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⚡️ Dev Tip 💡 Numeric Separators (_) are coming to JavaScript! 🥳 1️⃣ No more unreadable long numbers 2️⃣ Implementation already shipped in Chrome v75 and beyond 🎉

Mithril is a really neat alternative to things like Vue, React or Angular. It’s very compact and fast, and is great for tying together vanilla JS libraries rather than needing its own alternatives.

The need for can't be overemphasized. Check out on how to easily get started implementing chat interactions in your using the KendoUI component 👉

À chaque consultation chez un spécialiste de la , la pression intraoculaire ou tension de l’ est mesurée. Cet examen rapide & indolore permet de dépister des maladies oculaires ➡ via

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Wedding at Villa Treville - Positano