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Spent the day offline with and ! Will be back tomorrow when the launches and seeing what amazing things fellow devs have made!

Jealous of everyone getting their Quest this week. We shot this piece only 3 years ago and can't believe how fast the tech has developed.

Going live now on with and a few other friends to play Stand Out in my week long event! Onward, Pavlov, and Contractors will all be in the mix. Shoutout to for getting my twitch all pretty!

Why today is a huge milestone and a new chapter for the industry. What a privilege to be part of this amazing community. And if you haven’t pre-ordered yours, now is the time. The all-in-one device. No cables, sensors or computers needed to experience room-scale VR anymore!

Practicing some stylized stone/tile work in zBrush. Feeling a bit rusty but will need to warm up for upcoming tasks.

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シティヘブンとは違う画像が載ってるので、良かったらオフィシャルも覗いてみてほしいです(*´▽`*) →

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Currently downloading a VR snowboarding game

Pre-drinking ginger ale


Game of Clones! Bring the fire breathing dragons home with PaintAR: Holographic Painting & Sculpting App Now on the iTunes App store! Link in bio.

#AugmentedReality #app for creatives. Add #3D #holograms & #FX. Join featured artists, record & share.

Try it with #gearvr #holokit or #cardboard for holographic viewing.

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There have been plenty of goalie and shooting drill VR hockey games, but this is the first virtual reality hockey game that I've played where you can actuall...

This is the closest thing to real hockey in virtual reality.


The Scary Mask Warning (Poppy VR180 Experience)



How to get a UI element to stick and follow a 3D object.

how to align a UI element such as text with a moving 3D object.