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Give us your answers in the comments below. Winners will get a sweet surprise A) Brownie Waffle B) Ferrero Nutella Mousse *T&C Apply . .

Finalizamos la tarde con la felicidad que genera el comerse un n°3 no esperes más y ríe como @its_valentinaee

Took me a while to get the tension/hook size rightA but now doing this cool pattern to make a scarf fir my sister..

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Aujourd'hui Kang0urou a fait les soldes à ! Et cerise sur le gâteau il s'est pris une délicieuse gauffre chez Chuck's ! Humm un régal 🍩🍩🤤🤤🍽️🍽️ . .

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Oreo waffle

Lazy day in w/Calum blurb

Summary: What a lazy day with Calum would be like

Summary of Summary: a whole load of waffle I came up with whilst watching Doctor Who

You should’ve got lots done today, but you haven’t done any of it. In fact, you’ve done nothing: officially. You shifted slightly on Calum’s chest, and he lets out a huff of breath as you wriggle around similarly to a worm. His brown eyes cast down to you, and you smile and lift a hand up to rake your nimble fingers through his hair. Blonde. You liked it. 

“What you wanna watch after this?” he asked, hand reaching for the remote that sat on a small side table beside the sofa. You shrug against his body, eyes closing for a short moment as you ponder. He decides to voice his own ideas in response to your silence. “Another episode or…a movie?” 

“Another episode,” you hummed, and he cracked a small smile. You were watching Doctor Who, only not in order. Oh no, You noticed it was on Netflix and so decided to pick and choose between your favourite episodes. Currently you sat through “Amy’s Choice”, and you had been snuggled against Calum for the past three hours. 

He wore a plain white tee with some black joggers that he shrugged on in the morning that lay on the floor. You were only in a long t-shirt, probably his but you hadn’t checked, and a pair of baby pink panties. Fluffy socks adorned your feet, and you had settled with your legs wiggled between his legs - tangled together like scrambled earphones - and head nestled in the crook of his neck and the edge of his shoulder blade. Your arms were sprawled out, and you continuously moved them (usually to his hair, to which he wasn’t complaining) until sometimes he would grow restless and link his fingers with yours. 

Calum’s own tanned hands would often slide up and down your thighs, sometimes settling on your ass, and you frequently sighed against his chest in relaxation. This was pure bliss, being captivated with your lover on a Saturday afternoon in nothing but tranquillity. Nothing but time and time to spare. 

“Ashton called,” he suddenly says, voice a little hoarse from the lack of use. You raise a brow, lifting your chin slightly so you’re now looking him dead in the eye instead of at the TV. Matt Smith’s eccentric voice echoes throughout the room but you simply await his story. “Asked if we wanted to join him, Luke and Sierra out tonight. Says he’d rather fifth wheel then third wheel.” The last part of his question-like story ended in a chuckle, and you crack a giggle of your own.

He looks into your eyes with such adoration you wonder if you may be fighting back tears. He found it so hard to find himself after being hurt so badly in love before, but you found him and taught him it was okay: that love wasn’t a nightmare but a daydream. And so far, he had his head in the clouds with you. He questioned if it was dangerous to let himself fall so deeply into you, but there’d be times when he’d fall at a pace that he’d wonder is too fast, and you’d catch him. 

“What do you wanna do?” you asked, tilting your head like a small child or curious puppy. “Save Ash or stay in?”

“Well, what are the advantages and disadvantages to each?” he joked lightly, smirking and trotting along with your game. You both knew realistically which one you’d settle on…

“If we stay here….advantages are that we’re alone,” you grin, finger trailing from his hair to his cheek then jaw-line. “And nobody can bother us,” you add, thumb poking out to catch his lower lip as your movements guide to his chin. Calum’s eyes slip shut for  only a moment, as he revels in you. “And we have all night.”

“Advantages of going out?” he essentially breaths, eyes flicking open, and you frown in thought. 

“Ummm…we’re being socially and good friends?” you laughed, and he shrugged with a low laugh. 

“Well, one sounds much more appealing,” he mockingly ponders, and you grin wickedly. “Get up lazy bum, and get a shower. We’re going out.” His large palms smack your ass teasingly, and he shuffles as though he’s about to stand and shrug you off him. Your face drops, but his grin only widens to become a wicked smirk, and you catch onto his joke. You hackle out a spurt of laughter, and smack his shoulder gently. 

“Oh, you cock!” you laugh, and he gasps loudly whilst still chuckling thoroughly. “I might go sit on the other sofa,” you mutter under your breath and his own eyes widen this time. As you move to stand up, legs crying out from the movement, his hands grasp at your bare thighs. 

“Oh no, come on! I’m sorry, that was mean of me!” Cal begs, and you smirk down at him in triumph before collapsing back onto his body. 

“Ha ha, touche,” you chimed, and he let out a breath of laughter in clear relief. 

“God, we’re a pair,” he murmured against your hair, hands finding their place comfortably on the back of your thighs. You tangle your fingers in your hair and hum in thought, head already returning to the comfortable crevice of his shoulder. 

“Yes we are,” you smiled, eyes focusing on the screen as Netflix simply asks one more question: “Next Episode?”