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Day 8 - 21/12/18

Is has been a week for my stay in Vietnam and the boarding school, I didn’t really know what to teach today so I just showed the kids ABC songs on youtube. They fought for the remote control uhm..

I didn’t really want the whole lesson just to let them watch ABC songs and other stuffs. Hence, I taught them UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT with gestures + body language. I think it kinda worked. Sometimes I wonder how my mom taught me languages when I was younger….

Here’s breakfast. Rice vermicelli with chopped carrots + a really good oatmeal drink I guess, I don’t know what is it, but I feel like buying it back home.

Fried rice + melon juice for Lunch.

Went to talk with the kids. They took me a stroll in the bike and the trolley. Simple pleasures. If only adults enjoy simple pleasures like them. They sneaked out to ride the bike so they kept hiding when they saw the sisters (They call her Madam). I told them I wanted to go out and get cakoi, and Su said she will buy for me on Sunday <3  How lovely.

The teacher in the kindergarten tried to talk to me, I honestly think everyone here is nice to me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t speak their language and she just kept smiling to me :))

Dinner , it’s like rice in soup with chicken. Me likey.

Went to study area early and the sisters told us we don’t need to teach till Sunday as the level 1~5 kids just finished their exams. I was spanking hype for it as I can attend my buddy’s sister’s wedding tomorrow ! Yeappie!

Day 7 - 20/12/18

We had beef pho for breakfast and the sisters gave us popcorn. Shelvia went feeding the kids popcorn through the windows as when we wanted to go back our room the kids were screaming at us. It was hilarious. We had fried chicken, fries and their exotic fruit - milk fruit/star apple for lunch. It was a scrumptious meal <3

Milk fruit/ Star apple, it’s delicious!

Here’s nice view of sunset today, cuz the sunset is rarely nice here :X and I had fried noodles with ham. woooo

No classes at night as we had a Christmas celebration, the student danced and performed some acting class to let the younger kids to understand the story of Christ. The sisters asked us to perform a dance and we only did like 2 hours practice. I cringe.

We had milk tea with bubbles (trà sữa) after the whole event, simple pleasures indeed. Sister Tho slapped my arms real hard when I said milk tea in Vietnamese. She was like OHHHH YOU KNOW !!!!

My Indian friends said it tasted like medicine, me and Shelvia was shocked af cuz this is a disgrace to all the bubble milk tea lovers out that haha. It’s a wonderful day indeed.

Day 6 - 19/12/18

I’m soaked in boredom. I talked with my project manager to sort things up in how to teach the kids and she gave me some helpful advices.

We had iced milk coffee and egg soup with quail eggs for breakfast. I don’t really drink coffee but vietnamese coffee is just darn good.

Taught the kids the same thing again, was trying to show them what’s UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT…But at least they have understood UP and Down. The sister was happy when she asked the kid how to pronounce the alphabets and they did it! wooo 


Shefali says she’s leaving for a different project as there weren’t enough people there, she left us so sudden. :( We were worried as the time was getting late, luckily the sisters helped her <3   

We had sticky rice and passion fruit drink with some chia seeds I think? 

 We practiced our dance for Christmas after nigh class today, it was my first time choreographing lmaooo it kinda sucks compared when me and friends brainstorm for aerobics class during highschool :P

Day 5 -18/12/18

I’m getting really bored here, there’s honestly just nothing to do besides teaching less than four hours a day and playing with the kids. I prepared teaching materials but things doesn’t seem to work out much. I’m not empowering the kids, and I hope my whole Aiesec volunteerting journey doesn’t go into waste by slacking. 

Had pork porridge for breakfast, it was a soothing meal. Shefali was sick, she didn’t have breakfast with us :O

We played Simon Says today, I taught them “sit down” and “stand up”. I taught those kids ABC and numbers again today, asked Sister Tho to give me papers and pencils so I can teach them how to write. As common among kids this age, they were having bipolarity/dyslexia in alphabetic writing…. Some of them weren’t attentive enough as they only want to play with my phone. oh bummer.

Thang was giving out tantrum as he wants to be the only person to hold my phone as we were watching videos. He was real mad at me. After the session, I translated English to Vietnamese and told him “you must learn how to share”. He kinda got me a bit, and stopped showing me the grumpy face.

Was wandering around after class, the kids just like to say HI to me and I’ve gotten myself a Vietnamese snack (cheese sponge cake) from a kid. It taste like Apollo from Malaysia tho.

Here’s lunch, there isn’t really much veggie in my meals since yesterday’s dinner. I wonder why…UwU

I was craving vietnamese sandwich for dinner and my wishes came through !

Taught five new kids English today, they were playing with a dragonfly. One of the kid talked to me in basic chinese as his father’s is from China. 
It was a good day <3

Visited Mama C’s orphanage earlier today to pick her up to go pay for the orphanages rent for 2017.
Special thanks to the entire Vaswani family for their generous donation, we honor and appreciate your contributions.

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Giving back

I have really been thinking a lot about where I want to go next year and where I want to run a marathon next year (internationally). I know that February of THIS year is not yet over but since I’ve planned so far in advance for this year, I wanted to at least think about 2017 since I have a few things to plan around, such as work travel and a wedding to attend in February.

This year’s travel unintentionally resulted in a theme; that theme being Eastern Europe (every country I’m visiting borders one of the others I’m visiting!), I think that I need a theme for 2017, or at least one common trait among the 4 minimum countries that I visit. The first thought that came to mind was tropical, then islands, then South America. I was stumped on how to choose one.

This morning my question was answered when I remembered an organization in Haiti that I heard about last year and how they were helping people in Haiti learn English with native English-speakers via video chat. Even though that no longer seems to be a way to help, I found my idea for 2017 - giving back. I want to be able to do a service project of some sort in every country I visit. I know that a lot of organizations don’t just let you swoop in and do some volunteering while you happen to be on holiday in their country, so this will take some careful planning.

Ideally, I’d like to visit a Caribbean nation or perhaps two, Haiti or Cuba are first on the list, and I’d like spend a week in one of those countries doing volunteer work. What? I don’t know. I’m also planning to visit Peru next year and while that will be a vacation, I’m working with a tour company for that trip so I can easily ask the tour guide to search for a volunteer day or afternoon and add it to my itinerary. I don’t know where else I am planning on going in 2017, but this will definitely get my creative juices flowing and make me step outside of my comfort zone to ask about volunteering with organizations. 

Overall, I’m looking forward to the challenge of 2017 travel already.