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2 Pizzas for the Price of 1 at !

Hoop te doen al het hele hier,van en tot een vol mensen en een hele hoop .

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Insta: /daniellebendy_ "We’ve been ’ing all and this was the fave dish! Made these delish chicken kebabs using The Spice Tailor Spicy Chettinad Street Food Kit, the smell of these was incredible! Defo made the neighbours jealous!"

What a weekend, full of amazing music, delicious food & exciting sport! . Feel like you've missed out on all the fun? Then pop the of the 3rd & 4th of August in your diary because we're having a garden party! Be the first to hear all the news -

今週末いろいろ楽しみ🔊🎶✨ BBB大好き過ぎる🔊🎶🔥

, it was a much-needed relaxing Sunday with my friend. No cell phone (dead battery 😊), no work. Now, it's back to the daily grind. . How was your ?

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“Endless Summer” by SAM SIFTON via NYT / Eethg. Corps. Inc. Food July 15, 2018 at 08:00PM The New York Times Food

Liberal filmmaker Rob Reiner's 'Shock and Awe' disappoints at box office with dismal opening weekend
Liberal filmmaker Rob Reiner’s ‘Shock and Awe’ disappoints at box office with dismal opening weekend

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Liberal filmmaker Rob Reiner’s Bush administration-bashing “Shock and Awe” was a disappointment during its debut weekend with an embarrassing box office intake.

I’m happy to report that my decision to not cheat this weekend was well rewarded with a weight of 215.5 this morning!  Say whaaaaaat?!  Please note that 215 is my end of August weight loss goal.  Love being ahead of schedule! AND I’m five pounds away from a total loss of 50 pounds!  Eeeeee!

Saturday for lunch we went to a pizzeria with Kevin’s aunt, our favorite place when we lived in Virginia Beach last year, and I ordered a Caesar salad.  Mind you, this is the first time I’ve ordered a salad from this restaurant and I was quite disappointed initially but thankfully I took my time eating it so it kept me occupied and full.  There was bread on the table and Kevin ordered our favorite Quattro pizza which smelled positively divine.  But, I wasn’t tempted.  Like at all.  Sure, I wanted it but it simply wasn’t worth it so it wasn’t antagonizing to sit there and eat my salad.  Weird.  

That night I went for my walk and by the time I got home I still wasn’t hungry but as I’d only eaten net 100 calories that day I ate a late dinner of eggs, leftover chicken thighs and a tortilla with butter.  @lizzielosing I thought of you as I slathered solid Kerry Gold butter on my tortilla and ate each bite with fervor :)

Sunday morning I made the leftover French Press coffee into an iced beverage which did more for my soul than I anticipated then dressed in the above outfit which I’m pretty shocked turned out so well.  I wore size 18 jeans which I bought about a year and a half ago as I was on my way up in size and could barely fit into when I bought them but I refused to buy a size 20.  These pants now fit like a glove and while they’re not as high-rised as I would like they do make my ass and hips look damn good.  I’ll take it!  

I was recently informed that my old co-worker’s husband is working on a project 40 minutes from us (which is SO weird to have someone from a small Northern California town work a project in Hampton Roads, Virginia) so we got together with him for lunch on Sunday.  We took him to our favorite burger joint which reminds us of our favorite bar back home and I ordered my burger without a bun and no fries.  What does my burger arrive with?  A bun and fries.  The best fries with the best fry sauce in the world, in fact.  I quickly treat these items like poison and remove them from my basket and sit there eating my burger patty with cheese, egg and bacon.  I ate slow enough that it didn’t seem like I was being deprived and thankfully I also got to eat Kevin’s and my pickle spears.  Another excellent keto decision!  

@gaybuffster tagged me in a SDS so you get this after day two of socializing, finally relaxing in my chair, happy it’s still the weekend selfie.  Tagging @stef-eee, @embodyment, and @surgeofadrenaline!

Around 4:30 p.m. I decided to eat a snack while I watched “The Voices,” a superb movie if you like dark comedy, now on Netflix.  Yes, apparently it was a Ryan Reynolds kind of weekend. While I thought I made excellent food decisions (broccoli, nuts, cheese!) I didn’t enter it into MFP until after I consumed everything and realized I ate over 600 calories and 7 carbs.  Whoops.  Since I was now at 1300 calories for the day I decided to treat this snack as my dinner and stopped eating for the night.  While I do regret not eating something else for dinner I’m proud I didn’t just eat for the sake of eating especially since I wasn’t hungry.  

July Walking Mileage:
61.1 miles walked
Goal of 103 miles
59.2% completed

Okay, this post has gone on for way too long now and I’ve you’ve made it this far you’re an extra special kind of wonderful.  Here’s to a great week!  

Should I meet this guy at the weekend?

A guy I met through a dating app has asked me out this weekend. He is in my local area and we both went to the same school but different years/grades and we are both in our early twenties. I like him and i would assume he likes me too. He asked me out for a drink the other day but I got so nervous that I made an excuse up just to delay the meeting. I don’t want to let him slip through my hands because I feel like we could have something and although I am thinking about sex, I also feel a connection to him much more than that. I’m just really nervous about meeting him and him not liking me or Not having a lot to say. I know my nerves are going to be so cray come Friday and cancelling is NOT an option this time because he will think I’m not into him. What can I do to calm down and does anyone have any advice? Thanks 😊

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The basic concept of promotion for Canada vs US is simply the volume of people. Canada is a considerably smaller country than the US which means our markets are considerably smaller.

And despite VM getting a lot of traction in the US during and post the games, they still dont have that large of an audience in the US or one that has been explored yet.

Canada’s media market is incredibly small. There is no equivalent late night show and our day time talk shows are pretty much all we have which is really nothing compared to the US.

One of the best examples is Tatiana Maslany who is Canadian and stared in a Canadian TV called Orphan Black the promotion she did in Canada was small, Marilyn Denis was about it. But then she’d go to the US and she’d do Seth Meyers or Jimmy Fallon. And obviously those shows get more views than our shows do. 

As for their control? I don’t know. I think a lot more than we’re aware but there’s also not a lot of options for them. Their post- Olympic Media tour and the Thank You Canada tour only had 1 stop difference, there’s really only one market for them to hit any time they do ‘press’. I hope they have a lot more control over it, I think they do.