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Tourisme: Top 10 des plus beaux road trips au Monde - Partir fair -

Bonjour à tous je vous invite à me rejoindre sur Instagram je poste souvent des photo

Voyage > Japonismes 2018 Kohei Nawa, Throne>L'année 2018 marquera--

Tourisme: Vers un futur vol direct entre la France et l'Australie...

Tourisme - Technologie > Fabien Soulis, Oppidum Security: Alors qu..

Quelle belle station au pied du un conseil faîtes la montée à pied et la descente en lift pour arriver ici. A travers la forêt un pur régal ! Plus d'infos et photos dans notre article :

Baignade, nautisme, randonnée, musées, rhumeries, thalasso… La , une belle destination pour des vacances actives ! =>

Protégez vos biens quand vous partez à l'étranger. Cette pochette discrète vous sera utile. 🙂

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anonymous asked:

What do I have to do to better fit in on the ship? I am having such a difficult time finding friends and after all these years it's starting to really wear me down.

Hi there. I’m really sorry to hear you’re having a hard time. We’ve been on this ship a while now and I guess the little cliques and friendships have been long-since forged, but it’s never too late to reach out and meet someone new. Maybe try to find someone with similar interests? Or just go say hi to somebody new in the mess hall at lunch? I’m not the most extroverted person on the ship, but I’d be happy to hang out with you… My boss, Lt. Paris, and his friends are all very welcoming, or Neelix, Kes, Dalby, Harry Kim…you could just say ‘hi’ to any one of them and you’ll have some instant buddies.

Good luck!

anonymous asked:

You are so sweet and beautiful and very handsome and I love ya... seriously you are sexy

B’Elanna, I know I’ve been sending you little notes but this one is laying it on rather thick, don’t you think? I love you too, babe. And, when I see you in an hour I can tell you all about how sexy and beautiful I think you are.


anonymous asked:

Hello Commander, I'm a young and beautiful crewmember. I have a problem. I want someone very much, I mean I love him and we used to hang out together, running holoprograms and having much fun. Now, he's with someone else and he doesn't have much time for me. I'm better than her girfriend. Anw, I'm very sad, I haven't eaten and slept in days! Could I meet you and talk with you? Like a private counseling session. You're the only one I trust on this ship.

Crewman, I’m sorry you’re going through this. I hope you feel better soon.

You can always join our support group. It’s every Thursday at 1800 hours. Meet us in the Mess Hall. Also, you can always talk to @kes-flowersandthings. She’ll be more than willing to help you.

anonymous asked:

I like the fact that you and the captain are in a committed relationship and totally faithful to each other without fooling around. We all respect your relationship very much because it's something pure and tender, but we want you to get married as soon as possible and even have kids. When are you planning to move in together?

I’m glad you approve our relationship, crewman. I’m also happy that the crew supports us so very much. Although, the truth is that we don’t have wedding plans for the near future and we’re not going to move in together soon. Okay, we’ve been living together to her quarters since she has got out of Sickbay, but it’s temporary. We’ve been together for only a few months and for now, we enjoy spending time together and finding out more about each other. After all, we have a lot of time to make up for.