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Tatlı severler buraya ☺

From our Wafflin Diaries - this amazing Matcha Cinnamon Cream cheese waffle is meant to for your midweek cravings. Try it out now at any of our stores. . . .

Eviza - Royal Double Royal Double Cocoa Coated Decorated Cake With Chocolate&Caramel Sauce. Net weigt: 38 gr Pieces in Package: 6*24

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When I was a kid I’d cut my waffles into strips and call them trains! It’s today’s and try may not be trains but I bet they’re still delicious! Eat waffles!

"En agradecimiento, te he traído este gofre. Si quieres que me lo coma por ti, no me hagas ninguna señal.... ¡Que así sea!"

Yemekten sonra şöyle güzel bi tatlı olsaydı diye düşünenler. Aradığınız tatlı lezzetler Romano’da. 🍰🍫🥮

. Contro e afa per vuole un ? Quello più cool? il Taiyaki Fish Cone. Direttamente dal è un servito in un cono a forma di al gusto di . Perfetto da gustare semplice o trasformato in o

It's 'THE FINAL COUNTDOWN'..If ANYPAWDY sees Waffle...Pleeez tell her nuooo 'Treshur Hunt' starting TOMORROW..'s Paws to Help FB page .......Ownleee 1 Moor sleep! Helping raise munny for

New arrival item “Fried Rice Burger🍔 “ Egg Fried Rice Bun with crispy basil, fresh green lettuce and special Thai sauce together with your choice of beef or chicken. – at i-Kroon

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Strawberry Waffle with Chocolate and Whipped Cream


Good Morning and wonderful blessings!!!!

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Waffle ear is finally going down. 🙌
#etsy #kids #handmade #waffle #disneysnacks #disney #mouseears #disneyfan #disneyworld #disneylife #disneyparks (at Winter Haven, Florida)

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