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RT : Monthly Web Development Update 1/2019: Rethinking Habits And Finding Custom Solutions

Monthly Web Development Update 1/2019: Rethinking Habits And Finding Custom Solutions

LAST CHANCE TO GET AN ISSUE FREE. Promo ends at midday so be quick. No code required. Simply add 3 issues to the basket and the discount will automatically be deducted. GO, GO, GO

Delighted to welcome Vasyl to the Monsoon team. Vasyl is a Scrum Master with a wealth of experience and will be based out of our Kiev office. Welcome to the team Vasyl!

CSS Tricks When you write CSS code, you come up with a question 🙋 Where to store all those code? Question is simple there are 3 ways of it : -In the same line with the element -In the HTML file but separately -In a different file

Our first for the year had to be special ! So we brought out the big guns. Legend has it that the battery still has not died. . . #3310

From self taught coder to React developer. Here is 's story! Very inspirational and encouraging for first time developers. This is packed with advice and tips for learning

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First week at done and dusted. Awesome working with such friendly, supportive and talented people. 🙌💯🎉🔥

RT experience_ux: We're looking forward to getting our hands on a copy of Web Designer Magazine, where Damian discusses how it's humans - not technology - that designers should be putting first. WebDesignerMag damianrees

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@JavaScript : RT @housecor: I’ve wasted countless hours through the years on slow feedback loops. Over time, I learned: If the feedback loop is slow, job #1 is to ask: Is there a way to make the feedback loop fast?

Fast feedback loops lower stress, aid focus, foster creativity, and reduce risk.


This is the #timelapse of my today’s C++ practice. What do you think? This is what people talk about when they talk about #vim and #linux and related stuff.
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#javascript loop explained 📕
is a method for iterating over “enumerable” properties of an object. Iteration happens in an arbitrary order. Therefore, it should not be used if things need to happen in their defined sequence.

1) and Objects is the most straightforward way to loop over Object keys and values, since Objects do not have access to “forEach”.
2) and Arrays - possible but not advised
The “key” for values in an Array are the numerical indexes, so you could loop over all values. But not advised because it’s not guaranteed that it happens in sequence.
3) and Strings - possible but not advised
Each character in a string has an index, so you could loop over these enumerable properties.
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