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By the end of next year the will be built. Illegals welcome LEGALLY. 😊

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His palace lay behind high walls on one side of the great lake and Dalaiabeth lay almost defenseless on the other. Children of the Dead City An Epic Fantasy Novel

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I remember when a feast ice cream had chocolate all the way to the bottom! Unlike today’s feast 🀬

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Bathroom walls - if you are thinking of redecorating don't decide on your wall covering until you have read our guide:

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Some of you all don’t look at the big picture or the events that led up to your current predicament. You yourself set the wheels in motion that led to your destruction. Be honest and back track every step and BINGO… that caused today’s fuckup. While I was in prison I started to educate myself with the laws. The law library became my friend and sword. I had fellow inmates who blamed everyone but themselfs for their demise. Going through court transcripts I often wondered how they only got the time they did and not more. There were others who should never have gotten as much as they did. Ultimately most failed to realize there own actions started the snowball downhill

Best. Advice. Ever.

Why do you think it’s easier to make friends when you were younger? You were more open to emotions and love. You were in the process of creating the walls that close you off to people over time. Plus, you though you were fucking cool until puberty hit and then all of a sudden you were a big weirdo.

Open yourself back up, find love for yourself. You’re not shit, you’re THE shit.


Does your mindset live in a box…..?
A square with:
- four walls
- no windows
- and no doors
Is your life contained within that box because of:
- fear
- sadness
- anxiousness
- self-limitations
so much so that everyday habits become the norm and life gets ‘squeezed’ into a predictable routine!
No, no, no…..
CHOOSE to smash those walls and step outside of your same-old-same-old!
CHOOSE to break down old 'mindsets’ and live beyond your 'norm’!
CHOOSE to be….
to be just what you are meant to be!
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#YTPA (Yes to Positive Aging)
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Wish i could disappear

Oh god if i would, but here we are

Just go, leaving all behind

Letting people think I’m that kind

Of person that lives his life

Into his mind.

The thoughts run so wild

You see me standing for a while

Between this walls i built for me as a jail

Try to convince me all I do is not a fail