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How i comment my code for upcoming Junior Developers. ☠️☠️-- warning--☠️☠️

I love this new feature on ! As a developer, it's more easy to navigate the code directly online instead of "download -> open IDE -> navigate". Sometimes we need just to take a look in it!

Alright I think I got over being frustrated. Installing Ubuntu to host my own web server and tunnel the shit out of NAT. Basically my idea of this is to have a "Nomad Server" that is online for a short time and uses randomly generated links notified with RSS.

development: The space where art meets science, where creativity mingles with practicality and where intuition blends with logic. And that is the space where NVISH creates magic. Read more:

R2D7: Today's progress..Finished a design course. Thank you . Made more progress on the course and started a course in design. I'm not looking to be a pro on the . I just want to be literate.

Day 75 of Fall semester is just around the corner, I will be taking 13 credits this semester including and Graphic designs. Today on , I started CSS Grid layout course [1/2]. .

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Security Tip #6: Power off unused services and servers. The most secure server is one that is powered down. Full security checklist: And PowerDown: #106

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