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2019 series; & . Community + Nationally Recognized Performers will stop by the for an afternoon full of Surprise Guests, Short Interviews and Performances. Starts 1/25/19

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I was saving those love for you 💞

General Zodiac 1/15 - 1/20

General reading for the zodiacs, if Sun sign does not resonate, please refer to moon and rising sign as well, if neither resonate then perhaps next weeks will. Blessings upon you. -Sol

ARIES ~ This week you’ll be trying to budget how much you spend. Your plan to budget will fall apart as a Confusion or Delay will take place which might be caused by someone who doesn’t care about your concerns. What you need to do is take charge and follow your own wants so that you can be happy. +Affirmation+ “Emotions are Running High”

TAURUS ~ This week you will end up getting in an argument or disagreement with someone who likes to play the victim. It might be because they are jealous of your happiness and Independence. You might end up removing them from your life and its going to leave you feeling empty. +Affirmation+ “This Situation is unlikely to repeat"

GEMINI ~ This week you are are prosperous but you’ve still been a bit moody and restless. Your intuition has been preparing you for the coming together of a new relationship sometime this week, you might even become a little dependent on them. +Affirmation+ “Expect Powerful Change”

CANCER ~ This week you will be enjoying freedom that will rejuvenate your mental energy before you quickly start new beginnings. Your hard work will bring you a new partnership or connection.  +Affirmation+ “Bring love into the situation”

LEO ~ You have been manifesting something this week but something is causing you fear. Someone in your life is being dishonest about something and its going to make you sad, someone will end up walking away. some of you will resent this person while some of you will want to reconcile.  +Affirmation+ “Nothing is yet set in Stone”

VIRGO ~ This week starts off with you kinda starting to give up a situation due to not having confidence in it, there has been broken communication due to a lack of commitment. But someone is going take action, either you or your person so that you can be happy, you will continue holding on. +Affirmation+ “Stop second guessing yourself”  

LIBRA ~ Start of this week with unresolved issues, leaving you feeling taken advantage of and disappointed. But a big change is gonna hit you, sparking your ambition and desire with an excitement for your newfound freedom.  +Affirmation+ “You are good enough”

SCORPIO ~ This week you’re going to get hit with a sudden change. Its going to leave you Stressed and going to cause grief as well. but you are going to restore control and make the choice to follow your intuition. +Affirmation+ “Dont let your past hold you back, a win-win outcome is forcast” 

SAGITTARIUS ~ This week you are going to come clean because you have new feelings for someone, you’re going to be planning something with them which probably ends up with you two getting together. But, someone is going to be jealous of you both. +Affirmation+ “The energy is gaining momentum”

CAPRICORN ~ This week you’ll be making an improvement with your work life. There are new tactics that your will be trying to fuel your ambition and you have the willpower to do it. You are definitely going to be a workaholic this week.  +Affirmation+ “Have faith in your dreams”

AQUARIUS ~ You have been focused on making money but fate is going to kick you in the face and its going to make you feel a little overwhelmed and turn your whole world upside down. but you will gain control again and its going to feel like an accomplishment.  +Affirmation+ “a time to give rather than take”

PISCES ~ There is going to be a lack of support this week. You have priorities, you are an idealist., but someone has a rivalry with you and they’re going to show aggression that you wont be able to control. +Affirmation+ “Hold your Vision”


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Chapter 85 - Come Together

“Tension continues to rise after the sudden terrorist attack that occurred not long ago in Spokane, Washington. Multiple explosions were set off south of the Holy Cross Cemetery. Fortunately, emergency officials were quick on the scene, but not everybody could be saved. Two reported deaths and over a dozen injured.”

A small girl, though only in height, was sitting alone at a table within a fast-food joint, swiping her finger down across the screen of her phone. In front of her was an empty plate and a half-empty glass of pop. She browsed through various news articles, some with video as was the report on Spokane. Her usual sites were bookmarked and she tapped through them.

Conspiracy nuts online were already mumbling about the attack. She knew that, as much as the government wishes they could, it’s impossible to hide everything. People spoke of weird memories of monsters. People flying. All sorts of things that anyone would dismiss, but Poppet wasn’t buying the cover story.

Her temper grew to a boil as she stared intensely at her plate. Finally, she yelled, “You call this a meal? That was an insult to my refined taste!”

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Weekly Fanfic Recommendations 294

Originally posted by taetaes

wow, look at yoonseok? they could like get it???

do support my ko-fi if you can~

let’s start~

1) Soft breaths

by @sweatae

a taehyung x y/n fic 

one shot 

domestic au 

2) Langour

by @littlemisskookie

a hoseok x y/n fic 

one shot 

step brother au 

3) Sated

by @littlemisskookie

a ot7 x y/n fic 

one shot 

( god i need holy water after this, sweats heavily )

4) Helpful advice

by @bangtan-bangs

a jungkook x y/n fic 

one shot 

best friends au 

5) Hush

by @sweatae

a jungkook x y/n fic 


6) Warm

by @httpjeon

a taehyung x y/n fic 

one shot 

roommate au 

7) The airport couple: p[ass]enger from hell

by @dovechim

a jimin x y/n fic 

completed series with the sequel done by @jimlingss called ‘the airport couple” park jimin’s cock[pit]

bless my soul 


8) Seven seas

by @readyplayerhobi

a taehyung x y/n fic 

one shot 

( i love this so much, my heart ?? )

this is all for this fic rec, another one up soon~


This week comprised mainly of sketchbook work whereby i have further developed my ideas from my sketchbook into more narrative work such as short comics as well drawings that suggests a narrative. I have been looking at how i can combine multiple drawings and match them together into their own story. I will be continuing this and possibly working into a separate sketchbook. 

I have also been looking at my essay by looking at books about studio Ghibli as well as books such as the writers journey to compare the different style structure Kiki’s delivery service has. I will be looking at books that look into “Kishōtenketsu” (the Chinese/korean/Japanese ) style structure.

Over the course of next week i will also be looking at 10 different examples of animation principles that I can apply to m morphing project. I will also be looking at easing the animation to make the animation more believable. 

Previously on Week 48 - Week 59 and Week 60



I failed the weeks, let’s just go from there. 


13 Jan - 19 Jan

*deep heavy unending sigh*

I’m an ass


~ write everyday

~ read everyday

~ get a job

~ get on a good sleep schedule


~ call my mom… once

2019 week 2 reflection


Awful. I did not do any excerises because of a lack of time. My eating was unhealthy, I barely drank 500ml of water a day and I didn’t sleep before 12am on any days. Need a definite improvement. I did however floss most of the days!


I felt productive but I wasn’t. I did make all the flashcards I had to and wrote some history notes but that’s about it. I failed to do English lit, RE, science, sociology, French, math and finish the rest of history.


I didn’t manage to post daily as I planned and I spent quite a lot of time procrastinating and I need to improve the speed of my writing.


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