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Overheid en industrie : gezamenlijke aanpak van overschrijdingen in Belgisch oppervlaktewater. Meer nieuws over Chater

We often hear that antioxidants are good for us, but it’s not exactly common knowledge why are good for us. So what do they do, and how can we get the most out of understanding them?

お疲れ様です!!WATERです!! 追加解禁です‼️ 8.30(金)新宿ACB 「現場主義 第三十三幕」 act/ FORMALIN🆕 GoodMorningMom jammed loony bin🆕 WATER 5exit 6thMAN(レコ発) よろしくお願いします‼️ チケット取り置きはDM又はHPで😎

[FR] Et la troisième illustration sur une musique ! Shallow - Lady Gaga [EN] And the third illustration about a song ! Shallow - Lady Gaga

Over 50 teachers participated in teachers training workshop organised by CEENorth at Bettiah, West Champaran, Bihar. Teachers were oriented on with a focus on and . The programme is supported by Foundation

The owner of an agricultural operation near the Victorian border has pleaded guilty to eight charges of theft from the Murray River, totalling 1378ML. brought the case to the Land & Environment Court and the sentencing hearing is scheduled for 19-20 November 2019.

The is designed as with 45 over villas. The critiques here are so the room rates are very desirable for those who can transfer through or Kuala Lumpur for the short to a nearby

is essential for human survival. Its time we think about conserving it, and save our future. We need to work towards plans and goals that will aid its surplus.

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iOS 10 warns when your Lightning port gets wet

Many mobile devices are water-resistant (some more than others), but they’ll rarely tell you when there’s a less-than-obvious danger. You might not find out that you’ve soaked something important until a gadget doesn’t work. Apple appears to have a solution, though: recent betas for iOS 10 will serve a warning when there’s liquid detected in your device’s Lightning port. Ideally, this gives you time to pull an accessory (and dry out your gear) before there’s any real damage.

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Most of the Moon's water might have come from asteroids

For a while, scientists believed that water inside the Moon largely came from comets. However, they might have to rethink that belief. Researchers looking at Apollo mission lunar samples now suspect that most of the Moon’s water came from asteroids smacking into the celestial body between 4.3 billion and 4.5 billion years ago, when it (and the Earth) was covered in a magma ocean. The key was to look at hydrogen isotopes. While comet water tends to be rich in deuterium, less than 20 percent of the Moon’s water shows signs of it – the isotope ratios were generally closer to that of the Earth, pointing to an asteroid origin.

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Brita's smart water pitcher orders its filters from Amazon

Amazon’s automatic Dash refills are reaching all kinds of devices… and now, that includes the gadgets in your fridge. Brita has launched the Infinity water pitcher, a WiFi-equipped container that automatically orders replacement filters whenever your current purifier is near its limit. It’s not cheap at $45, and that’s not including the $6 you’ll pay every time you need a new filter. However, it might be just the ticket if you can’t imagine drinking from the tap (or heading to the store) for even a brief moment.

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Trying out Photoshop for cel animation.⁣
And having fun in the process :)⁣

Good Night!!⁣

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Everything is heavy

Neck, eyelids, legs

Lust for life, sex,

& Percocet


The room is white

Fluorescent lights

Marble floor, smooth to the heel

Of what is left that i feel


In this chair; I’m alone to atone

I remember the gray stone

Impeding the view of the lonely island

In the middle of the ocean

Picture perfect, i need no phone


A faint glow in the murky depths

I don’t need to breathe here

As jellyfish float aimlessly

In their soft blue tint

Love for their innocence


Your smile is calming

As you watch my freefalling

& gasping for air



Numb enough not to know

But i still sense your touch

PleaSe.. please don’t go

Just stay, i don’t ask for much

The words are a beautiful music.
The words bounce like in water.

Water music,
loud in the clearing

off the boats,
birds, leaves.

They look for a place
to sit and eat—

no meaning,
no point.


Water Music

Robert Creeley - 1926-2005


Graphic - Gevork Bashinjaghian  1857-1925