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DJ出演!!🎶 毎週末爆上がり🎵 🗓8/23(金) 🎉WARP「cosmo floor」出演! 🕋 🎧 📩 ゲスト・ディスカウントご希望はMA-SAまでDM・ツイートください!

【WARP SHINJUKU】 WARP_SHINJUKU ▼クーポン画像表示で、ディスカウント料金で入場可能!

가치 있는 평화의 창조 918WARP에서! 9월18일 평화만국회의 기대해요!!

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WARP x MxMxM “どろっどろボーダー” LONG TEE 発売開始㊗️ 👉

【WARP SHINJUKU】 WARP_SHINJUKU ▼クーポン画像表示で、ディスカウント料金で入場可能!

本日8日19日(月) 8/19 ワープ、DMにてご案内 🚹🚺 【】 ワープ ワープ新宿 新宿 ワープゲスト ゲスト ディスカウント 最安 ゲスト最安 クラブ Club WARP WARPSHINJUKU SHINJUKU WARPゲスト guest discount 5

本日8日19日(月) 8/19 ワープ、DMにてご案内 🚹🚺 【】 ワープ ワープ新宿 新宿 ワープゲスト ゲスト ディスカウント 最安 ゲスト最安 クラブ Club WARP WARPSHINJUKU SHINJUKU WARPゲスト guest discount 6

昨日のイズミセクシーてぃゃん💃✨ 急に1ヶ所に止まり動かなくなる現象が起きた🤣このまま一曲やりきったのはもうヤバい‼️ 表情がエロくて最高💋

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本日8日19日(月) 8/19 ワープ、DMにてご案内 🚹🚺 【】 ワープ ワープ新宿 新宿 ワープゲスト ゲスト ディスカウント 最安 ゲスト最安 クラブ Club WARP WARPSHINJUKU SHINJUKU WARPゲスト guest discount 7

8/23(金)は、新宿WARP (Bar METEO)に久々に出演です😏 テクノ、ハウスで盛り上げまーす😇 夏も後半戦、盛り上がって遊びましょう🔥ディスカウント対応できますのでお気軽にご連絡ください🙋‍♂️

本日8日19日(月) 8/19 ワープ、DMにてご案内 🚹🚺 【】 ワープ ワープ新宿 新宿 ワープゲスト ゲスト ディスカウント 最安 ゲスト最安 クラブ Club WARP WARPSHINJUKU SHINJUKU WARPゲスト guest discount 8

連日例年より暑い日が続いていますが、ジムにはハイパワーのエアコンが設置されているので、快適に練習できます! 今考えると、旧道場では冷房無しでよくやっていましたね。

【09.22(Sun)-09.26(Thu) 🍁AUTUMN WARP FESTIVAL🍁】 イベント期間中、様々なSpecial Guestが登場予定‼️ ・・・Infos are coming soon!!!! ◾︎各SNS、オフィシャルWEBサイトを要チェック ▶︎

8/27 CARNAGE来日🎉 ゲスト受付中です🤘 お気軽にDMどうぞ👊 オールナイトのため未成年入れないです🙌

DJ出演!!🎶 毎週末爆上がり🎵 🗓8/23(金) 🎉WARP「cosmo floor」出演! 🕋 🎧 📩 ゲスト・ディスカウントご希望はMA-SAまでDM・ツイートください!

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🇧🇭 carpro_bah 🇨🇦
خدمات مركز كاربرو لتــلمـيع و صباغة الــسيـارات كما تتوفر الــحمايــة وتغيير لون بأستخدام الصبغ المطاطي القابل للإيزالة لجميع المركبات و الـــدراجات الـــنارية
1- التغليف المطاطي:
- تغيير لون و حماية كل أجزاء الخارجية المركبة.

2- سمكرة و صباغة:
- صباغه رنقات
- صباغه كليبرات

3- طبقة اللمعه المعالج الذاتي للخدوش.

4- خدمات تلميع و تنظيف:
- تــلمــيع و تشـــميع هيـــكل الســياره
- إزالـــه شمـــوخ الـــشامليــدًر
- إزالٌـــه الـــخدوش الــبسيــطه
- إزالـــه اصــفرار الــمصابيٰـــح
- صــنفره الــسياره بــورق 3M
- طبقة المعة الفائقة Nano & Ceramic.  
( حـــمايه Nano السيـــاره 3 شهــــور الي 6  )
  طلاء ال H9 سيراميك ضمان سنة حتى سنتين.

لـلاســتفسار و حجز موعد :  39968699
@carpro_bah 🇧🇭
#carpro_bah 🇧🇭

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Dungeon Dimension Doormage

The first thing any mage learns about the Dungeon Dimension is that it would be catastrophic to open a portal between it and the material plane. You can probably guess how that tends to develop.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] Open Cage Door – With concentrated effort, you can open a kind of portal to the Dungeon Dimension, one that does not allow easy passage. Anything trying to enter the portal from your side will meet gentle resistance, that can be overcome if one charges at it or if one is pushed. Anything trying to pass through from the other side must make considerably more effort. Every round the portal is open, roll a d6. On a roll of 3 or more, limbs and other strange extremities belonging to the inhabitants of the Dimension will emerge from the portal and lash out at whatever is nearby. On a roll of 6, one of the inhabitants will begin to emerge in earnest, and will succeed if the portal is not closed – which the entity will now actively resist. You can summon your portal up to 3 feet away from you per level of Open Cage Door.

[ ][ ]  Window to the Cells – By locking eyes with someone, you can project images of the infinite horror of the Dungeon Dimension into their mind. This will disrupt their focus and break any magic they were in the process of working. If they are unacquainted with magical horrors, they may be stunned for one or two rounds. At second level, you can continue this indefinitely by maintaining eye contact, but after d6 rounds will begin seeing the same visions and suffering similar effects, meaning you can only be pulled from the visions by having an outside source break the eye contact.

[ ][ | ] Hand on the Chains – While you are maintaining a portal to the Dungeon Dimensions, you can alter the resistance offered by the portal. You may increase or lower the result required to have an entity lash out through the portal by your level of Hand on the Chains, which will have the same effect on the result required to have an entity make an earnest attempt at passing through.

[ | ][ ][ | ] Drop the Portcullis – While an entity attempts to breath through a portal you are maintaining to the Dungeon Dimensions, you can choose to immediately and violently close the portal, repelling the attempt. This deals 1 arcane damage to you for each round the portal has been open. Reduce this damage by your level of Drop the Portcullis – it cannot be reduced by any other means.

[ | ] Turn the Key – When you open a portal to the Dungeon Dimension, you can open it immediately adjacent to any entity or object within the Dimension that is not native to it that you are aware of.


Last week Battles returned with a new song titled “Titanium Step” featuring Sal Principato of Liquid Liquid, and it’s the first taste of their fourth LP, Juice B Crypts. Battles are now down to the duo of Ian Williams and John Stainer, but the music still retains the jubilant maximalist streak that’s always defined their work. Unsurprisingly Stanier’s battering rhythms are the real draw here, and not only do they bounce superbly off of Sal’s sporadic banshee shrieks, but they actually lead the composition through their frantic, unpredictable turns and dexterous fills. Stanier’s drumming has always been a crucial part of Battles’ sound, and here it’s as nimble and propulsive as its ever sounded.

“Titanium Step” is a dense composition that’s bursting at the seams with percussion, horns, and yelps, but the band’s deft pacing keep things tight and controlled, never letting too much happen at once. Sal’s delivery is wonderfully over the top, and serves as a perfect vocal counterpoint to distill the essence of New York that they’re reaching towards. “Titanium Step” brings the band back to their colorful, jammier roots that improve on the comparably sterile execution of La Di Da Di, while tempering the sonic overload that plagued Gloss Drop at times. Battles sound pleasantly reinvigorated, and hopefully the rest of their guest-heavy forthcoming record will continue within a similar vein.


Sometimes you reach out to the void on days when things feel like they’re too much…and if you’re lucky…someone takes your hand and gives you a gentle tug. Sometimes Durango is less white knuckle survival…and moments of direct or indirect human contact. The Warp may have brought us here…but it didn’t change the fact that humans are social creatures, even if we profess we’re not.

- Scarlett, Misfit Toys


“Your well water tastes…funny, V,” Scarlett checked the well for a source.

V slanted a glance towards Bruce, who was happily rooting around in the freshly planted corn, “Does it? I…forgot to place the cover on it when it rained.”

Scarlett eyed the golden hairs on the waters surface and upped a brow, eyeing what passed for a dog in Durango, “Mmhmmm.”

“He loves the water,” V smiled.

“He has a river to play in,” Scarlett pointed to the river just beyond. “Dino dog butts go there, not in your drinking and cooking water.”

“I told you, you’d get us in trouble,” V made a short-lived face as Bruce toppled her in the garden and covered her with kisses.

Scarlett sighed, “I worry about you, V.”

“The Warp will guide me and keep me safe,” V laughed as she wrestled with Bruce.

“I hope so,” Scarlett shook her head just as V’s saber came up behind and licked her hair askew. “You really should keep them in a pen. One day, I’m going to show up and all that I’ll find is a boot.”