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Media Do Acquires MyAnimeList Website
DeNA previously owned anime database site

Other ANN news for today:

Manga/anime/light novels-

Spice & Wolf VR Anime Crowdfunding Campaigns End With 72 Million Yen

Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Mirai, More Nominated for 42nd Japan Academy Prize

Kiratto Pri☆Chan Anime Season 2 Visual Shows 3 New Idols

Fire Force TV Anime Casts M.A.O as Iris

Märchen Mädchen Anime Delays Last 2 Episodes Again to April or Later

‘How much heavy dumbbells can you lift?’ Manga Gets TV Anime

OLDCODEX to Perform Ultraman Anime’s Theme Song

Gundam NT Anime Promo Recaps Universal Century

Video games-

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission Heads West on Switch, PC

Live action and etc-

Fate/Grand Order U.S.A. Tour Event Launches in February

The video above is a combination of code that I had utilised after learning from the website The effect above utilised, opacity, size and hover rulings for the individual objects. Whilst a grid-gallery method was used to put the images in line with each other.

Bounce effect

The bounce effect was another effect that was in fact taken instead from the Codepen website by accident when I was searching for effects to be implemented into my code. The bounce effect was a minimalistic and not too difficult to code, therefore I decided to add this effect into my code. The image is a screenshot of the page I had taken inspiration from, Bouncing Button Pure CSS by Cory Harkins.

When implementing I was baffled by which position I should add this effect onto and what the purpose of this effect was.

As a result, I decided to include my logo into the effect and add a rotation effect to the bounce to add a bit more flair. By adding this flair it should immediately bring the audience’s attention towards the logo first when they enter the page, then slowly digress to the other effects and content.

Typing effect

The typing was a small effect that I was taken from the Folio bootstrap template. I loved the typewriter style to which he presented his information in a clever and very simplistic way, this also allowed to show-off JavaScript skills when concerning his developer tag. Therefore, when implementing this piece of style I decided to copy code from a page on codepen made by Gregory Schier named Simple Typing Carousel.

When implementing the code I of course changed the content and put the code into a container due to the positioning of the content on my page. However, I also went over the JavaScript adding my own comments to keep track of what each line was doing to my code.


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