togetherness. It leads to his healing, even if he has been lost, fragmented and thought dead. The Divine Masculine is our #spirit, wether woman or man, that our #body desires to unite with, to help it come to #life and #light in a new and #blissful way.
The #love in our hearts calls our spirit home into our bodies. We become able to stand firm, take action and make choices that allow our inner ideals to become part of our world. We live according to our values, not just hold them inside ourselves. As the #DivineFeminine and #DivineMasculine unite in our bodies, a new golden #consciousness is born- this is the Sun Child Horus, the new #self, filled with love, light and power in the world. It is #authentic self, living inner truths in the outer world, an agent of healing on this planet, and an inspiration for others to be #bold, #brave and vivid enough to walk their own path to receive these same blessings.”- Isis Oracle ❤🙏💋💃💦👁🤘🎶😘🌅⬆🌹🔥⭐️ #innerunion #selflove #wellness #shakti #rideyoursexy #lifeforce #dance #healer #dancemedicine #medium #workout #reggae Music 🎶 by @majorlazer feat. @amber_coffman Song ( #GetFree)✨✨✨

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