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Just trying out a few new earring styles with the beautiful nautilus shell impression die. So West Coast. What do you think? Keeper? . . . . โ€ฆ

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Just a rando shot from my portfolio, but it feels warm to look at :) I usually shoot really dark and moody, so this one was a fun/weird challenge.

Zenitsu x reader







𝘛𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘦 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘥𝘢𝘺𝘴 𝘐 𝘤𝘢𝘯'𝘵 𝘴𝘵𝘰𝘱 𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘮𝘺 𝘮𝘪𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘬𝘦𝘴 𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘳 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘳 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘳 𝘢𝘨𝘢𝘪𝘯


Zenitsu was always a sweetheart, though his motives always seemed to correlate terribly with his actions. He met a new woman who recently become a demon slayer, she was cold. But beautiful. Her soft skin, perfect curves that he wanted to hold so badly. Screaming her name whenever the girl passed by him, she grew more annoyed. Always alone, she found it comforting to see others pain. So she didn’t have to focus on her own, yet this single boy never seemed to get irritated with her. Which was infuriating.

Her name was (Y/N), however most just call her rude names due to her sadistic nature. The way her eyes threaten others while peering towards her, she looked like a villain. But something was off, Zenitsu seemed to only make her worse. The poor boy never once was afraid of her. The woman wants him dead, people could see it. The way her time of voice lowers or the darkened expression always have it away. But nobody would become so evil and become a demon slayer for no reason, right?

She does everything in her power to be disliked, it was hard to read the woman’s sick expression. Always thirsty to go on mission after mission for her own selfish desire for blood. Rather it’s her own or someone else’s. She has a terrible reputation for being paired on a mission with another slayer, but only using them for her own benefit. Throw a injured man into a fight while she sits back amused? She would do it.

(Y/N) is manipulative, sadistic- sick in the head. But her beauty was so intoxicating, not men can help but stare from a far distance. If they got closer, they just have a death wish. Many are so puzzled on how the woman lives like this, hated by everyone. And somehow she’s amused by it? People compare her to the wind pillar, due to her utmost respect towards the higher ups. Her whole demeanour would change, Bowing in respect when the time is right. She does often keep things to herself and lie however. To anybody she believes is below her.

(Y/N) believed a part of her was a bliss, she was so honest. It’s others fault for not enjoying her own ideals and opinion.

The (H/C) haired woman remains silent, a gentle smirk forms against her features. Always plastered in that single place, her plump pink lips. Recently the woman returned from a mission to aid a man who was terribly beaten on one of her missions. While (Y/N)? She had already be aided. She used to be big in the medical industry. The woman wanted to search for a boy from her past, his name was yushiro. Becoming a demon slayer, she believed traveling around Japan can assist her in the search for the past. Having no need for friends, she rejected everyone.

“(Y/N)-chan~~! Fufufu-” Augh, here we go again. Turning around to only find herself face to face with the yellow haired brat. She lost the smirk as her eyes narrow, darkening at the sight of though gold eyes laying upon hers. Glaring daggers straight through him, he felt the sting from each point. Yet the boy refused to leave his spot on the ground, prized to be right next to her. Rolling her beautiful eyes, he can’t help but blush at her sass. Not the least bit afraid, he grabs her hands. Swooning in front of her, he was swaying his whole body side to side with a expression that was disgusting to her. Zenitsu looked so fond to be touching her scarred up hands, a messy appearance was normally looked down upon.

There must be something wrong with him to be so fond of a monster like her, she was a demon of her own right. Smirking while shaking her head, amused by her foolish actions before roughly tugging his hands off. However she found herself stuck, clicking her tongue annoyance. “You gotta have something wrong with you. I pray you know that, only the devil knows however.” Glaring at him subconsciously, her hardened expression would send fear in anyone’s heart.

“Gasp! How could you say such a thing? You’re a beautiful woman!!” Zenitsu grips more on her hands, partially afraid she would hurt him if he let go of the restraint. Getting a gruff sound leave her throat like a growl, however it was just a rough exhale. A lock of her hair was removed from her face, brushing it behind her ear. It did feel… nice. To have him be there past all her rough skin. The girl wasn’t good with communication, nor did she care about it. She was perfectly fine alone. He tried so hard to listen to her thoughts, yet nothing came up. It was so fuzzy, it gave him a headache. Refusing to drop his joker smile. Stretching ear to ear.

(Y/N)’s had about enough of his filthy words, beautiful? Please. She isn’t anything for that word, it meant nothing to her. The woman leans closer to his lips, making his cheeks burst with a ruby hue. Getting too excited for his own mind, he shuts his eyes. Awaiting for their lips to connect. Is this finally the day a woman would return a connection? However, sadly his hopes were shattered. A pair of eyes remain open, kicking his shin before having him collapse to the ground. She grins down at him before turning around to leave. 

Zenitsu began to tear up, but that was just his nerves kicking in. The boy still somehow held the same shit eating smile. Fawning over the fact she touched him again with the harsh kick against his body. She was a few inches taller then him from the boots she wore. Leaving him behind while three little girls run past in fear, checking to see if the poor blondie is okay. Smiling up at the girls, giggling to himself.

“Hehehe~ I’m doing perfect, thank you lovely ladies. You must all be worried sick for me right? Don’t worry!” Becoming way too full of himself, the girls pout. Pulling on his hair to snap him out of it. he had yet to blame (Y/N) for any of her actions. Only finding her more and more of an admirable challenge.


(Y/N) has just wondered the estate for hours now, finding herself walk past an all too familiar room. She found herself peek in, noticing nobody in the room but a pretty haori on the bed. It’s yellow and organ perfectly fading into each other, with the white triangles printed all over it with perfect symmetry. She can’t help but walk inside, the others much have been out training for him to not have worn this. Right?

Feeling the soft fabric between her fingers, she frowns. Only that split second her emotions leak through her painted on facade. She held up this front in order to focus on the task at hand, but some reason she felt something pang inside her heart. Pain. And not regular pain, she just felt as if she couldn’t see herself anymore, she didn’t feel the same anymore. Was it from that annoyance? She couldn’t snap out of it, feeling Zenitsu’s haori poisoned her brain. Unable to stop thinking of his dumb face, shaking her head to try and get out of it. A voice was heard behind her, standing at the door was Kamado Tanjirō.

Someone she never could truly be rude too, he never did anything to bug her in the first place. But that’s her issue, some reason she couldn’t find herself mad at him.

“What are you doing, (L/N)-chan?” Calling the woman by her last name was common, since she never really opens up to anybody. But Zenitsu always called her by her first. Frankly she didn’t care- however that name made her sick. (Y/N) let’s go of the fabric, not even turning to recognize that it was Tanjirō.

“Just thinking.” She said rather calmly,

“At Zenitsu’s bed?…”

The burgundy haired boy didn’t want to come off rude or anything, but he can’t help but be suspicious of the woman holding onto his friends clothing. He was all too aware of the toxic relationship between them two. They weren’t ever actually together, nor were they friends. The way she communicated with everyone was so… toxic. But Tanjirō was one of the few that could tell exactly what was on her mind. Smiling softly before cautiously stepping in. “If you’re looking for him- Zenitsu went out on a mission. He left his haori behind because he had to wear a different one to blend in with the environment. The demon he is after can only see certain colours, so he had to wear A new attire.”

“I see. Well- I needed a new mission to go on.” The woman suddenly grabs the yellow haori, throwing it on before leaving Tanjirō behind. Without time to reach out and ask for the reason behind her taking the bright sun flower coloured haori. Her hair brushed behind her, dancing with the wind as she dashed out of the estate. No body told her where the mission even was, however her crow came overhead. Shouting the direction in sync with its owner who copied them.

A lush forest wasn’t too hard to find herself push through, her eyes could see everything very clearly even in the darkness. Shadows loom over her figure, sliding under thick roots of trees the protrude out of the ground. Reaching out, her hands grab a few roots and jump over them, her speed was undeniably faster than what she normally would do. Something felt right, she wasn’t sure why. But something was leading her there, anxiously she glances behind her. Feeling as if something had followed her. She didn’t turn around. Suddenly something grasps onto the yellow haori, (Y/N) slips back on her feet. Falling backwards and hitting her head off a tree.


Remaining silent the woman tries to figure out where that hand came from, however she told herself it must have just been a branch or something that tugged on the Haori. Sitting up before dashing forward again. She was alone. She must have- or else her eyes would have clearly spotted something. Her crow was gone, returning home. Not thinking of (Y/N)’s safety in the slightest.

She came into this mission blind, unaware of the powers this demon had. Her heart got in the way, wanting to keep Zenitsu safe. Wait a minute… safe? Annoyed with her own head she slapped her hands on both cheeks to snap out of it. While doing so, something drips on her hair. Lifting a hand up and patting herself. Her hand returns in front of her face, now a finger had some red liquid staining the skin. Anxiously she looks up and was met Eye to Eye with some kind of demon.

Without a second thought, she grips the handle of her blade. Unsheathing it and taking a strong slash above her towards the demons face. Stabbing it right in the eyes, (Y/N) grins. A sick giggle escapes her lips from the amount of blood that splattered on her face. The demon retreats up in the tree, followed by the demon slayer. Avoiding sharp branches, a hand reaches out. Harshly shoving the demons face directly down out of the tree, both falling to the ground before the demon struggles under her. It began to yell at her.

The amount of blood pooling around them was sickening to most, however the haori was spotless. Not a single drop of blood has stained it. The demon seemed to notice this, after awhile of struggling beneath the woman. They escape her grasp, running again. This only leaves her more irritated, however this time it was different, a whole new Demario began to play like a record. Unlike what she thought it would have been.

(Y/N) was now in a open area, clouds loom over her and the lone demon. Neither of them seem tired in the slightest, besides a soft panting under (Y/N)’s Breath. Tired of following a demon for hours on end, atleast it felt that way. She felt a deep cut open again in her stomach she got from a previous mission. How did it break away from the stitches? Damnit!

Clenching onto her stomach, she still threatens the sword forward. Lunging forward at the demon, just as the sword met with the demons neck. She felt loads of blood pour out of her stomach, losing control of her arm. The now weak hand lets go of her sword, falling forward. This demons as really a nuisance at this point, however it must be the cause of her wound opening. If it cuts you at all, the wound can open on command. Which just happened now- she never realized the cuts in her arms before this, it must have been from the environment. How did she not notice? She curses under her breathe.

Weakly lifting her head she began to laugh dryly, her stupid life began to flash before her eyes. Maybe she won’t get to meet Yushiro again, his lavender eyes always so firm in hers. The one who told her when to stop being an idiot. The laughing got worse, when a tear rolls down her cheek. Shutting her eyes, she gave up. (Y/N) lays there, guess someone finally will punish her for the sin she’s caused to others around her. She’s hurt so many, now it’s her own sacrifice that can make up for it. Begging for the pain now.

But nothing came.

A rush of adrenaline surges in her blood at the site in front of her, the demon jumped away from her weak body that lays on the ground now. Staring at a pair of feet in white sandals, her eyes looks up. There he was- that perverted coward was standing in front of her collapsed form, protecting her while shielding the woman from any danger. Where did he even come from?..

“Don’t worry (Y/N)-chan, I’m here now.” He said, his voice was so kind. She found something flutter in her stomach, before coughing up blood. With a small whimper, Zenitsu sucks in air from his teeth. He can’t stand to see the strong woman in this state, little did she know the boy wasn’t even conscious. His eyes remain closed, leaning forward while picking his foot. He was in a fighting position to launch at the demon, which is what he did.

She could hear what he had said, however sparkles ignite at his feet. Flying forward at the speed of light, the sound of thumb crashed throughout the forest. While the demons head instantly slides off their neck, hitting the ground and rolling to the side. It’s body fell down and fades away, turning to ash and blowing with the wind. Vanishing for good-

A gasp was heard as her body was lifted from the ground, Zenitsu hugs her body was fondly. But it wasn’t as playful anymore, the worry held in his souls as inevitably clear. However he found himself puzzled, his eyes set at the clothing she wore. His haori was rather big for her however it still looked so cute, blushing before squealing. Realizing it wasn’t the time for that, he helps her stand. (Y/N) only spits out some blood form her mouth, while sending him a glare. But it faltered as she frowns. Realizing what she was about to say, she pauses. She wishes she could apologize, but how? It’s too late right?

“Did I say to not worry, (Y/N)?” Smiling, the boy lifts her chin. Realizing she’s too weak to walk, he swoops her off her feet and carries her bridal style. Her head fell against his chest while her blood soaked into his outfit. Neither comment on what happened, walking forward. To get far away from the scene.

“You are fucking crazy.” She spat out.

“Crazy for you,” and with that comment, (Y/N) gives a small tsk. Unable to think straight, she found a smile form, hidden away from sight. Zenitsu would become the first to give this woman such an emotion. However something floods her cheeks,

Zenitsu was the first to make a monster blush in such a way, how bittersweet.




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