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Watch "Dad" squeeze his big floofy self into his cubicle. Let's start the day, Grace! Here is an update for my slice of life monster "Saving Grace" at !

Finally the moment is coming!! This February we will start this adventure on Webtoon! Stay tuned for more news ;)

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Langsung aja comment jawabannya dan tag temen-temenmu juga ya! 5 komen termantap bakal mimin kasih 500 poin! Pemenang akan diumumkan jam 15.00 WIB di hari berikutnya.

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Ah gila sweet banget cowoknya ikutan deg degan masa😂. Padahal first impression dia di aku gak begitu bagus😂😂 Ep. 445 - Who was that? of 's_Cells.

nathan and drake love each other so much that it melts my heart,,, :(

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Abshdbsb finally we were introduced to Plaid Queen in the Cursed Princess Club!!

Me: *accidentally tags ship fanart with the wrong ship*

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Caro Greene

23 years old as of 2019, born October 31, 1996

Blond hair/violet eyes

Gas station attendant/Internet influencer with over 1 mil subscribers

4’10 (147 cm)


They/them pronouns

Likes stunt motorcycling, synth pop music, ghost and cryptid lore, running, coffee

I play a lot of VNV Nation when writing their stories

Fun facts: they are actually a bit of a scaredy cat when confronted by real ghosts outside of the gas station. They don’t like people to know who they actually are in real life, and they’re embarrassed when recognized. GasCo, the company they work for, is a sponsor of their podcast and is ok with them using the gas station as a backdrop for it, and they only work a shift a week usually, because they make their money from the show, Mil-Liminal. They were the popular girl in school, prom queen, cheerleader and hated every second of it.


🌼🌼🌼Do you ever feel like you just want to feel free and run in an open filed with a flower crown? 🌼🌼🌼

Just a short snippet of a story in my head. Not sure yet if to develop it and the characters more..