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On a day that is a gift. Netherlands Carillon , ,DC April 18, 2019

Jimmy “The Leaker” Comey, from the crime family... Even if the upcoming investigation into the actual corruption taking place in D.C. doesn’t end with a Hillary conviction, I’d be just as pleased to see this smug, smarmy, lying pos locked up tight.

All state parks in will be free to enter on April 20 and April 22 to celebrate Spring Day and Earth Day, respectively. Visit for a full list of parks, which you can sort by region.

News: Archdiocese Pays $8 Million to Teen Girl Abused by Coach These Execs Faced Allegations. They All Have New Jobs Lawsuit alleges child sex abuse at synagogue Read more »

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Chicago, From your “great gatsby” el train ride from Midway airport into the city, to being so FUCKING ILLITERATE your airport workers cannot match an airplane ticket to the last name on a passport….YOU CHOOSE TO DIE FOR TREASON. Just saying


just to let you know I need a full fare bus pass. They took my reduced fare pass away…and you can deal with the fine.

Two. Some dumb fucking cunt with her kids was i front of my motel room door and her domestic squabble. Not my problem; you tried to make it mine….so they are dead.

Facts are FACTS.