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Illuminated Cabinet Wayfinding Sign for Columbia College in Kansas City, Missouri . . .

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The front door is the first impression and your opportunity to create the atmosphere that you wish to portray. If you need some custom designs to brand your residence, why not try frosted vinyl.

isGroup provides signage for the new residential apartment development Spring Wharf, Bath. See how we created this natural stylish modern scheme here >>>

I am happy to have received the latest book by Paul Mijksenaar "Wayfinding for an Airport". GREAT! 😁

The last bank-holiday of the year... it'll be winter before we know it! Have a great weekend folks.

"Explore the past, from it shape the future". Look back for clues, patterns, and learnings. Would this help you to create better futures?

We map indoor places to create a digitised twin in mixed virtual and augmented reality. This helps operators understand what is inside their places, how it operates, and how effectively their assets are deployed. More:

Less than two weeks away until begins! Entro's , and recognition system will help you find your seat in the Bell Lightbox

change a life - donate to the Code & Supply Fund! this scholarship has allowed me to learn so much more about web & , hugely important to me as i learn to code . i am so grateful to donors to the fund for !

Here's a close up of one of our completed designs and installations with . The interior designer worked with our design team and the end result is gorgeous.

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Wishing tree (money tree) in Scotland


Today we’re talking about how spaces can affect your feelings


Tokyo subway’s humble duct-tape typographer - Chris Gaul - Medium

Tokyo’s cavernous train stations seem to be permanent construction zones. There is always some part or another shrouded in white sheets and skirted by a maze of endlessly shifting temporary paths. Walk the bowels of these stations long enough and you may come across Shuetsu Sato 佐藤修悦. Sixty-five year old Sato san wears a crisp canary yellow uniform, reflective vest and polished white helmet. His job is to guide rush hour commuters through confusing and hazardous construction areas. When Sato san realised he needed more than his megaphone to perform this duty, he took it upon himself to make some temporary signage. With a few rolls of of duct tape and a craft knife, he has elevated the humble worksite sign to an art form.


Paul Mijksenaar


”As part of a new wayfinding system for Utrecht’s municipal ‘Centraal Museum’, we designed a visitor’s map (2005).
Due to the complexity of the museum that actually was spread out over several buildings, we thought that a map in ‘3D’ projection, would be innovative as well as effective.
Already in the first weekend of the re-opening of the museum, the map turned out to be a complete failure. Nobody understands how it works, especially the vertical distribution points (stairs and elevators). We replaced the map in a few days for a more conventional one with for each level a separated floor plan.
Around the same time, design Studio Lust (The Hague) did a similar attempt for the graduate show of the Rijksacademy in Amsterdam (ill.2). At once, I knew that this was the perfect solution, applying the London Underground style in a more direct way and I kicked myself to miss this straightforward answer. (I didn’t check if visitors did understand this concept better… but still: bravo, Studio Lust!)”