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Look out for our brand new NHL Figure displays arriving at Walmarts across Canada this holiday season! Featuring our newest line of 6" figures! •

When the Principal pops her head into the new & finds the students cuddled up in silence working intently... 🍀and... we ordered 2 more futon couches☺️😉 💙💛 – at Saint Catherine Of Siena School

REMINDER: Police are collecting toys at the Landis Avenue . Let’s fill that cruiser! 🚓🎅🏼

My tiara wearing coworker becomes a CSM as of today. Congrats now CSM Ashley.

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Man convicted of the murder of innocent, unarmed people, who walked free, can't get a job. THANK YOU THANK YOU

🎁 Today, ACDC and are proud to participate in the annual event. Thanks to the Addison for hosting.

need findin a new + 1st floor/elevator + friendly + friendly + less than $600 a month 4 the rent - n its either / Tyson Chicken rich or roach-crawling poor - its hell.

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“holiday sales rise to their highest thanks to a new guilt-based marketing concept”

Someone else on the Byte beta came up with a better caption. It’s quoted above.

I’m on the #beta and I couldn’t be more excited! When #byte goes public, be sure to follow ya boi!

#bytebeta #betatester #earlyaccess #bytecreators #Acebanca #walmart #200iq #2020thinking #smartmove #wellplayed #guiltbasedmarketing #itwritesitself #followme #findme (at Walmart Coos Bay)

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The ONLY reason I even bother trying to stay #fit is so I can #crowdsurf ! I’ve been doing a good job regulating my #calorieintake. I really do recommend that #planetfitness deal. $20/mo for access to all location in the #USA #USA #USA
But #Walmart is a fine alternative! #stayfit #stayfat #donteat #eatfresh #eatflesh
Music: Deadly Sinners by 3 Inches of Blood

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I’m curious to know why they had her arrested? Why couldn’t they just give her a refund and she would have left the store it seems? I’d love to find out more information about this what happened to her, where this was at? Etc.. and why is the first thing the cop do is come in and ask her for ID? @shaunking #walmart

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12/05/19:I’m seriously going to be broke this holidays! I keep finding cheap games! I went to a Walmart farther away from home. Where the other day a friend got for me a ps4 steelbook. I got some $10 clearance ps4 games. And $15 each on scribblenauts switch and Treasure Tracker 3ds. And then a fellow collector friend sent me a message that Target has a selection of videogames at ½ off! So I drove over there and scoped out the games and the list given to me. Because there’s a thread online over at Cheap-ass Gamer. My friend was kind enough to send me pics. My Target store was emptied out on Black Friday, but I still managed to find a few games listed. Some were $10, others $15, and one was $20. So I take it, the selection will vary at your closest Target store. But the excitement of cheap, good(?) games is thrilling. Good luck folks!


“You Took My Job Away And Didn’t Even Thank Me!”
Late night Walmart shopping
#Walmartlatenight #Walmart #walmartshopping #robot #robotfloorpolisher #ana_christy #job #welcometowalmart #humorvids #humor #humor😂 #philipsburgpa

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“You Took My Job Away And Didn’t Even Thank Me!”
Late night at Walmart
#Walmart #walmartshopping #walmartrobot #robot #robotfloorpolisher #Walmartlatenight
#welcometowalmart #philipsburgpa
#walmartshopping #foodshopping#ana_christy

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Me: Aw yeah!!! Sleep time!!! Time 2 rest my brain!!! Time to rest my eyes and have fun dreams!!!!

My brain: yeah but what if Richard Madden went to the Walmart you went yesterday. What if you never saw him and that was your only chance???? Huh??? How do you feel now?????

Me: bad,,,

My brain: now, go scream and watch RocketMan. Sleep is for the weak.


This is a cool cooking challenge!