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구미호와 늑대

: Hero of Many Battles is hands down my favourite design in the games. The rugged look and the faded colours together with the elegant, even regal feel make it so beautiful.

From my travel it’s toned pages. Done partially while out and finished at home. A and a . . These are primarily . Actually I still need to paint his hair lol! I’ll finish it later.

一枚の繪 2.3月号に載ってます。   

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Watercolor or Markers Will draw NSFW! (Fictional characters only) Won’t draw realism! 5 slots open! DM for more info!

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A little early but Happy Lunar New Year! May you have a bright and prosperous new year and eat lots of delicious foods!

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…simmering sunrises
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Art #1

So in today’s vent I had mentioned posting my own art, so why not start?

I finished this painting today. I got the inspiration from @muhammedsalah_ on Instagram, I think this is just a reference for a tattoo? Not entirely sure though. So this got me thinking a lot and I said fuck it and came home and drew it on my tiny canvas from Walmart. I used my new watercolors, except not really? I used them as acrylics since I’m still getting used to painting.

So the pictures show one without stars, I changed it because I hated it. I made the lips too thick on one side and then added a random line to the nose on the right so I said, add small details, and that’s the finished product.

Feel free to leave your comments but pls be careful I’m too sensitive. It’s obviously not the same as the original but credit is due where credit is due.


Here’s some art y’all. It’s not… great, but it’s… decent. Anyway, it’s supposed to be the cover for a story I’m writing which is basically the reversal of Snow White in which Snow White kills her father and hunts her stepmother so as to get her hands on their fortune and a chance at the throne.


Valentine’s Commissions Sale!

Now through March 1, 2020

2 characters for less than ½ the price of 1!

Watercolor or Markers

Half body: $20

Full body: $25

Romantic Pairings Only!

Additional Information:

Will draw NSFW! (Fictional characters only)

Won’t draw realism

Backgrounds are additional $ depending on difficulty

+$5 or $10 shipping depending on location

Pay in USD via PayPal

Only 5 slots available!