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We are glad to introduce Aravind Srinivasaraghavan, Senior Director - Rewards, Cognizant has joined the distinguished panel of speakers at . Join us to hear from him.

Setting up my practice in from October, allowing me to be super flexible with time. Changing your life permanently.

workers, ya estamos a miércoles😮 Con un poquito más de esfuerzo la semana ya es cuesta abajo 😁 Que tengáis un lleno de y ⛑ Ah, y no olvidéis que en un ratito tenemos nuevo post en el blog, hoy hablamos de 👌

Plant fibers not only provide food for our friendly microbes, but when they are broken down by the microbes in the gut, they create molecules known as short-chain fatty acids. In turn, they affect mood, glucose regulation and cholesterol levels.

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Kaya Mawa Lodge - Malawi


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I may not be fast.


But I love it.


I took my half marathon slow this weekend. It was hard. I have been so focused on “coming back” this year. But taking it slow I remembered all of the things that I really loved about running. About exploring my city on foot. About things other than times and age groups.


Love what you do.


Love your time on your feet.


Love your run.


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Hard work pays off… ANDDDDD AMAZING PRODUCTS…. #from592toyoucantoo
What if!

My options are endless and so are yours!!!
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Getting High on Running

Sometimes we get it, sometimes we don’t. We always want it- and more of it. It’s the runners high, and when we are lucky enough to tap into it our runs feel easy, exhilarating, even euphoric. But we aren’t always that lucky, are we?

Researchers studied how the brain responds to running and found that the ability to get “high” while logging miles might be hard-wired within us. Years ago, our ancestors’ survival likely depended on chasing down food.

The desire to live was possibly their motivation to run and run fast, and the feel-good brain chemicals released when they did so may have helped them achieve the speed and distances required. The runners high may have served (and serves today) as a natural painkiller, masking tired legs and blistered feet.

Nature’s home-brewed opiates, endorphins are chemicals that act a lot like their medically engineered counterpart, morphine. Runners have credited them for their feel-good effects for decades, but it wasn’t until 2008 that German researchers used brain scans on runners and were able to identify exactly where they originated. The scientists found that during two-hour-long runs, subjects prefrontal and limbic regions (which light up in response to emotions like love) spewed out endorphins.


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Push yourself hard, but not too hard. Endorphins are painkillers produced in response to physical discomfort. But that doesn’t mean your runs should be excruciating; you need to find a sweet spot where they are comfortably challenging.


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Art in Fashion. Vikasa SS20. #bloomingrace
> Vogue 10 Anniversary Exhibition - Palazzo Cusani, via Brera 15 [20th to 21st]
> h+ studio - via Varese 12 [16th to 23rd]

> Galerie Espace Blanc, rue Du Cardinal Lemoine 17, 5e

Rose Petal @nasiamylona
Video @raoul_ven
Sound Direction @thomascostantin
Catwalk Styling @vivianavolpicella ✨✨✨✨
Location Repubblica del Design courtesy of @doc.artist.mngt



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“ I can be whoever I want to be with total support.
I can go fast or slow-
It’s my choice.
I am protected.”
-Personal 💥 Power Cards
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Music 🎶 by @tiesto & @dzeko & @preme & @postmalone -Song-( Jackie Chan ) #jackiechan ✨✨✨

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The ‘Keto Flu’ May Be the Reason You Feel So Sick on the Keto Diet

Anyone that follows my blog knows that I am not a fan of the Keto diet. After the dietitian recommended 3 month commitment to it, it seems like it’s inevitable you will gain all the weight back after you go back to eating non-restrictively.

Ketogenic diet enthusiasts love talking about how great they feel eating loads of fat and very few carbs. (No more brain fog! Zero sugar cravings!) What they might not mention? Going from a regular diet to a keto diet can temporarily cause some pretty unpleasant side effects.

We’re talking about keto flu – a cluster of flu-like symptoms that many newbies experience in the early days of adopting a ketogenic diet-and it’s not exactly fun. Whether you’re thinking of committing to a keto way of life or you’re already on the keto bandwagon, there are a few things you should know about the keto flu.


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Keto flu is a group of side effects that hit most people when they first switch from a higher carb diet to a ketogenic one. Many of them are similar to what you might feel like when you have the actual flu (hence the name). Keto flu symptoms typically things include:

·         Bad Breath

·         Weakness or fatigue

·         Headache

·         Nausea

·         Muscle cramps

·         Skin rashes

·         Mood swings

Why does it happen? Normally, the body uses glucose-or sugar- as its main source of energy. When you cut your carbs below 50 grams per day (the typical threshold for a ketogenic diet), you enter a metabolic state called ketosis: Instead of burning carbs for fuel, your body begins burning ketones-an alternative fuel source that the liver makes by breaking down fat. In turn, this can make you feel run down.

Keto flu symptoms can start to kick in within a day or two of adopting a ketogenic diet. If you recently cut your carbs below 50 grams daily and soon notice that you feel downright awful, you’ve probably got a case of keto flu.

That’s not to say everyone starting out on a keto diet ends up wholly incapacitated for days. You might find that you fatigue more quickly or that exercise seems harder than normal. Adopting a keto diet for the short term is generally considered safe, and any symptoms you might experience will typically clear up within a couple weeks.

How to Make National Women`s Health Week Your Own

vinegar diet

May 12th kicks off the 14th annual party of National Women’s Health Week, a week long health and wellness observance worked with by the U.S. Department of Health and wellness as well as Human Provider’ Workplace on Women’s Health and wellness. Undoubtedly, it should not take an unique week to take far better care of our wellness however let’s face it, nationwide weeks like these call attention to essential issues and also help to increase awareness. Or in my case, they typically remind me to ‘up my health game’. Fine-tune my routine. Generally, National Women’s Health and wellness Week is developed to combine areas, services, federal government, health and wellness companies and other groups in an effort to: - advertise females’s health and wellness and its importance. - empower women to earn our health a concern - urge us to take 5 actions to boost our physical as well as mental health and wellness and also lower our threats of certain diseases

Five Important Actions to Much better Health

1. Check out a healthcare expert to obtain normal examinations and also preventive screenings 2. Raise your exercise 3. Eat much healthier and also boost your diet 4. Enhance your psychological consisting of obtaining sufficient rest and managing stress and anxiety. 5. Stop or stay clear of harmful actions, such as smoking, not wearing a seatbelt or bike helmet, and texting while driving.

Find a Wellness Week Related Occasion in Your Community

A prominent week of national observation like this additionally suggests that females’s facilities, facilities, churches, schools, neighborhood teams, organisations and also organizations hold useful health-related events, such as totally free screenings and health and wellness fairs, hand out academic materials, issue announcements, conduct media outreach, got the word out via social media, and also more. Examine the site for occasions prepared in your area. You could likewise make something occur right in your personal community. The Workplace on Female’s Health and wellness makes it easy to obtain included by providing practical event planning tools, site graphics and also social media sites techniques, posters, infographics and resources.

Make This Your personal Personal Wellness 'Modification’ Week