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My life tips: water

I get pretty overwhelmed by long lists so I’m gonna break this up

  1. Before you go to bed fill up the largest water bottle or cup with a lid you have. This will mean you don’t have to get up if you want water in the middle of the night and it will be right there in the morning so it’s easier to start your day off drinking water rather than putting in the effort for something else.
  2. Get a water tracking app. I use plant nanny and name my plants after ship names so i motivate myself to drink water. Personally i have a coffee addiction where for a while i would have 4 cups a day and drink nothing else and that made me feel really!!!!!!Shitty!!!!! So this helped me end that pattern of behavior
  3. Put a water bottle on your desk if you work/go to school and have a desk. So when you get bored it’s right there.
  4. Bring a water bottle with you if you can. Why spend money when you could just drink water you already paid for?
Sewer Witch

A shocking amount of mages go through trying periods of study and training to harness magic, then get sent into raw sewage to fight big rodents. No wonder some simply choose to adapt. 

[ ] Rat-King Familiar – You are the caretaker of a mystical group of rats, joined together at the tail. At any given time your Rat-King consists of 2d6+1 rats. The gestalt consciousness of the rat-king is linked to your own mental power. While it is in your presence and for one hour afterwards, for each rat currently in your rat-king, you gain a +1 bonus to willpower rolls and rolls to resist mental effects, and take a -1 penalty to social rolls.

[ ][ | ] Sewerwalker – You are magically inoculated against contracting any kind of disease or other negative effect from filth and waste. Additionally, while you are walking in a sewer, the water and waste will part around your feet, not actually dirtying or soaking you. At second level, you can impart these boons to anyone currently traveling with you.

[ ][ ][ ] Access Underspaces – You have a knack for finding hidden-away and forgotten rooms in sewer systems and similar underground spaces – even if such rooms weren’t there when you started looking. At first level, with 3d6 minutes of searching, you can find a hidden place big enough to hold you and a handful of people, and with d6 hours of searching you can find a place large and pleasant enough to live in. At second level, finding a cubby-hole to hide in takes only d6 minutes, and finding a livable space takes 6d6 minutes. At third level, you can find a hiding place in only d6 rounds, and can find a livable space in d6 minutes.

[ ] Uncover Manhole – You can never be deprived access to a sewer system, for any reason. Manhole covers can be lifted with ease regardless of their weight and your strength, drains come open at your touch, and access doors unlock themselves.

[ ] Sewer Warp – While you are standing in sewer water, you can teleport at will to any location within 50 feet of somewhere that sewage is flowing under or through.

[ ][ ][ ][ | ] Contaminate Water – At will, you can cause a corrupting influence to spread out in a 100-foot radius around you, turning water to sewage. At first level, this will only effect vessels of water small enough to be carried in one hand. At second level, you can effect larger vessels, up to the size of a large bathtub. At third level, you can effect ponds, pools, and similarly sized bodies of water. At fourth level, you can effect any body of water smaller than a sea.