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“…old God…exclusive to humanity—a God of one nation…people…race…one world alone. …limited & too much discerned in the likeness of humanity alone to comprehend God’s real nature & purpose, even here in this world. The old God took people to ."

🔴EN VIVO! Hoy toca Chill Stream! Empezamos con Zelda Breath of the Wild y despues continuamos la caceria de Valkirias en God of War! Twitch:

Is Hiding Its Accurate Missiles To Surprise 'The Enemy' - Deputy Minister  RadioFarda Iran's deputy defense minister has said his country has accurate missiles it has not unveiled to be able to surprise its “enemies”. Qassem Ta...

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August 23rd 1944, King Michael I of Romania (here with Hitler at the New Reich Chancellery, Berlin 1940) staged a coup to overthrow head of state and Hitler supporter, Marshal Ion Antonescu.

Israeli Airstrike Hits Weapons Depot in Iraq  The New York Times Israel has carried out an airstrike on a weapons depot in Iraq that officials said was being used by to move weapons to Syria, an attack that could destabilize ...

Netanyahu hints again that Israel attacked Iran-backed militias in Iraq  The Times of Israel 'We're acting in very many theaters against a state that seeks to annihilate us,' PM says, following similar statements earlier this week.

Super Extra Intelligence: Its written in most top secret files as per today Date that there is No Plan of or agenda of in of three top secret agencies till December 2020, when new will take oath.

El RPG-30 está equipado con solamente miras abatibles muy simples, que van tanto hacia adelante como hacia atrás. El rango máximo de observación es de tan sólo unos 200 metros, por lo que la precisión de esta arma también es bastante limitada.

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23 Aug 1996: Bin Laden declares a against the United States. He issues a declaration of against Americans occupying the land of two Holy .

..como por ejemplo el Sistema “Trophy”, que se hacen cada vez más populares entre los MBT y VCI. Este lanzador de cohetes fue presentado en 2008 y el RPG-30 se adoptó por parte del ruso, ya en 2012. Y las entregas comenzaron en 2013.

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Recuerdos de 'amor' de entre dos balas en el transcurso de la tremenda batalla de la Primera Guerra Mundial en (1915-16).🇦🇨🇬🇧🇰🇾🇹🇷

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All fair in love and war.

764. Kurdistan

In the northern part of the Middle East, there is a community of people. These people are known as Kurds. These people should have their own nation. There should be a nation called Kurdistan. This nation should contain all of the Kurds who live in the Middle East. Unfortunately, there is no nation called Kurdistan. The British refused to allow such a nation to exist.

When World War I ended, the British tore apart the Kurdish community. This community was divided into four fragments. The British combined each of these fragments with a different community which was located nearby. Four new nations were invented by the British. These nations are Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey. Within each of these four nations, there was a fragment of the Kurdish community.

The British had combined together communities which were incompatible. These communities could not coexist. Within each nation, there was more than one community. But there was only one government. Only one community could have control of the government at any given point in time. Having control of the government was a privilege that each community coveted. Each community would try to seize control of the government. But only one community could have control of the government. The other communities would be disenfranchised, angry, and resentful. They would fight the community which had control of the government. A perpetual civil war would engulf all of the communities.

No Big Secret to War & Conflict

There will always be people who relish violence, all they ever need is a leader and an opportunity. If someone could unite the gang members of New York or Chicago or London, they could take over their respective cities, if that person was the president they could take over the entire country. A lot could be achieved by offering young men power and sex.

The above taken from Happiness by Aminatta Forna (2018)

“If that person was the president”… Any leader who fails to condemn acts of aggression - racial, homophobic, or otherwise –  is a giving a clear signal of assent. And encouragement. 

My old grand father was french officer to WW2 I know Himmler and Hitler whose died before, they maintain their spirits a little souvenir. Now I see Urza, and so more… be still alive to meat us breathing and share the beyond in one quest a city to live a rest to come
Mercenary Song

Proud we stand
Hand on our weapon
Blood on our hands and clothes
We are on the front lines
There is no going back
There is nothing we can’t fight

Hum our song
Show me the coin

We fight to kill
We feel like a gods
We live for battlefield thrill
We just want to kill

We need to maintain our reputation
No coming back
Drinking, fucking, dancing like there is no tomorrow
Then dancing on the battlefield

Hum our song
Show me the coin

We fight to kill
We feel like a gods
We live for battlefield thrill
We just want to kill

We hang ourselves in the time of peace
We know only battlefield
This is our life, the thrill
When this fight can be our last one

Hum our song
Show me the coin

We fight to kill
We feel like a gods
We live for battlefield thrill
We just want to kill

My final wish
Is to die on the battlefield.

Facts about Harry Miller (War)

  • Harry, unlike Robbie, is totally at peace with being war, and actively enjoys it, often prompting him to actively pursue situations which could lead to conflict, and causing major arguments with Robbie. This is his central character arc
  • His main powers involve turning other people against each other, so they fight amongst themselves rather than with the horsemen.
  • He loves to cook, and is really good at it
  • Chaos is able to rile him up really easily, and sometimes he actively works against the horsemen’s cause, depending on how much chaos has got to him
  • He is really defensive of the other horsemen and hates to see them upset, leading to large amounts of angst after he’s argued with Robbie
  • In his true form, he has a tally mark branded onto his body for every war that has been fought
  • He refuses to hurt any animal and is the only one of the horsemen who is vegetarian
Orc Heart pt 13 Bonds that Break Us

The woman flinched as her legs sunk deeper in the rotting pits, the smell clinging to her form like a second skin. This creature had to be a special kind of sick to be able to live and thrive in such an environment. The walls of the caves that weren’t piled with bodies, dripped with moisture and the deeper she went the more liquid seemed to gather. Soon all she could hear was the squishing of flesh and Ra only knew what else.

               “I hate this place, I hate this creature, and I hate those brothers!” The Azrian snarled, losing her footing and sinking even deeper into the swamp of corpses. Kreaos, oh he would pay. That monster was going to finally get what was coming to him and his brother, she was going to enjoy tearing him apart.

               Drios, of the Azrian court, honored for his bravery, loyalty and service to the Royal Family of the Flame. He was one of her father’s closest viziers, he trusted that man! Now she found out he was working with that traitor! He would be striped of every title, every privilege and strung up for all the citizens of their lands to see. The woman froze.

               If Drios had been an ally to Kreaos all this time, then that meant he knew the location of her siblings, that he could kill everyone with ease, they all trusted him! He could poison them, lead them into a room of assassins and none would see it coming, and her father, what would he do? Drios had been by his side while he mourned his late wife, his heartmate. Eyes hardening, the hunter pushed forward. Once everyone was found, she would make the decision on whether they continue here or if she should return home to confront Drios and expose him to her family.

               Her eyes softened; would they even listen to her? She had made her dislike for the old crone known many times, not to mention she hadn’t returned or spoken to any of her kin in hundreds of years. They all just reminded her of the pain, of her failures, even though they didn’t know it. Azrian, the castle and their smiling faces, hurt so deeply. They could continue to see light, while she couldn’t. Eventually going home for celebrations and birthdays seemed less important than slaying an enemy or conquering some land.

               “I brought this on myself.” The hunter sighed. Then there were the others, would they agree with her whim, or would they demand she stay and save this land, their home, first? She couldn’t hold it against them if they did. Then there was the fact she wasn’t in top form at all. The thought made her mis-step and fall deeper into the thick liquid around her.

               “Ok, deep breaths. None of this will matter if you die here. Focus on what must be done and worry about the rest after. That is what we are taught, that is how we are trained. You must be in control.” The woman scolded herself. She knew she couldn’t let her mind run away with what ifs, she needed to be able to see what was in front of her.

               Her mind froze however the second something wrapped around her ankle and dragged her under, ripping her through the filth around her. She kept her mouth shut, knowing to avoid inhaling or worse swallowing anything around her. Still she was temporarily blind and had no idea what was holding onto her. The next thing the hunter knew, she broke through the surface and landed hard on a pile of rotting bodies.

               Heart had faced many creatures in her vast existence, from beautiful to grotesque but this thing before her now, it was easily the most horrifying of them all. It appeared to be a pile of flesh, vomit and blood, covered in eyes and many sets of teeth. Tendrils of wet looking tentacles whipped at the air around it while attempted to focus its many eyes on her. Some of the mouths were eating, bones snapping in its jowls, the various liquids spilling from its body soaking into her clothes. It wasn’t until its voice entered her mind that she knew she was in serious trouble.

               “Now this is unexpected. I have never had a creature like you before, normally I devour what I wish, to gain more power and grant myself new gifts. Yet you, you are something entirely different. I could smell your power from the passage, I could here the call of your blood. What are you? What are you?” The mouths moved as if speaking and yet all that escaped were shrill screams. This thing was telepathic and playing with her.

               “I’m not surprised that you have no experience with someone like me, we are rare after all. I could say the same for you though, I have never seen something so vile.” The woman hissed. Her skin burned along with her eyes and nose.

               “That burning is proof that despite your strength you are the same as all the others. Soon you will be completely helpless, and I will absorb you and all your power. That is the way of life you know.” The creature taunted, huffing a laugh that seemed to lead to a coughing fit.

               Instantly the woman looked down at her form, her blue eyes widening at the sight of her hands, turning a vicious shade of purple as the skin cracked and oozed. The same thing was probably happening to her feet, though from the tingling sensation, it was slower for the areas covered. Biting her lip, the hunter contemplated what she should do. Her body was already being affected, she didn’t know how long it would be before she was completely vulnerable, and she still had to manage to take this thing down to get rid of the portals. Taking a deep breath, despite it burning, helped her focus.

               “Let me guess, you’re the Virlex, right? The failed experiment of that traitor Drios? Why do you help him, why let them use you when they threw you away in some pit?” The Azrian questioned, her jaw clenching as it laughed.

               “I am no more some experiment, the name Virlex has been shed just like my old flash. I am now more. I am more than they could ever dream, I do not answer to them! I answer to none but myself, I am my own master! I am Cadmus!” The creature declared, its tentacles snapping fiercely.

               “I was born from an Oblex, Gibbering Mouth and Sibriex! I absorbed all of them and more, I hunger for power, for the abilities that will make me what those fools who created me only dreamed of being, a God!” Cadmus exclaimed proudly.

               “Ha! A god? That’s your goal? Then why are you stuck in a cave? Why do you have to drag your prey to you? You are nothing but a monster!” Heart mocked, she had to figure this out and fast because she was losing feeling in her hands. She could feel the panic trying to break loose in her mind, but she was quick to silence it.

               “I am the closest thing this pathetic world will ever know to a God! I will continue to use my powers to grow stronger, then I will be able to leave this place without fear of the sunlight. The minotaurs that I ate earlier held the power to make their skin like armor, I will soon have that skill as well once I devour the last one. I even allowed it to think it had a chance at freedom, that it could escape with my child, but I will have both returned to me very soon.” Once more the mouths moved as though they were speaking but it was all in her head.

               “No offence, but I seriously doubt that. I didn’t come into this hell hole alone. I have a very skilled teammate of my own who is helping get Matayo out of here as we speak. That egg is toast and so are you for that matter. For something so smart, you really are dumb.” Heart sneered. This thing couldn’t handle light, no doubt from being kept in labs and cages. Kreep did say that Kreaos and Drios only worked in the dark.

               She had no idea how thick the walls were, much less the ceiling. Still she had to find a way to bring in some kind of light. Magic was out because he would see the spell and counter, so it would come down to brute strength. The hunter almost laughed, this beast had done her a favor by making her hands numb, she could hit and hit and not feel a thing. Cadmus must have seen the glint that entered her eye because suddenly all his tentacles were flying straight at her.

               While her legs were already on pins and needles, she chose to ignore it and kick off the ground. It was easily the most wretched feeling she had ever had while fighting, nothing came even close and she had fought while missing limbs. Still she moved and dodged and used him as a lift to punch the ceiling. She redirected his attacks, even kicking his own limbs to the roof, until slowly cracks began to form. However, he realized what she was doing because now it was spells that she was dodging. Not light spells either, no these were get hit and die spells.

               “Yeah know, I am not some simple creature, right? Losing your temper right now is not helping you.” The woman hissed as she dodged a slicing spell that was so strong it carved up the stone wall behind her.

               “It won’t matter much longer, my poison is in your system, soon you will be completely paralyzed and then I will eat you. I won’t even let you die first; no, I want you to be terrified as I tear your body limb from limb.” Cadmus screeched.

               “Sounds like a great plan, but there is just one slight problem. Azrians gain immunity from toxins the longer they are exposed to them. Haven’t you noticed yet? I’m not slowing down; I’m not breathing heavy and I have perfect vision. The poison you are so proud of is already slowing down and wearing off. You’re screwed, and frankly I am going to enjoy this way too much.” Heart purred, her movements easy and calm. Her words seemed to hit home as a deafening crack cut through the air.

               “I broke the ceiling. Hope you like fresh air.” The woman snarked, her tone mocking and proud. The ceiling began to crumble, Cadmus tried to use his magic, tentacles and poison to stop the cave-in, but it happened to fast, and when the first ray of light hit him it was clear that he had been granted a slow death. She had already secured herself behind a shield, it would exhaust her afterwards, in all reality she was close to collapsing right then and there, but she had to make sure he died. The portals would collapse, returning everyone to the place of relocation and Sirress would be with Matayo to ensure his safety. Overall, if she was unconscious under some rocks, it wasn’t the worst fate to have. Xutag would get her out, Orcs have a wonderful sense of smell.

               She watched as more of the ceiling fell, Cadmus screamed in pain as more and more sunlight spilled in, making the fluids on the ground hiss on contact. The stones that hit her shield dissolved, crumbling into fine dust. This is what made the spell so strong, no matter how deep you were buried, you would be able to get fresh air and hopefully climb your way out. She wasn’t expecting that, her legs had given out already.

               What she had said was true, her body would build an immunity to the poison and it was already slowing and weakening in her body, but that didn’t mean she would feel its effects, or that the damage already done would be reversed. She was still very sick and weak; her mind was fuzzy, and her eyes had actually begun to blur. She had been bluffing, she felt a great deal of pain and had simply hid it the way she always had. So, she sat with her back against some corpses and watched. She focused on his pain, using it to stay awake.

               It was the silence that caused problems. She didn’t know how much poison she had ingested but it was enough to make her see things she knew weren’t there. It had been in the corner of her eye, flickering from one place to another. The fight had kept her focused, then the screams, but silence left the mind open to attacks. She didn’t remember closing her eyes, but when she opened them, she was staring at big blue eyes.

               “So, you finally woke up! I was starting to get bored but now we can play!” The little girl chimed happily, but it quickly faded when she took in her wounds.

               “Oh, you’re really sick, aren’t you? That’s ok, after all you have wanted to die for a long time now.” The child giggled. Heart flinched, she knew who she was talking to, it was a conversation she had many times.

               “You really should have known that I would come out. You can’t keep me locked away for ever. Eventually every lock breaks, but you know this. You know, I really thought that this time you were going to do it. That you would be able to face the truth and let go but no, you still refuse, still hide me away.” The little girl squats down, a sad smile on her lips.

               “Shut up.” Heart whispered, her voice soft and pained.

               “Do you think he’d reject you? Maybe turn his back on you and walk away? After all that’s that you think father will do, and our brothers and sisters. You think that everyone will leave you if they know the truth, but I have told you they won’t. You don’t listen though you hate yourself so much that you would rather die than move on.” The little girl’s voice was turning shrill in her anger.

               “Enough.” Her voice was harder, but still quiet. She didn’t want to hear this; she didn’t want to talk.

               “No, I have had enough. You need to let it go. You need to move on and allow yourself to be happy, allow me to be happy! I don’t want to be here! I want to go back to being a memory!” The young girl screamed, tears running down her cheeks.

               “What do you want me to say? That is wasn’t my fault? If I had been stronger, I could have saved her, instead mother is dead and it’s all my fault!” The woman screamed, her voice breaking and her eyes stinging.

               “No, it isn’t. Kreaos killed mother, he stole her from us. You did as she asked and saved your siblings. Mother wanted to make sure her children lived she knew she was going to die. You couldn’t save her from him, you were a child! When will you realize it is not your job to save everyone! You can fall, you can cry, you can ask for help! No one will look down on you for it, no one will hate you! You will die from this! You have the chance to be happy, Xutag can lead us into light, but you have to let go! Please!” The girl begged, her voice raising and echoing off the rocks around them.

               “I don’t know how! How do I possible except something like that! I don’t know how to not hate myself, how to let go? Ha-ha, I can’t possibly do that.” Heart cackled, broken sobs escaping.

               “Did you stab mother in the heart?” The child asked. Her eyes were cold and piercing.

               “No. But- “

               “Did you let Kreaos in?” The girl hissed.

               “No. But you’re not- “

               “Think, if you didn’t’ stab her, and didn’t let the person who did into our home, then how is it your fault?” The little girl asked, cupping Heart’s cheek gently.

               “They said it was my fault. The elders blamed me, said that if it wasn’t for me, she could have lived.” The hunter confessed, breaking into tears, her body shuddering from the onslaught of emotion.

               “They were wrong.” Those three words seemed to strike something deep in the woman’s mind.

               “They needed to blame someone in their own grief. They blamed you, the person who got to see her last, the one who looked like her, who would take her place. They were wrong. Now pick yourself up, find you joy, live your life and then when you are ready, go back and take you place. Tell them they were wrong and make them realize what they caused. Just stop letting them rule your life! Stop letting them hold power over you when you are so much stronger then them!” The girl explained. She was starting to glow, her own tears turning to light as they fell from her cheeks.

               “What will happen to you now? Will you simply fade into nothingness?” Heart asked, sad at the thought.

               “I will return to you, where I am meant to be. I am a memory of that night, forced into spiritual form from your own mind. It was your hearts way of trying to protect you, and now you don’t need me anymore. You’ll be ok now.” The child version of herself chimed, smiling as she slowly faded away, leaving nothing but a light laughter and a single blue bell flower.

               Looking up at the blue sky, kneeling in the dirt, the woman felt the sun on her face, and smiled. She would move forward, she would save this world, and her own home. She would be ok. She would be happy.

Orc Heart pt 12 That Which Lurks in the Dark

               Has Heart searched for the signals from Xutag and the others, she mentally went over every possible reason that could be behind their constant relocation. It was as she went to jump over a large rock that she felt the all too familiar tug on her soul and appeared in a grassier area that her mind clicked. Kreep was still whimpering in her bag, clearly afraid of whatever may still be lurking in the depths of the unknown land.

               Coming to a complete stop the woman walked back over to where she had just been and place her hand in the open air. Sure enough, there was a tingling pulse and her hand vanished. Clicking her tongue, the small woman pulled her hand back and sat down on the wet grass. Kreep hopped out of the bag and crawled onto her shoulder to watch what his new master was doing. Pulling a handful of items out of her bag, the hunter began to line them up, mumbling to herself the entire time.

               “Kreep is curious, what is master doing?” The little shadow fiend asked, eyes blinking slowly.

               “I’m casting a spell. The reason everyone got separated is because there are dimensional gates hidden in the mist. One person walked through and vanishes, so the other spread out to try and find them, only to get caught in other gates and placed somewhere else.” Heart explained, moving to carve several symbols in the ground.

               “Will the spell help find missing peoples?” Kreep asked with a tilt of his head.

               “No, this spell is to make the gates visible. Once we can see them, we can avoid them. Then we must find the one who made the gates and kill them. Only the caster can correct the altered paths, if they die, then the magic is no longer sustained, and everyone should reappear.” The woman stated calmly. She hadn’t done this spell in a while and needed to focus.

               “Ok, this should be everything. Now there is going to be a bright light so you should go into my bag until it’s done. Then we will just have to find the gate that leads to the caster.” The Azrian whispered, opening her satchel for the shadow to go inside.

               Placing her hands in the middle of the symbols, and corresponding items the woman began to chant. It was an ancient language lost to the creature next to her, but it held power and called to the earth below them and the sky above. Green flames burst from the ground, coating her hands while Kreep’s yellow eyes watched on in shock. Her skin took on a white hue that shimmered in the light of the fire, the mist began to swirl and the grass around them stood tall as if reaching to the heavens. Then, as through they held will themselves, the flames took to the sky and scattered. Behind them a flaming doorway of sorts appeared. To the fiend it looked more like a giant mirror.

               “There, that should handle the portals for now. They are visible and if someone uses them, I’ll know.” The glowing woman hissed, pushing herself to her feet. The grass clinging to her as though she were one with the earth.

               “Kreep has never seen anything like that. Old masters could only cast in dark.” The shadow awed, causing the woman to smirk.

               “Azrian’s master light and dark, being able to cast both is an advantage in battle. It is a talent I inherited from my father.” Heart explained while moving deeper into the mist. She could feel the pull of a totem, but in her exhaustion, she couldn’t place who it belonged to.

               Breaking through a tree line the unlikely duo was met with the sight of Sirress fighting a horde of spider monsters. The Dark Elf was covered in webbing and cuts, some looking more infected than others. His face was bleeding and one of his arms laid uselessly next to his torso. Releasing a growl, the hunter launched herself into the fray, her new minion whimpering the whole way.

               The moment she blocked the attack to his back, the silver haired male relaxed. He knew they were still in a bad situation, but there was just something about not being alone in this god forsaken land, that even in death brought him sanctuary. Lifting his blade once more, they fought. Back to back, cover the others blind spot all while looking for any possible openings. It wasn’t until Heart was slammed into a giant rock, blood flying from her mouth and her broken form not moving that the Dark Elf felt the world stop.

               Everything in his mind zeroed in on her still body. The little black creature was lightly touching her, whimpering and then screeching. Sirress felt the world fall away, he felt such anger rush through him that it wasn’t until her heard something calling his name that he opened his eyes again. He hadn’t even realized he had closed them, but as he looked around and saw everything dead and his precious friend looking up at him in shock that he noticed he was holding a scythe and wore armor he hadn’t seen since he was a small child.

               “Sirress, can you hear me?” Heart asked while slowly making her way to him. She had never seen anything like what had just happened take place outside of her own race before. Yet there he stood, taller and far more muscular then he had ever been before. The armor was sleek silver and white with gold accents. It was stunning really, and part of her felt like she had seen it before. The scythe was also beautiful, matching the armor perfectly, with skillfully crafted roses decorating the joint and staff.

               “What happened?” His voice was a whisper, yet it could have been a scream with how silent the land was. He looked so frightened and yet accepting at the same time.

               “I don’t know, I blacked out for a moment and when I came to, there you were. Sirress, you slaughter those things like they were nothing, you were speaking a language even I don’t know, and your eyes were glowing. I don’t know much about Dark Elves, is this normal?” The small woman questioned while holding Kreep close. She was exhausted from everything that had been happening, her mind was running in a thousand different directions and now her best friend was clearly going through something.

               “My mother used to read me a story about her family history. I remember always asking for it, because I loved it so much. According to my mother, her family could transcend to the plain of the gods, that if mastered you gain the ability to protect entire kingdoms with your own two hands. I always thought it was just a fairy tale. Now though, it must be real. This is the armor and weapon from the book.” The Dark Elf explained, is voice shook and yet he looked to right standing there before her.

               “That sounds like what Azrians do. We gain more power with the more emotion we feel. Our desire to protect gives us greater strength. We also have legendary weapons that hold souls of their own that will pick you if your soul is strong enough to reach them.” The woman offered, hoping knowing that this was normal for her he might not be so worried.

               “Is this permanent? I mean will you always be butch now?” The hunter asked while picking up her blades. Sirress was checking himself out before shrugging.

               “I don’t know, in the story and is a state you can call on whenever you need it, however you must train with it in order to maintain it. So, I don’t know how long it will last.” The Dark Elf admitted, trying to think bac on all the stories his mother had told him.

               “Man, I can’t wait until Xnath see this, it is going to be good.” The woman teased, rolling her shoulders and shifting her weight. Everything was sore, not to mention they still had to find the Orc brothers. Shifting her gaze towards the gates she growled.

               “I need to find the one who controls the gates, you can either come with me or make your way back to the others. They have runes up so you should be able to sense them. Whatever you choose we need to move out soon. I don’t like being blind when my opponent can see.” The woman stated while moving towards the thicker mist.

               “I’ll stay by you, who knows when I might go back into that state. I’d rather let it out on an enemy than a friend.” Sirress confessed, his violet eyes troubled. Heart smiled softly and went to his side.

               “I know for a fact you would never attack those you love. I didn’t hurt me, and I was completely vulnerable. That proves you are still Sirress in that state.” The Azrian offered, pulling him into a hug.

               “Thank you, Heart.” The man whispered before pulling back. Taking a moment to gather their thoughts the pair set off into the fog.

               The deeper they went, the more frequent the gates became. The fog coiled around their forms, attempting to pull them back. The grass faded out to worn dirt and then bones. Remains from every species laid out, scattered, worn and broken. Claws and teeth mark clear, along with the scent of rotting flesh. Still the duo pressed onward.

               Heart felt like she was going to puke from the horrid smells assaulting her sensitive nose. Sirress didn’t seem to be fairing much better. Moving lightly, they cringed when the ground became soft and uneven with rotting bodies and bloody mud. The Azrian had face many battlefields in similar conditions but even then, it was spread out, whereas here it was condensed into the beginnings of a cave system. As they stood on the precipice, they shared a look. Nothing in this rotting hole was making it out alive.

               “I wish we had our gear, stupid mist.” The elf hissed, not pleased to have lost his bag when he fell through the gate.

               “We will just have to make do with what we have.” The woman bit out, tearing her cloak and wrapping it around her hand. Taking a piece from the elf, she wrapped it around her other hand. Breathing deeply, and almost gagging the woman whispered a spell before breathing out on the clothes and letting them glow lightly before handing it back to her companion.

               “Tie that around your mouth and it should prevent any toxins from entering your body. Still make sure to avoid and direct hits, who knows what filth and disease are waiting for us in there.” Heart all but hissed, her body tensing at the thought of going into such a place.

               “Gods please don’t let us smell like this when we find the others, I would rather not see my husband retch in close quarters with me.” The silver haired man sighed. The woman grunted in agreement. Slowly they made their way in, remaining close to each other just in case the enemy attacked.

               “So, you’re married now, do you want me to get you some alone time with your husband. Maybe find a waterfall to drown out your screams.” The smirk on her face should have been criminal, but the blush on his face was worth it.

               “That is not necessary, thank you. We decided to wait until after the war. We want to be able to truly worship each other, take time to discover our likes and dislikes, and just be together. What about you? When do you plan on making Xutag your mate?” The Dark Elf asked, ducking to avoid a thick spider web.

               “Well, Azrian’s have a courtship ritual. We prove our worth to our mate, spoil them and make a big declaration of our love and intentions. I can’t do that until this is done. So, I guess we are both waiting for better times.” The hunter explained, Kreep’s yellow eyes growing sad at they confessions.

               “I see, and that thing in your bag? What is it?” Sirress asked, ears twitching for threatening sounds.

               “Oh, this is Kreep, he is a chimera. He was made be the enemy but, has since sworn himself to me. He is kind of cute once you get used to him.” The woman stated, pulling the fiend from her bag and holding him out in presentation. Kreep’s yellow eyes simply blinked in the darkness.

               “Huh, well you always did have unique tastes.” Sirress muttered while staring at the newest member of the group.

               “Hey, last time I checked we were both hitting up Orcs, so my taste can’t be that unique.” Heart hissed, sticking out her tongue and immediately regretting it. The ai tasted just as it smelled, even her make shift mask couldn’t hide that.

               Before he could retort, there was rustling and a groan. Both members froze, Kreep flying back into her bag. Cold sweat broke out against their necks and their knuckles turned white. Soon the groaning became louder, still soft, but clearly getting closer.

               “I swear, if that is a zombie, I am going to lose my shit. I have already dealt with that shit, and I am not doing it again. I will go out of my way to just collapse this entire cave right fucking here.” The Azrian bit out, her voice a shrill whisper.

               “I don’t even want to know how you have come into contact with the undead, all I know is that it is coming from over there.” The elf stated while pointing to a large pile of corpses against the cave wall. As they stared closely, eyes intent on locating the source of the sound, a hand shot out of the pile.

               Their weapons were raised in a second, only for the arm to grasp the body beneath it and pull. The movement allowed a head to free itself from the pile and a man looked up at them in terror. Both hunters froze, waiting for the man to make his next move. He didn’t look undead, his eyes held emotion and genuine fear of the duo. Moving slightly closer Heart took stock of what she could see of the stranger. Mentally comparing it to her previous encounters with the hell spawns she had faced in her past.

               “No, please, don’t kill me. Please, that thing, it will be back, just let me crawl away. I promise I won’t do anything, just don’t let me die here.” Even though the man had hardly any voice left, the horror in his tone shook them. Kneeling and pulling him out they almost dropped him. His legs, they were not that of a mans. Looking at his full form they were able to see he was a minotaur, though it was clear he was severely injured and possibly poisoned.

               “What is your name?” Sirress asked while assessing if they could even move him. It wasn’t looking good.

               “Matayo, of the Ebony clan.” The bull whispered, his voice fading even further.

               “Sirress, we need to decide on what we are doing. If we save him, we will have to figure out how to keep him safe, or we leave him here, keep going and kill the one responsible for this. Then if he is still alive when we get back, we take him with us.” Heart hated to sound so cold, but they couldn’t save everyone.

               “Kreep can stay with him and hide him in the shadows.” The little fiend offered.

               “That won’t work. It won’t let me hide, it is already looking for me, I must get out to live through this.” Matayo gritted out. Both hunters looked at him at that.

               “Why would it go to such lengths for one minotaur?” The Dark Elf asked while trying to figure out what blood was his and where it was coming from.

               “My clan has a special talent, not only that but I stole something from it when I escaped. I had to listen as it killed my family, I made a vow on their screams I would make it suffer as we have. It is in the pile.” The large bull wheezed, trying to point behind him.

               “This is bad, I can’t tell what his injuries are, much less where.” The Dark Elf muttered while turning to the pile and digging through it quietly. Feeling something, he pulled it out, only to almost drop it when he realised what it was.

               “You stole it’s egg.” Heart whispered horrified. Ra only knew what they were facing and now they had its baby.

               “That abomination killed my clan, so I will return the deed.” Matayo huffed, his eyes losing focus.

               “Shit, this is bad. Matayo, do you know what it is? What are we facing here? Is it a spider monster, a giant snake? Maybe it’s a bug?” The woman asked, nearly shaking the minotaur for more information.

               “I have never seen anything like it before. It appears to be a woman but them turns into a horrible beast. The main body is deeper in the caverns but, it is the smaller and faster forms connected to it that are the most dangerous.” The bull wheezed, before coughing weakly.

               “Ra, it sounds like an Oblex on steroids.” Heart whispered, her eyes darting for anything that could attack them.

               “Not Oblex, it’s a Virlex. Made in lab, like Kreep. Only much darker and sicker. It ate siblings, no others were made. Too dangerous, abandoned in pit. Very smart, still helping its masters, not knowing its been thrown away.” The shadow whispered.

               “A Virlex huh. Ok, so we kill the main body, we kill the smaller forms too. This thing is probably able to cast magic, so we must be prepared for spells to not work here. Matayo, it wants your clan, but do you know why?” The woman asked, moving her stance to a better defensive position.

               “Our bloodline can cast strong armor magic. It consumed them attempting to gain that ability for itself, but I don’t think it will work.” The minotaur muttered, his eyes shut, tears falling freely.

               “That’s why I can’t pinpoint your injuries, you don’t have any that are bleeding externally.” Sirress realized in awe. All the male before them did was nod.

               “Sirress, you stay with him. Those smaller forms will likely show up before I can get to the main body. Do what you can to get him out of here, Kreep, give them some cover.” The hunter ordered, both men looking at her in shock, before the Elf nodded and began moving to support the minotaur, ho continued to look at her as through she was a goddess.

               “You plan to fight that thing alone?” Matayo asked, his voice breaking even further.

               “Don’t have a choice. This thing is stopping us from reaching our enemy. We can’t move forward until it is good and dead. Besides if that man threw it away out of fear then the world is better off without it.” Heart hissed. With one final glance at her friends, she made her way further into the dark while Sirress could only prey for her return.