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Spark Out's going down a bomb; More than 20 5* reviews in UK and US. Here's a sample

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أجر الصبي ميناء #طرطوس ، فانتهت أزمة #البنزين . يا ترى ماذا يمكن أن يؤجر حتى تنفرج أزمة البلاد؟ ساعدونا
شارع بغداد، #دمشق في 21/04/2019
Baghdad St, #Damsscus on 21/04/2019

I asked for prompts and stuff a while back (uhhhh on like April 6th lmao) and got at least one response and started writing this back then buuuuut I suppose I needed to like… Obsess over Diego for a while to access the other characters lol (still obsessing over Diego, don’t get me wrong).
So uhhh
~1.1k of Klaus&Dave
the focus is hardly on the illness but it’s still there

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This doesn’t seem such a surprise after D’Onofrio’s commitment to the role of Kingpin in Marvel’s Netflix series Daredevil, but the sacrifice and creative journey which some actors undertake sometimes really is overwhelming to see 🙌🏻

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HC Drabbles

As my followers may have noticed, I’ve been having a fun time writing up drabbles depicting David’s life when he was alive and specifically his relationship with Jonathan. So to make it easy for anyone who wishes to read them, I’m making this post with the drabbles in order for your reading pleasure (I’ll also place it on my blog for easy access). Thank you.

Stirring Men‘s Hearts

David and Goliath

All of Israel Will Love You

Untitled Part 4 (Coming Soon)


Side Drabble: Weep


My #wife left me a #burnt #pandesal on the counter. I think it’s her declaration of #war between #her and I. She got personal. #pinoyculture #pinoyfood #🇵🇭 #💪🏽 (at Indio, California)

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Prologue (part 3/3)

After many more years of fighting, with his daughter seemingly staying alive, and the determination to not lose his kingdom, King Lucidia eventually won the war. He took back Melody from her containment in the Country of Solace, with his wife pregnant with their second daughter. After the experience of the war, the King put Melody into a hidden specialized cryogenic pod against her will, therefore making her immortal and safe until she was found. His wife, the queen, unfortunately, died during childbirth. With Lucidia grief-stricken, selfish, and maddened, he leaves his two daughters under the care of a couple of androids built for war, and country behind to fend for themselves…

Videogames: My Necessary Escapism

You might be surprised to learn, as you’re perusing my site dedicated to videogames, that I’m a big fan of the medium. It’s a form of entertainment that has stuck with me since I first dabbled with them as a young kid but my perspective on them has changed a lot in that time. This year, I’ve come to realise they’re one thing in particular for me: necessary escapism.

I still stand by the fact that I think that videogames are the most spectacular form of entertainment; one that can appeal to everyone and anyone. Anybody that denies that they can be a form of art is someone that doesn’t understand what art is. They’re able to impact you emotionally. They can help you understand ideas you didn’t before. They can help people learn or relearn. They can help people experience new things. And, more to the point, they can allow people to escape their normal lives.

When I look back at some of the games that have stuck with me for years to come, it’s because they’ve given me a chance to escape my everyday life and take my mind off of things. There are a few good examples of this that, given recent events, I’d like to look over…

External image

The first game that I think really gave me a chance to escape was actually Fallout 3 towards the end of secondary school. Anyone that knows me well knows that I’m probably a little too obsessed with the series as the large stash of props, promo items and merch in my wardrobe shrine will attest too. I started playing the game most likely in mid 2009, about 6 months after the game originally released. At the time, most of my friends were busy doing what everyone was likely doing when they were around 16; pairing off with girls, doing dumb stuff and dabbling a little (or a lot) with drugs. As a nerd with no hope of any luck with girls and a tendency to try and be senseible, I didn’t really want to partake in the latter, which meant I ended up missing out on a whole lot else as everyone else spent their summer together. It wasn’t an issue on their part, and it’s not something I hold against them: we just went about things in different ways.

So, while house parties were kicking off and people made plans everyday, I chose instead to stay at home. Over the course of many months, I amassed lord knows how many hours in Fallout 3 while everyone else did other things. I completed it multiple times, earned every possible achievement in the main game and all the DLC’s, collected every rare and unique piece of armour and weaponry, found every location etc etc. I do wonder how things would have changed if I’d instead gone out with my friends during that summer or two and the time around then. Instead I was a fat nerd with awfully long hair that stayed at home 99% of the time. It was quite a lonely time if I’m honest. But Fallout 3 kept me busy, kept me occupied and kept me out of trouble and I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

External image

That said, there were a good few games that helped me forge strong friendships with the aforementioned group. To this day, some of my closest friends are still the guys I went to school with. From the start of secondary school, around age 11, all the way to our early 20’s - we’ve changed a lot as people in that time but we are still good friends. Throughout the years, through school and college, third-person cover shooters seemed to be something that was a constant.

It started with the Gears of War series, with solid co-operative campaigns and competitive multiplayer to keep us busy and working as a team. Admittedly, we often just spent time messing around mid-game but we spent so much time within the series over the years that one of us even has a Gears of War tattoo now. Similar experiences surfaced from games like the Division and The Last of Us in the years after. Once again, we found games we were all glued too and that gave us a chance to hang out and talk even while we were nowhere near each other. As we began doing different things, getting jobs and meeting new people, third-person cover shooters seemed to ground us and keep us together. To this day, some of the weird interactions we had in those lobbies come up in conversation. While it’s a shame to see split-screen almost vanish, the release of team-based shooters tends to align us each time.

External image

Animal Crossing New Leaf on the other hand is totally different. It’s a game many would argue is for 7 year old girls. It’s a game about logging in every day and populating your town with adorable animals and learning all about them. You’re not shooting enemies, you’re planting flowers and trees. Despite that, it was a game that I ended up putting hundreds of hours in over the space of 6 years or so, starting with my time at college.

I didn’t have a good time of things in college. I ended up studying there for four years, which is perhaps double what most do, because my first two years went so poorly. There was more to that of course, with a lot of things in my life bringing me lower than I’ve ever been. Everyone else I knew was going on to bigger and better things. I was trying and trying but still failing. I felt totally alone. I was constantly exhausted. I had girl troubles galore and a whole plethora of other things brought me to a pretty damn bad place. It’s not something I ever spoke about at the time. I kept it entirely to myself. It’s nearly completely that way today and is something I try not to talk about for the most part.

That said, the game gave me a way to escape all that to a dumb world full of dumb characters. It also gave me a slight sense of routine and something to focus on. Sure, I felt like I had no control over anything and couldn’t cope but I was able to focus on my little town and enjoy the pointless and childish fun. So much so, in fact, that I played it for months at a time. I’d burn out on it slightly, but sure enough within a few months again I’d be back to playing it nearly every day for weeks and weeks at a time. No matter what was going on in the disaster around me, this colourful stupid game was something simple that I could manage. I eventually managed to pull myself out of the pretty significant slump I was in, but New Leaf stayed with me. It was super pointless really, but I think I genuinely owe that game a lot.

External image

It’s only since the end of 2018 that I found myself back in a state even close to the one I was in during college. As a general rule of thumb I’m a pretty happy and relaxed person, but the past 5 months as of writing have been pretty relentless. One thing after another comes along to kick you while you’re down. Again, it’s something I don’t talk about too much and have only recently begun openly discussing with a few select people as I’ve found myself buckling a little. To those people, I’d also like to say thank you as well. You’re my golden girls and I would be in such a worse state if it wasn’t for you guys.

What was different about the past few months is that it also changed my opinion on games. I usually used them to try and escape things but this time around I found myself unable to enjoy those too. I picked up Metro Exodus at launch and try as I did to enjoy playing it, I just couldn’t. My vast back catalogue just didn’t appeal to me. Nothing I tried to play could take my mind off things. The one thing I could usually rely on wasn’t working. Well, all except for Fortnite. Sure I had plenty of games I had outright spent my money on but this daft free-to-play battle royale was the one that stuck.

I’m still going through a crap time of things now if I’m honest, but having challenges to complete and people to play this with has kept me busy. I’m getting there, if a little slower than I had hoped. Having been through a stage like this before, once I eventually started to realise (thanks to a bit of a nudge) that I was in this kind of place again, I at least know how to tackle it. But Fortnite, as dumb as it is, is the only game I’ve really been playing for more than 10 minute stints. Nothing sells escapism more than watching a woman dressed as a cactus plant shotgun a ninja in the face and then dance in front of his dying body.

Maybe the fact I’m not too terrible at it has some merit, I mean who doesn’t like a little useless ego boost? But it’s also thanks to Fortnite that I met one of the most wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure to meet in years. The game led to me sharing so many laughs with someone my sides sometimes genuinely hurt. I have both the game and her to thank for that. And though that’s seemingly fallen apart and I have nobody but myself and my social ineptitude to blame, I can at least say that the game was good fun when I had decent company. I do wonder if that fact that I can’t seem to escape into games as I normally would is partly to blame for this ongoing slump? Whatever the case, this daft game and the joy I had playing duos gave me at least a little respite from being repeatedly kicked while I was down.

It’s not exactly on-brand for me to write such personal pieces. As it stands, I’m trying to throw myself into my work across various projects in order to keep me sane and busy and with games currently not holding my interest, it got me to thinking why I often play them to begin with. I have no doubt there are many like me that play them for the exact same reasons. A chance to escape the norm is a welcome one. I may well test the patience of plenty of people around me and I might be struggling to keep a pretend smile on my face but for anyone that happens to read this and finds themselves in a similar situation, know that things do get better.

From experience, I can tell you that there’s no real way of knowing how long that can take. Could be a week. A month. Maybe 6 months like I’m finding at the moment. But whatever you do, find what allows you to switch off a little. Do what makes you happy. Talk to people about it if you need to. Just do what you can to try and make things better for you, and be grateful for those people that stick with you. Videogames are, normally, my necessary escapism. Whatever yours is, indulge in it and don’t be ashamed of the fact that you might not feel ok. Nobody is happy all the time. Just know you will be in time. And hey, if all else fails, I highly recommend New Leaf. Who doesn’t want their best friend to be a green penguin that wears a pilots cap?

In the morning
After taking cold shower
—-what a mistake—-
I look at the mirror.

There, a funny guy,
Grey hair, white beard, wrinkled skin,
—-what a pity—-
Poor, dirty, old man,
He is not me, absolutely not.

Land and life
Fishing in the ocean
Sleeping in the desert with stars
Building a shelter in the mountains
Farming the ancient way
Singing with coyotes
Singing against nuclear war—
I’ll never be tired of life.
Now I’m seventeen years old,
Very charming young man.

I sit quietly in lotus position,
Meditating, meditating for nothing.
Suddenly a voice comes to me:
‘To stay young,
To save the world,
Break the mirror.’

—  Nanao Sakaki, Break the Mirror


When White people talk about so-called Over-population, what they really mean is that there are too many Black people.

The tale of king Rumhold - D&D

The high north is covered in snowy forests and mountains all over. The snow never melts, unless the heat of battle finds its place.

Seven kingdoms part the lands. Seven kings reign as long as they live.

Each king carries great tales and marks his name down in history books and legends. But no king has made a name more tale-worthy and glorious than king Rumhold.

The great king Hallbjörn had eighteen sons. And from eighteen sons, Rumhold was chosen to reign over Sigrfold.

Rumhold reigned over Sigrfold, the kingdom in the farthest north.

Sigrfold formerly was the land where gods and giants lived together in peace. No other nation could decorate themselves with this title.

However, upon reaching the reign of king Rumhold, the kingdom gained a whole other image.

He fought battles equal to the wars between the giants and gods, leading armies to glorious victory as he conquered four kingdoms. One was wiped off all maps. And he reigned over another two.

The kingdom of Sigrfold became the most influential, most glorious but also most feared land.

The only one who claimed to be able to beat him was the king of the kingdom in the far southeast, the sixth kingdom. The tales about king Rudolf told of his kind heart and simultaneously of his mercilessness. Some tales spoke of glory how he beat dragons and orcs and how the gods would always honour him for the good he did to his kingdom.

Rumhold and Rudolf used to be good friends, some dare say they were more than just friends.

But after both took over the throne of their kingdom, they started fighting.

Both would fight day and night, for days and weeks and years and each fight had a different reason.

They declared war on each other and fought everywhere but in their own lands, taking down any other kingdom which Rumhold had yet to conquer.

Rudolf and Rumhold fought more battles than Rumhold ever argued with his seventeen brothers

Eventually, war became a wary entertainment for each kingdom and Valdur, one of the brothers, and Rudolf decided to talk to Rumhold.

The ‘talk’ ended not only in another battle. It lit the kingdom of Sigrfold up in flames and melted all snow from the towers of the castles.

All kingdoms were freed. The people of Sigrfold were left behind in the ashes of their former glory.

Rumhold was never seen again. Rumhold called to the first battle and lost and fled from the last one.

The six kings who now reign wish Rumhold to die in the northern lands. Everybody is sure he is still alive. Some would even dare hunt him, hoping to find him hidden in a cave in the mountains of the north. Maybe he was cursed to die the death he deserves.

Imagine traveling post-apocalyptic Earth with War and coming across a vending machine. You kick it vehemently to hopefully loose some great snacks to no avail. War raises a brow as he watches you and then proceeds to pick the entire machine up, rip off its glass front like a bandaid, and shower you with snacks. He watches proudly as you stuff your backpack, and your face, with honey buns and funyuns.


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