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Have you seen one of our most recent case studies for the University of ? The initial installation features nine digital totems, housing 55″ touchscreen displays. See more here...

Looking for a way to dress up your paper inserts signs? Consider printing your logo subsurface on your Lexan window to tie your signage into your organization's branding.

Free tomorrow! A is a key fixture in every person's life-new life, end of life; healing what's broken. A application can help make your facility a more welcoming and less stressful place for visitors. Learn more & Register:

The easier it is for visitors to identify where a city’s attractions and amenities are, the more likely they are to spend time and money in the community. That is why is important. Try Now:

Wayfinding help users move through an unfamiliar surrounding effortlessly and give them a sense of security, safety, and well-being. Here is one of the you need to consider in your premises! Check us at:

PADS4 - Transform your everyday , , and into presentations, outdoor billboards, maps, live social media streams & more.

Indoor is changing guest and patient . Thanks to digital in their personal life and surroundings, both audiences have come to expect a baseline of digital service that goes far beyond a simple app or website.

Recognizing & adopting the precise solution for indoor at large spaces such as hubs, centers among others need an understanding of how can better visitor experience. Explore

Learned how ancient knowledge can be lost in just one generation. And, if you want to build a tepuki you need to start with a garden and a feast. Looking forward to part two.

Yesterday Precision Images participated in the Conference, that's the International Facility Management Association. Here's photo of our table... Did you know we can print all of these and ? We sure can!

Are you following the recent UEFA Champions League? Who’s your favorite team? KyereMe is excited to see who advances to the final. Well done to the teams and fans in the semi-final.

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Reasons to be happy today

-teenage Terra learning earth magic and Aqua learning ice magic inevitably led to some VERY MUDDY training days

- “why are we so dirty, terra?”

- “oh no, you are not blaming this on me. Why are we SO WET, AQUA?”

-(eraqus, face-palming, muttering to himself “they don’t know what they’re saying, they don’t know what they’re saying”)

- ventus can blow dry himself clean

- prank wars (cold showers, uneven floors) that mostly died out when baby ven arrived at the castle

- that is until baby Ven turned out to be the best prankster of them all


Repurpose Project internship (spring 2018)
Adobe Illustrator vector graphics printed on laminated paper; varying sizes
A series of posters I designed for my internship at an eco-friendly nonprofit in Gainesville. I also designed and crafted the aisle signs in the store, cleared their warehouse and repurposed it into an art gallery space, and made posters for and organized the opening event for the gallery. 


Beautiful examples of Wayfinding in London just behind Kings Cross Station. Clever use of geometric shapes, colour, image and type to communicate a bright and vibrant message for the new market/yard near Central St Martins college.


These directory signs were installed on each floor to help visitors navigate no matter where they are in the building.



The idea to have the colours of the walls, where the different sections will be defined, match the colour used in the booklet was a set idea for wayfinding. The stamp itself would be positioned within the exhibit itself so visitors could stamp their booklet themselves, but there would definitely be measures to ensure it wasn’t stolen especially as its exhibit exclusive.

The second wayfinding example would be around the gallery leading towards the exhibit, the image of the bottle replacing the real promotional object, which a version will be within the exhibit, as not to create too much of an obstruction to the door. It is also a good way of expressing the stamps beyond their small size so viewers can appreciate the design on a larger scale, as well as get an idea of what will be within the exhibit. 

Wayfinding Experiments

Was trying to play around with how to use wayfinding and identity in context at Canada Water. This was my first version where I tried to super compose the design onto the platform where people would be getting off. However I didn’t like how it turned out as it was vague and not effective. It’s not clear what it’s meant to represent and is not in a great place as people would be walking over it obstructing it from view, much better to place it at eye level above peoples heads as it will be visible from a much better angle.