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Website Design Company in Pretoria

More Have you been looking for a website for your business or else? don't worry I am here. I am a professional designer offering cheap rates feel free to contact.

Graphics design work for an ongoing project. A financial service provider for African region, the idea is to keep the corporate feel to it. ⠀ 🖥

Graphics design work for an undergoing project. A financial service provide for Africa, the idea is to keep the corporate feel to it. 🖥

Hey have been looking for a professional or simple website? I am here for you I can make it for you at reasonable price upon your requirements with easy understanding and attracting look Dm for details

Starting a website is constant and tough work. We offer high quality and professional website design services to show off your hard earned work to the masses.

Why is especially important for manufacturing and industrial businesses? Find out in our latest post.

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Building a basic  website, with hopes of monetizing-- what you should know

- Most website hosting platforms are difficult AF to use and navigate. It’s not at all instinctual.  I thought it would be a click of a few buttons to transport in my existing wordpress account to the domain name of my choosing– yeah, no.  

- The themes are confusing AF to use also; and many of them leave you stuck with things that severely limit the freedom of your desired expression.  A lot of the templates may not even reflect what you want to express visually.  And no. No I don’t want to pay someone to create the website for me.  I’m not rich, which is why I’m trying to create and monetize a website in the first place, hello.  

- I’ve tried bluehost and WIX.  Bluehost was too rigid and not instinctual to input what I wanted to input or display.  WIX involved way the eff  too much freedom, and there was too much shit I had to personally design by myself. Nah. I’m not trying to do that, either.  The whole concept of “build your own webpage from blank sheet on up” is just terrible unless you’re a programmer. Which I am not.   Both of these sites suck (WIX and bluehost-allegedly-meets-wordpress); and I don’t recommend them.  

My next go-to will be squarespace once the team gets back to me with the answers to some basic questions. Squarespace also gives users a free one month trial.  The other sites don’t do this; and that’s because they want your $72 for a year of hosting before you realize their site sucks balls.   I think this very wise of squarespace, given how hard it is to design a simple, basic website, to give every user a free one-month trial. So if we can’t figure it out, we can easily walk away without penalty.  The only thing worse than time wasted is money wasted. You are trash, bluehost.  Trash and crooks. 

- You would think, in 2019 programmers would have had this whole “let people design their own website” thing figured out.  Mmmmm… nope.  Way to go, programmers of the world. You guys still kinda suck at your jobs.  I strongly suggest you get real people to test your shit out before you launch it, and let real people try to design real websites using your terrible drop down menus and restrictive or way too loose templates, and watch how it goes. I’m not stupid by any means. I have a master’s degree.  It’s just that the way you guys design things doesn’t make sense to the way a regular, non-programmer, “inexperienced at creating a website” brain thinks to execute things.  

- If you want to create a simple “DIY website hosting” platform for non-programmer users, here is what we want, okay? It is simple:  

a) a logo

b) a short description of ourselves/ the site

c) some basic menus, that say what we want, presented in the order we want, that link to the pages we want to feature on our site.  Basic things like “about me”, “contact me”, “what is ____/ What we do”,  “blog”, and “e-commerce”.   Simple.  You should not pre-impose minimums of how many directory buttons we can include on our pages; and you shouldn’t force those buttons to say what you think they should say.  Start with one button, and let users add up to six buttons on the home page.  

d) We probably want a blog or a body of information of our basic mission. 

e) we all want affiliate marketing possibilities ‘cause most of us are trying to get some kind of side hustle happening. 

… but so many website hosting platforms are just, unreal in their level of user-unfriendliness.  Is it really that hard?  In 2019??  In the age where we now have video watch capacities?  I guess it is.  If I knew how to program, I’d program circles around you guys.  

Like, if websites could be designed with construction paper, I’d blow you out of the water.  Designing a website should be like scrapbooking digitally, period.  Like “what shape do you want your logo? Upload it now”.  “choose a  slogan, and drop it wherever you want it.  Fill in your menu of page links, and choose from this buffet of button styles what you want yours to look like. Insert blog/ main info here.  Do you want social media links?  Cool.  Boom, here’s your site.  

That’s literally all it is.  And it should take a half hour or less.  But programmers are too dumb to realize that.  And  I don’t have the time to learn to program because I’m too broke/first-world-poor,  and I work all the damn time.  I also don’t have money to pay for another degree or the funds to ever go back to school until I get married and he pays for my education.   So fuck you, bluehost and wix.  You guys suck.  Get it together.  People, save your money,  and avoid bluehost. Your welcome. 

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So right now we have moving clouds animation using CSS keyframes only, no javascript magic. 🥺

Song by NerdOut “Head in the Clouds(spirderverse soundtrack)
I do not own any rights to the music.

You see the full video on how I wrote the code on YouTube.
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Another satisfied Digby Media customer for SEO and Website work for their company. #business #marketing #seo #websitedesign #website

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US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marines, US Coast Guard …

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