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COUNTDOWN • 10 DIAS Sim, é mesmo verdade! Nem parece real mas daqui a 10 dias vais estar a fazer sessões no MAIOR RESORT AQUÁTICO DA PENÍNSULA IBÉRICA 😁

Otra vez lo mismo. Ayer estábamos en la posición seis y ya bajamos de nuevo al nueve. Creí que esta vez sería diferente y lo tendríamos en un puesto mejor. 😢

Do u know a sheer reality of ??? had taken initiation from supreme god who lives in eternal heaven .. For more info must read -of-living books🙏

“MY WAY” 🎙🎼I planned each charted course Each careful along the byway Oh, and more, much more than this I did it my ✨🎼 107.6 122 países Con

గర్భసంచి లేదు.. అయినా పండంటి బిడ్డకు జన్మనిచ్చింది.. ఎలా?

One of the Best symbols for . An Open hand, showing No Weapons, signalling Greetings of Peace. With the Picture representing the Sacred Medicine Wheel where All Oneness is held in a Holy/Whole Way. is the of . Love Always and Live Forever!

so this is the of the and by the I had a but a lot of to 😃😆😁😎👍✌️ ... so if you all this, you are , really, that's my own way of , so just a little, let's go to ....... Or ?😁😉🤗😁

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I hate my Ex because he’s a little bitch who won’t add me back on snap

selca ship

@pink-yong​ requested: Hi can I please get a (private) selca ship with nct u, nct 127, wayV, ateez, seventeen, and stray kids? Thank you 💟

reminder that ships are now closed!


nct u: lee taeyong!

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nct 127: nakamoto yuta!

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wayv: lucas wong!

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ateez: song mingi!

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seventeen: yoon jeonghan!

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stray kids: bang chan!

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  1. The obvious choice for your pitch to evolve as e. There are circumstances where this is not writing the agreement, but I don’t know enough about the team or their determination and disarmingly asking the right mindset you will fail.

anonymous asked:

hi! i realllllyyy enjoy your writing and i have a really hmm... interesting request i wish to send you since i see you have requests open? but since its long i dont know if you will feel comfortable sending it to you because i know sometimes with how in depth a request is writers feel a little pressured to write it even if it isn't something they're interested in. so i was wondering if it will still be okay to send you?

it is! :“) the long requests however will be dealt with only after my nationals that’s currently going on (wish me luck, hehe!) (Sorry!) But yes, I do take them and I’m the happiest when I see requests because I’m just left in surprise at how beautiful (and really wild, ha!) all of your imaginations are! :”) much love, r

–; also to all the requests i did receive, thank you. from the bottom of my heart. I will work on them soon! ^^


Song of the Day - Charlie Cunningham “Permanent Way”