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If NIKE were testing properly would this happen? Most likely they are relying on a web development agency to find these bugs. But, development agencies are notoriously bad at web testing.

Doesn't NIKE have a web testing partner? IE is still used across the world and having pages that fail to load properly looks unprofessional. If we can notice it then why hasn't their testing partner noticed it too?!

Want to codelessly create tests resilient to UI changes using record-playback style test automation? This article introduces how to realize using . Check it out now. 👉

The ultimate web testing checklist to boost your conversions and find all those revenue reducing bugs

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Without website accessibility you are letting down 13 million potential UK users. Here are 6 key accessibility features your website needs now

The INCLUDE command is a powerful control construct for test case reuse in 3. Easy to understand, easy to use! Just like this: INCLUDE | LoginPageTestSuite.LoginTestCase | Check out this new feature 👉

test suite files and test reports are open to be parsed for integrations with your work environment. Check out the specs:

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When end users are surfing the web, either for studies or for general purpose like online shopping or bill payment, only one thing matters to them.

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(the best part about not going over Peter’s orgin story in Canon is we can make it whatever we want)