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Watches are a collector’s paradise, and are often seen as a real treat or a luxurious item. If you don’t have a huge budget, you can still take inspiration from some of the trends currently emerging in high end timepieces

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Cartier Men's Ronde Croisiere 40mm Black Leather Band Steel Case Automatic Grey Dial Analog Watch WSRN0003 added to:

Cartier Women's Steel Bracelet & Case Sapphire Crystal Swiss Quartz Silver-Tone Dial Analog Watch W4TA0004 added to:

Cartier Women's Rose Gold-Tone Steel Bracelet & Case Automatic Silver-Tone Dial Analog Watch W2CL0004 added to:

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Mathey-Tissot Chronograph

FOR SALE: a 1981 Rolex Date Automatic Reference 15000. Quick-set. Black dial with applied, steel bar markers. Stainless Steel case, that measures in at 35mm wide. Equipped with a Stainless Steel Oyster bracelet. Undeniably good-looking. (Store Inventory # 12366, listed at $3950, available for purchase online & in-store.)


Within every person there is this #Shakti. It is the #divine #power, God’s Power.
And it is only because of this power that we live.
This power is also known as the #Self or #God.
As long as you do not know the Self, no matter how much you try to improve on the outside, you cannot really improve.
People used to go to my Gurudev and ask, “O #Gurudev, I want to see God!
I want yo see God!”
My Gurudev would say, “ Just look around! Everyone is God! #Everyone is God!”
Every one of you experiences this, but you do not understand it.
You do not know how He resides within. When you are awake, you perform so many actions, but there is #One within who #witnesses all your actions.
When you go to sleep and #dream, there is One within who remains awake and #watches all your dreams. If you know that One, if you know that #Knower, then you know everything.”
- Swami #Muktananda ❤️💗🔥💃🧠🦅🙏💯✨💤♠️🌹
#iloveyou #lifeforce #truetantra #healing #healer #channel #medium #guide #oracle #goddess #priestess #dance #yoga Music 🎶 by @wearegalantis @onerepublic Song (#Bones) 👁💀🔥❤️🌹#valentines #rideyoursexy

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Dancing is easy to do. Especially when save lots of money. PSST, Shop!

This Elgin National Watch Company timepiece, circa 1902, contains one of the finest railroad-grade pocket watch mechanisms available in the day: a solid nickel, 23 ruby jeweled “Veritas” with solid gold jewel settings; gold train and jeweled motor barrel. Offered in a period presentation box.