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Light flannel jacket with our green Von Amper tie, blue cashmere pocketsquare and blue striped shirt.

Let's show you some Art. Because it's Friday and Friday is art day here at Von Amper. This time a painting from @michaela_wuehr

Friday is art day here at Von Amper and we want to show you a painting from Antoine Cordet This is a picture we took at the Have a nice weekend fellows.

It's Friday and that means we here at Von Amper want to show you some art. This time a preview of our upcoming blog entry about Color Woodcut in Europe and Japan.

Friday is Art Day here at Von Amper. We show you today an impression from the @mocabangkok Check out our blog for more.

Wearing our Von Amper OCBD shirt, wool tie and pocketsquare square with a wool jacket and flannel pants. Perfect for cold winter days.

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