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An awesome session with the Fareham Barbell Club today! Students from Yrs 7,8 & 9 were introduced to this new activity via a demonstration and talk from the club!

Hip and spinal imbalance I believe I have pinpointed your cause! Full right up on Instagram 😁

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Too many people at the apartment complex fitness center, so you guys get a half-assed bathroom selfie.

Trying to get into a habit of working out before I go to work.

Chest/Triceps day 1 of 2.

When are rubber flooring and lifting platforms necessary?

I’m wondering when and why one should use rubber flooring, like horse stall mats, when one should use lifting platforms, and when one should use nothing.

In my situation I’m beginning to build my gym and I just got bumper plates. I’ll be lifting in my basement which has concrete floors. Do I need to spend anything on flooring? It sort of seems likes a waste of money in my situation since the bumpers will be on solid concrete. Am I not considering anything else? Thank you!!

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$250 in birthday funds, what should I add to my gym?

Here’s my gym:

I just added that platform (I don’t keep that yoga mat on top btw). Anyways, it’s my birthday today and I got $250 in some bday funds to spend on gym stuff.

I am older (31) and my fiance has some back and shoulders issues, so I was considering some type of Roman Chair cause I can’t afford that Titan Reverse Hyper. So, I was considering a cheaper Roman Chair and found this one on Amazon for $90:

I like doing landmine work and considered Titan’s Viking Press bar that is $50 and I need somewhere to put my bumpers, so I’ve considered Titan’s wall rack which is $50 as well. I’d get the cage extension, but I feel like I’d only use it for weight racks, so why not get the wall rack instead.

Anybody have better advice on what to use those birthday funds on that would benefit my gym the most? I know it’s not a lot of money, but hey 🤷‍♂️

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I am absolutely dead after my workout. I did shoulders today for weightlifting. Then for my cardio, I did the following while making sure my heart rate was between 130 and 160. I did the bike for 15, elliptical for 15, and the stairmaster for 15. I’m proud of that last one. When I first started I could only do 3 mins of stairmaster. My end goal is 30 mins on it. It’s just so amazing to see how far my body is coming and to see how strong I am getting.

good used price for 1" weights? Bought 900lbs today

Well a bit too late to ask if it’s a good deal but I bought roughly 900lbs in 1" plates today.

4 50LB

10 25lb

2 20lb

10 10lb


around 200 is in dumbbell sizing (with 6 db handles and collars)

a straight bar and weight holder came with

I paid $150, I know a lot of people don’t like the 1" but for the price I really couldn’t resist. How’d I do?

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Will an Airdyne with the arms detached fit in my car?

I drive a WRX sedan and am wondering if an Airdyne will fit. I found a used AD6 that I’d like to purchase an hour away, and I’m nervous it won’t fit.

Edit: Also, I’ve been googling some old Reddit threads, and I see the occasional post about picking up an AD6 for $250 to $300. The one I’m purchasing was apparently only used once and i for the seller down to $350 from $1280.

Is $350 still too high?

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This is the map view of AirGym Owners who have signed up in two weeks. We believe just like they do that fitness, health and wellness should happen anywhere and not be confined to traditional gyms. 

We look forward to continued growth. Thank you all who have signed up. 

It’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve lifted weights…cuz of the whole car thing. Little leg check today before work. Walking to work has actually helped and it’s truly been nice to have off from the gym even though I miss it a bit. Helps keep me from getting too bored 👍💪


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open to: m   /   f   /   nb
connection: friend   /   significant other   /   etc.

         SNAPCHAT ⤷ ♥️✨ !!!

    MEREDITH : i got flowers !!!
    MEREDITH : and along w/the flowers i got tears eyes nd my allergies triggered
    MEREDITH : they’re from my mom….. i told u she hates me


Sunday’s are rest days. 💪 @fitaid @srxcrossfit
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I’ve been nursing a bit of a back injury the past couple of months (I say injury…it was more just an angry back telling me to sort out tight muscles elsewhere in my body) so I’d been avoiding heavier weightlifting sessions and therefore my numbers suffered quite a bit. On both the barbell and the scale 😅

HOWEVER, I’ve been getting regular sports massages and my back is pretty much back to feeling 100% so I’m ready to get fixing those numbers again (scale down, barbell up). I was really close to maxing out at 90kg on my squat at the beginning of the year, and I’d really hoped I’d reach 100kg at some stage, not sure that will be achieved this year, but you never know. Excited to get myself back to working order regardless. 😊


🚨Three words: amylopectin chromium complex 🚨

So im a frequent creature of GNC, and I firmly believe that their Whey protein is superior in just about every aspect. With that said, I noticed my protein powder had 1 gram of ‘Velositol’ in it; something I wasn’t completely familiar with. Turns out this is a miracle substance. Velositol is effective in ONE dose when used in conjunction with Whey powder (which we know to have more rich BCAAs). It inhances the release of insulinogenic hormones that increases the absorption of branch chained Amino Acids and nearly DOUBLES protein synthesis/mTOR pathway for the entire day. Here’s the thing, we can play around with creatine and include that water weight in our muscles but when it comes down to it Velositol is the most biologically superior performance inhancer that protein powder has to offer right now. Truth be told, I do feel an incredible difference in my muscles after correctly using Velositol. And by correctly, I mean minimizing any stress that could act on my mTOR pathway like.. not eating enough minerals, or carbs or protein. Not sleeping enough, or basically any stresses on my Endoplasmic Reticulum— which we know is responsible for folding proteins. Anyway, the gym is more than picking up a weight, friends. Your body is complex!

Can anyone recommend home exercise bike? (for 2018)

Budget is 500$~1000$. can go higher if it’s really worth it.

First and most likely choice seems to be Schwinn 170, but my biggest problem is that it’s 4 year old device and lacks some of the smart device feature integration, but it got good track record in the hardware department.

Are there any better and more reliable alternatives?

Second and third options for me were NordicTrack and Sole, which are newer devices, have better smart features but are not as reliable in the hardware domain, reviews for them was all over, some people liked it, others hated.

What are your thoughts?

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The the total weight on the bar is 80 kilos. Do you weigh less than this? Comment below if you think I would be able to lift you over my head 😂😂
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On my “rest” days, I usually take Banjo out for a nice stroll around our neighborhood.

I mean, I take him on plenty of walks (considering he’s a border collie mix and has TONS of energy) but my rest days is when I make our walks a little bit longer and a bit faster paced 😛

So enjoy this video of my cute dog being cute and loving his walkies ♥️