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Gemmano is a fascinating human tale set in the destructive arena of , and a very real story of the effect war can have on a civilian population

: When elected in 2014, President proclaimed himself a “president of ” and promised to put an end to war in Donbass. No sooner had the global community got used to this announcement than he became a “president of ”. This war still goes on.

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RT BookBangs  RT KristyBerridge: Bloody hell, Could it be that simple – KILL the Alphas, KILL them all.

A series of images made using ceramics feature in this work.

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Protested at university against failed Regime Change policies Sanctions MUST END We can't let politicians destabilize region, raise debt or plunge us into Believe in Preach

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Hello Florida!!’ Letters for Annie Lecture on Feb 25th at the Kane Center in Stuart, Florida. Come get your books and meet John F Lombardo — Follow the Story at

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THE TEXT IS from the 1996 Terre Nash documentary, “WHO’S COUNTING: Marilyn Warring on Sex, Lies and Global Economics. Special thanks to my close friend, the great Australian trombonist, Simone de HAAN; the mysterious, sustained, deep resonance of his sound never ceases to amaze me…


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Record of Grancrest War

Grancrest Senki

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Categories: action, adventure, demon, drama, fantasy, light novel adaptation, magic, political, romance, s/exual content, swordplay, violence, war

When a peace ceremony between enemy factions is interrupted by a sudden surge of chaos and evil beings war descends upon the land once again. When her journey to study under a master magician is intercepted by soliders Siluca finds herself rescued by the naive yet noble Theo and impressed by his ambition she joins forces with him to bring back peace.

S1, 24 eps

Capitalism’s feedback’s weakness

Capitalism is based on the feedback, that a lot of clever people lead the economy, because those aren’t clever enough to know what society needs just invest in useless crap and lose their fortune. Ideally. Because when proper education of the masses is replaced by mass manipulation, the feedback first only gets weak, then practically ineffective and knowledge based investment looses its advantage. Finally such an economy will be lead by novice investors who waste a lot of precious workforce, research and development resource of the particular nation. Suddenly such nations loose in the global competition per evolution. As then they usually become politically unstable this is in no interest of any other nation either - at least considering wide ranging economical and perhaps military tensions.

Solution could be adding a tax on investment growth proportional to GDP growth, that would give advantage to skilled investors who actually know what is needed by the people, and even in the noise the manipulation causes, they will have a slight advantage over novice who just spread their capital over the entire economy to harness net GDP growth. This may not only be vital because for capitalism’s selection process to stay healthy, but as the developed world, and maybe some third world counties too enter the state of research and development, GDP growth will drop because it will become dependent on how often useful new ideas are being generated. Generating new ideas is a slow process, it requires great deal of knowledge, creativity and luck - if it depends on subgraph isomorphism, like many brain processes, this will set the limit of GDP growth in these new times. However people trying to survive of sheer GDP growth may be interested in such phases of history where reconstruction is going on so that the development doesn’t depend on slow brain functions thus can go exponentially. However we the people are rather interested in a slow but steady development as in the everlasting circle of destruction and reconstruction!

Investors who have the brains should lead the way in this - hopefully - global process, for they are going to be positively selected by a strong reliable feedback…


  1. education needs to be developed
  2. manipulation needs to be counteracted against
  3. GDP growth proportional tax on return on investment needs to be introduced
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585. Into Cambodia

Three countries share a common border with Vietnam. Those countries are: China, Laos, and Cambodia. China is located to the north of Vietnam. Laos and Cambodia are located to the west of Vietnam. The eastern border of Cambodia is part of the western border of Vietnam. South Vietnam was located next to Cambodia.

South Vietnam was a battlefield. The Communists were fighting the Americans on this battlefield. Because Cambodia was located next to this battlefield, Cambodia was important. It was easier for the Communists to hide in Cambodia. There were American soldiers in South Vietnam. Those soldiers had a mission: search and destroy. Those soldiers searched South Vietnam for Communists. If they uncovered a Communist in South Vietnam, they would kill that Communist. By contrast, there were no American soldiers in Cambodia. The Communists could use Cambodia as a staging area. The Communists could take refuge inside Cambodia. By 1970, Cambodia was crawling with Communists.

“Pressure from South Vietnamese and American forces increased the number of North Vietnamese forces taking refuge in the border areas of Cambodia; by early 1969 they were an estimated 40,000 men,” said Bundy. (Kindle Location 1690)

As long as the Communists had sanctuaries in Cambodia, the Communists would not lose the war. America could not send enough soldiers to Vietnam to win the war, as long as those sanctuaries existed in Cambodia.

“No matter how large the expeditionary force, it could never prove sufficient against an enemy whose supply lines lay outside of Vietnam and who possessed extensive sanctuaries immune to attack and a ferocious will,” said Kissinger. (Page 39)

To win the Vietnam War, America would have to eliminate the Communist sanctuaries in Cambodia. In the spring of 1970, Richard Nixon decided to send American soldiers into Cambodia. Their mission was to destroy the Communist sanctuaries in Cambodia.

“On the evening of April 30 Nixon went on national TV to announce his decision to send a U.S. force of 32,000 men into Cambodia,” said Bundy. (Kindle Location 3531)


The Kindle Locations come from the book “A Tangled Web: The Making of Foreign Policy in the Nixon Presidency” by William Bundy.

The page numbers come from the book “Ending the Vietnam War: A History of America’s Involvement in and Extrication from the Vietnam War” by Henry Kissinger.

“—but one of the facts we are always coming up against in our psychic experience is that growth takes place by fits and starts. There are retentions and blockages of libido which have to be breached by a new phase of development. Always, the “old system” hangs on until the opposing forces are strong enough to overcome it. Here, too, “war is the father of all things.””

Erich Neumann, The Origins and History of Consciousness