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: “50 வருஷம் ஆயிடுச்சு”.. “ஆனாலும் லவ் ஜோடிதான்!”.. “இளசுகளுக்கு டஃப் கொடுக்கும் திருமண ஆல்பம்!”.. வீடியோ!

This black watch and its Smooth Black nato strap is easily one our classic favourites. With this watch your readily equipped for any occasion formal or informal. .

Mcx Nickel (Jan) is fundamentally weak, and likely to show 982.40 levels within the expiry; CMP- 1006.00 levels.

WEIDE Sports watches GHS 150 each Digital + Analog time display Alarm, full calendar + stopwatch. LED light display. Free delivery within Accra Nationwide delivery via DHL express. WhatsApp 0262683489 Call 0556683490 to order

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I WISH I looked like her 😩 such a cute, perfectly round bump and unreal fashion sense 😍🔥 how cute are those dresses!?

Her silver Michael Kors watch really suits her gorgeous skin tone and really adds a level of sophistication to her outfits. I had the exact model and wore it throughout university (I think I wore it when I fucked my boyfriend for the first time too 😈🙊) and continued to wear it everyday until it pretty much fell apart 🙈 miss that watch, and wish I could be rocking it during this pregnancy!


Boldr Expedition Eiger Men’s Wrist Watch Review


40 millimeters of history. We love this lumeshot of our PIONEER TachyTele.

Availabe for 1,940 EUR in our Online-Shop:

Thank you for this great picture @watchdavid

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Christina Aguilera performs “Impossible” on CD:UK in 2002


Stew Performs a U! | Let’s Play: Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (Winter Festival Grand Prix) #31

Chick and Stew take the wheel whilst I perform my First U-Turn on Camera!
Steff's watches
personalized swiss watches from my artistic creations

My dad was a watchmaker, he made decals on watches. Independent. Until he got sick. It has won numerous awards. He was very careful.
I started by following in the footsteps of my mom (sports teacher). Then also fell ill.
I do not go out. Don’t see people. But when I get a little better, I draw
3 months ago, in my village (also the cradle of watchmaking :)), an exhibition proposal appeared. I jump on the occasion (having no means, 25.- suited me perfectly). Then, 3 weeks before the expo, I am not well, I order a watch and a personalized suitcase, with 2 of my designs.
Revelation: I like to draw, but I like even more to mix my drawings with objects. Let’s go. Different objects. Including 1 watch. Tobacco
New direction: watches. 3 weeks later, I sign with a gallery. 1 month and a half later, I register for Baselworld. Only..I would like a Swiss product.
I’m Swiss, from Neuchâtel, it would be a shame to sell anything other than Swiss. ah yes but only, it costs a little more.
And as it started well, I could even end up living on it. Hence my great motivation and my hopes.
Please, is there anyone willing to help me?


Let It Go Clock


  • Modern printed polypropylene with plexiglass face
  • Bamboo wood frame with natural finish or painted black or white
  • 4 customizable metal hand colors to choose from
  • Quartz clock mechanism (AA battery not included)
  • Built in hook at back for easy hanging

Casio Edifice EFV-100D Men’s Watch Review