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C'est beaucoup trop compliquรฉ de faire un crรฉneau... rue de la Viabert ร  Lyon 6eme ( d'impunitรฉ)

Here's a look at the , , and across the region from today through Sunday (timing varies by product and location). If traveling this weekend outside the , please check and for conditions in the Sierra.

This low system mid next week will need ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€... Further likely to be needed...

Retweet from โ€œATTENTION! Please note that all local beaches will be CLOSED today due to rough sea conditions. Please avoid swimming until further notice! โ€

Cautions Concurrent CNS depressants Concurrent CYP 3A4 substrates

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Renewed issued about flights over โ€™s peninsula Pilots are warned of โ€œdedicated anti-aviation weaponryโ€ in the area

Avoid Googleโ€™s Not Secure and gain major benefits with . Verify your SSL Certificate Now:

There's a 22 degree temperature difference between Edmundston NB and Sable Island NS. There are 3 underway.. and many . Check out my AM update here:

Here we go again. Right now, there are no in place for Nova Scotia, but that doesn't mean we won't be sliding around on some . Forecast details for all of Atlantic Canada, here:

Track forecast from the Japan Meteorological Agency and as Signal #2 in effect . Check for more details. -RyanKnack

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Weโ€™re continuing to track showers and to move through the TN Valley. As of this point no have been but if there is any will let you know.

A has been issued for central MS until 11:00 pm CT. Make sure you have a way to get especially as the sun goes down tonight.

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anonymous asked:

greetings, i would like to ask for a prophecy on how to continue living discreetly as a vampire in the modern world and also anything about my mindscape. i offer you a crystal ring, an alligator's claw, a vial of wolf's fur, and a portrait of my beloved. -signed sincerely, a vampire having trouble fitting in with the modern world.

Ah quite a conumdrum but for such a generous offering I will look deep. Though I fear the portrait of your beloved is empty. I will keep the frame but it would appear they would prefer to remain with you.

The dirt beneath you is damp. Not with blood. I can’t all you what makes it so. That’s something you have to find for yourself. But I will tell you there is peace in letting go of secrets. There is something freeing in allowing yourself to whisper your truth even if it just to the reeds.

anonymous asked:

Not my blood, or if you wanted some not very much would be my blood. But there's no reason not to offer up someone else's blood if they were willing first right?

I don’t think I can be picky on what blood I accept seeing as willing donors are few and far between. I would accept the bit of yours and whatever else you can obtain consetually. For your trouble have this psychic hot dog that never grows mold. It’s pretty fun at parties.

anonymous asked:

Dear prophet, What is calling from the woods? Are they friendly? They seem so sad. They seem so lost. But they only call at night. In the morning I only find small bones and teeth. Are these a gift? All I have to offer you is my mortal vessel. You may collect payment once I shed this skin in order to achieve some higher form of enlightenment.

Ah things from the woods take a special discernment. Especially nocturnal things… I would advise Not touching the teeth. It sounds more like a threat. Make sure you don’t snore in your sleep. here’s my advice:

There are many ways to protect yourself. Having a physical form they don’t want is one. Carrying things they hate is another. Learning how to outsmart them is best but hardest. Call back to them but do not look for them. If they want to talk they will come to you in their own time. Do not make a trade that costs anything you cannot function without and Never give up your protection.

radicalsandwich2  asked:

Hi! I offer you a lovely tan round rock I found today. May I have a prophecy? - thank you -

What a cute offering, thank you! here’s your prophecy:

There are vines hoping you’ll stay. They might have thorns. It’s too dark to tell. But you won’t know until you get up close. Proceed with caution. The shadows are a dangerous place to work.

anonymous asked:

Walkie check - me for unknowable prophet: flying in for a prophecy; I come bearing gifts of one walkie that talks its walk but only in Lorem Ipsum, please accept and prophecy me some insight for 2020. I am at my wits end after 2019 was the year of years after preceding years of bullshit times nth. I really need the universe to speak to me because its now or never time.

Ugh I love Lorem Ipsum thank you kindly friend. I also feel the imminent end of the calendar year like a knife just pricking my back. I’ll see what I can See:

The desert is your home. Or it wasn’t but it is now. You’ve been here so long the sun greets you every morning. Water the cactus just enough to keep it alive. It will bloom soon. Just as the moon pulls up the night sky. You will see.

flannel-wearing-book-nerd  asked:

So I got hooked up on this new series today that I really want to watch, but my internet is sooooooo slow and lagging! I can't watch it! Does your store have wifi that I can borrow :} i can give you a brand new pack of gummy bears, and I think I even have some chicken noodle soup left somewhere??

* puts gummy bears in chicken noodle soup* Yeah our WiFi is actually pretty good it just goes out on the full moon when the Store closes and whenever the fae attack the Wrong Door so I get off my ass and do something about it.

The network name is “ut canis centum cento” and the password is a drop of blood on the phone screen. Doesn’t need to be your blood just blood in general.

supercxth  asked:

May I have a prophecy? I recently dreamt of the apocalypse, so nothing you say will be any more disconcerting than that was

Yes I too dream of the apocalypse. Each time a person walks out a door for the last time. Each time the water stops running. Each time a tree is cut down. Those are the small apocalypses we all play a part in. Here is your prophecy:

Do not stack the rocks. They want to do it themselves. They have been alive since before humans were even a glimmer on the earth. Nature knows its lifespan and is autonomous. Be careful what you do to change that.

anonymous asked:

Okay, okay, I don't have any specific questions but I'm extremely curious about your prophecies. Would a book of family recipies that can only be read in a pitch black room and a statue that used to shoot bees but is currently out of bees be acceptable as payment?

Yes those are extremely generous offerings I shall endeavor to repay you in kind.

There is darkness surrounding the forest. No moon to guide you. The cicadas are screaming for you to go home. But this is your home. There is comfort for you here. More than you’ve ever felt. You should like to stay here. I would suggest digging a nice spot to rest below the arms of the great oak tree. She will teach you how to live without the light.

anonymous asked:

Do we have any numen in the back? I need to spool some spirits for a... Trip. To elsewhere. I lost my last numen in the forest and I need it back. Preferably. We'd have a ring, but a sight stone will do. -J

There’s a jar of hag stones next to the haunted typewriter in the storage room but I’m not sure how effective they are. I’d pick the one that feels the coldest and use that.

The Jackalope

The jackalope entered the store without opening the door. Her antlers glistened in the morning dew (the fact that they were covered in jewels was also to blame). She asked if we had seen her son. The attendant shook their head. The jackalope’s ears drooped. She left the store, slamming the door behind her. She vanished into a rain cloud that dropped hail the size of golf balls.

I have had to relocated the store due to this incident apologies for any inconvenience this caused.

Me sipping an astral flavored slurpee while wearing sunglasses:

Me but the camera pans lower and reveals a stab wound, Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen plays from an unidentifiable source:

Me literally bleeding out and drinking a slurpee as my last act in a mortal body: buckling up is totes yeet yo

My witch gf, about to help me sacrifice myself to become a gas station: what the fuck is wrong with you

hEY you rusty tREES (ya that’s you faeries) why don’t ya come fIGHT me in the parking lot??!

I challenge your most noble fUNGUS to a dUEL

mEET me there at the wITCHING hOUR I will be waiting with my grandm o ther’s haunted prosthetic leg

Give me something to smile about instead of warding against yOUR petty trix and spending my days th inking abo ut how cOWARDLY yOu are!?!?)!

In the event of an emer g ency summoning,,,, @the-7-11-shop-assistant will be my second(( I did not ask her to //I just decided she would ;)

BTW, y’all...

The main blog of the creator of the orange and pink lesbian flag (pictured below) got terminated. Their main was sadlesbeandisaster. Their new blog is benzolesbian.


I’m telling y’all because I know a lot of people are still uncomfortable with using her flag and just… with her in general because of her history as an exclusionist along with other problematic stuff she’s said/done. So if you wanna block her for whatever reason, here ya go! But please don’t harass her or anything; just block and move on.