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January Tarotscopes: New Year, Better You !

Instead of a New Years Resolution, let’s see what the cards have in store for you!

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CARDS: 3 of Swords Rx / 5 of Wands Rx

This month you’re seeing the importance of tending to the seeds you’ve sown. Your investing in your emotional growth and grounding yourself into them after making an effort to completely disregard your true authentic feelings. You’re in a phase where in order to level up, emotional maturity and investing in your well being is essential. This is the time to pay attention to your passion projects and investments to see whats working and what isn’t. What seeds are sprouting and which ones seem delayed? Think about whats missing, and what gets to be added?  

This Month’s Advice - Take a look at how your emotional wellbeing changes your perspective on what you put effort and time into. What would you put time into if you knew it would thrive and bring you the emotional fulfillment you’ve been hoping for? 

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APRIL 20 – MAY 21 

CARDS: Strength/ 4 of Swords

Your strength manifests in the faith you have that things will work out for you this month. Don’t buy into negative emotions and conflicting thoughts that show up this month as fears and insecurities, you’ve overcome them before and you will again. This is your moment to reflect, reset, and rejuvenate. Trust that the Universe has your back and that your struggles are there so you hone your power. Your stillness and you ability to stay calm through the storm is powerful, this is accelerating your transition and showing you how to better handle tough situations as they arise.

This Month’s Advice

Transmute your triggers by staying non reactive. Thats your level up, and its time!

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MAY 21 – JUNE 21

CARDS: The Lovers/ Eight of Swords

Although you feel like your stuck between a wall and a hard place, understand that you have the power to make a choice. Will you continue to play the victim and give your power away or will you choose to come from a place of empowerment and do what feels right to you? Don’t allow others to keep you stagnant and stuck, your intuition is giving you signs that theres more to the situation than what it seems. Choose your higher self and what your hearts desires are guiding you to do, if you feel like you need to leave a situation the cards say “HELLA YEAH!”

This Month’s Advice

When you honor your intuition you honor yourself, the more you do it the more you learn to trust your inner voice. Theres something bigger and better waiting for you to see you’re worthy. 

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JUNE 21 – JULY 22

CARDS: The High Priestess/ 9 of Cups

You’re being acknowledged this month for all you’ve created for yourself. The source of that has been your willingness to trust your intuition and understanding of the law of the Universe. You’ve had a feeling of anticipation for a while now as if something good is going to happen and it will! This month you get your wish fulfillment, and you’re rejoicing in happiness and a feeling of peace and calm. “I made it, and I knew it is all I hear, so if you’ve been waiting for a confirmation this is it.

This Month’s Advice

Stay optimistic, and trust your gut instinct.


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CARDS: Knight of Cups/ Ace of Coins

Take a look at the duality of life and find the time to be gentle with yourself even when you’re feeling intense and stuck in your moods. Embracing the duality of who you are is the key to abundance. No matter what happens in life you understand there is value in the trials and tribulations. The lesson learned through the struggle pave the way for new beginnings that stem from new ways of being that might just change your life.

This Month’s Advice

Be careful with being overly self-critical this month.

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CARDS: 4 of cups/ The Lovers

You’ve been dissatisfied with life because you’re unaware of the blessings and whats been working. Work through your self loathing,  and choose your higher self, your heart. When you are living in alignment with your mind and hearts center, you’ll uncover the zest for life you’ve struggled finding. The key to feeling better and working through your lessons is presenting yourself in gratitude for the little things.

This Month’s Advice Focus on whats working in your life, let the sun shine in if you want to feel inspired.

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Cards: 7 of Coins/ Ace of Swords

Your patience has been tested but with purpose, you have so many break throughs this month and you’ve been waiting for this clarity for a long time. Emotional grounding comes from being non reactive, and understanding everything will happen at the right time and at the right place. The AHA moment happens when you surrender to the natural cycle and the ebb and flow of life.

This Month’s Advice - Look out for synchronistic events and encounters especially surrounding career and personal advancements.

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CARDS: 9 of coins/ 7 of cups

This month you’re trusting the power in your decision making skills. You’re no longer doubting how capable you actually are and its showing through in the opportunities that are showing up for yourself. This is happening because of your commitment to how you want to feel and what you are working on creating for your life. Abundance and stability go hand in hand and its stemming from how you feel about yourself. You are capable and worthy!

This Month’s Advice- Start believing in your ability to manifest, and manage positions of leadership. See how gracefully you juggle what used to overwhelm you.

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CARDS:Four of Wands/ Ace of Coins

There’s something you haven’t been wanting to acknowledge but the little voice in your head wont go away. Your intuition is telling you to look within and check your thoughts. There’s a fine line between the illusions, and what is true and sometimes it isn’t always clear but getting through the gray areas will help you make a decision this month. Learn to differentiate when you’re afraid things will fail, and when you’re absolutely sure of it. Success comes from courage and facing the fears around failure.

This Month’s Advice -Assumptions and fear based mentality wont manifest the result you seek. Change the perspective.

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CARDS-7 of Wands/ Page of Wands

What you’re experiencing this month isn’t happening to you, its happening for you. Don’t take things so serious this month and learn to go with the flow. Im getting you guys will see opportunity where you were once met with adversity and that changes your perspective around the situation. You’ll enjoy how you feel working through the process, and being okay with how everything is unfolding.

This Month’s Advice Release the need to control and go with the flow of things. What is this moment teaching you when you release the need to be right.

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CARDS: 9 of Wands/ King of Cups

Yes Aquarius!!! You’re acknowledging how you feel this month instead of brushing it under the rug. You’re maturing emotionally and are accepting how you feel about this significant individual. Despite the journey and how tough its been, you’ve pushed through and are finding yourself at the top. 

This Month’s Advice - You’re feeling good, and its oozing through your pores. If you don’t have a certain person in mind, look for possible suiters because you’re on the radar!

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CARDS: 10 of Cups/ Ten of Coins

You’re seriously committed to your family, commitments and your long term goals. This month you’re aligning yourself with the individuals that inspire you and keep you motivated. Congratulations you’ve met your soul family, and the ties are strong and loyal. These are the people who are here to show you everything you’ll create for yourself and support you along the way. You’ve been consistent with staying positive in life, and the Universe is acknowledging you this month for all your dedication.

This Month’s Advice Pay attention to the signs, and how it changes depending on the crowd you keep around.


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