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Corner Hinged Door Wardrobe . . . .

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BOOM everyday wear, BOOM formal/respectful wear, BOOM sleepytime bed wear, why am I so good at cranking out outfits but can’t even sit down and fix the rip in my Goddamn bathrobe? :’) 

I promised I’d spend my 2 days off this week drawing and I actually did it. I actually did what I said I’d do. And now I have 3 pretty outfits for Shehja and there are plenty more coming. <3 I think I’ll just end up doing a timeline of all of her looks as she ages, but for now we’ll refer to these as her “phase one” outfits, aka the outfits she wears in the service of Dooku, (NOT as a Sith apprentice, God no, I like her too much to give her that doomed position,) aka one of the characters I just fucking love. Bring in the Dooku love, guys, bring me that sweet tasty Christopher Lee love. ;-; (Yes, I’m aware Lee didn’t voice Dooku in the series, we got full on Ansem’d on that, don’t @ me.)

Idk man outfits kinda speak for themselves, right? The only real difference betwixt any of these dudes is…Shehja’s pretty free lmao. She don’t wear shoes, (not yet, some outfits in the future will feature shoes, rip,) and Dooku’s cool with it because shoes ain’t for everyone, (Hobbits amirite?) but there are some occasions where she has to be presentable to others, or keep her identity hidden, and that’s where the long robes come in. Even he throws on a cloak when he has to be a mysterious antagonist. :’)

So yeah. Phase one Shehja is very red-and-black orientated, but that changes throughout the Clone Wars. I can’t wait to get to the Siege of Mandalore arc and show you how she’s evolved since then. <3 Just gotta work my way through the other phases until then. 

Like seriously you thought Padme had a big fucking wardrobe-

“You know, I have one simple request. And that is to have sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads!” - Dr. Evil 👨🏻‍🦲


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