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Has this been made? I felt like traumatizing people today. Credit to me.

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Haha totally agree with you. That's actually the reason why I got lazy leveling up my character because I'm like so I need to pay 300 coins to switch characters? How about no? lol but Soryu can honestly make me consider. Thankfully again I still have to level up my current character so my coins are safe for now. Hehe.

Hey, hello 😊. I didn’t see when the message arrived, I’m sorry I didn’t answer before.

Yeah … I know this bravado of mine doesn’t go very far … I love Soryu so much 💗. I’ll just wait a little longer to buy the coins I need.😁


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Soryu's finally in the VIP room! Unfortunately I have to stick with my current character because I still haven't reached at least level 75 yet because I was too lazy. LOL At least Soryu will be my motivation on not to slack off leveling up anymore. XD

Review / Walkthrough - Rei Rindoh


I just read Rei Rindoh’s route and I can tell that he is one of the cutest characters that Voltage has. Guys he’s adorable. This presentation that says he is “arrogant” does not fit the story. There is only one scene that he is rude to an employee 😩. And the rest is pure sugar. Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit, but he’s a really nice guy. It’s normal.

He is a journalist, “who can do anything for work” as MC said, but he is a Normal guy. Like, he’s not a superhero, he’s not smarter than you (he knows a lot about things he works on, but doesn’t make him a superior). This lack of character superiority is a very strong point in the game. Yes, he did something that can hurt … But that’s part of the story …


But they are a totally 99% compatible couple. It’s cute all the scenes in which they discover their affinities. Of course, this 99% compatible, declared by an App, has its implications there, it was not going to be that simple. But it’s cool. The game / story has some downsides, I don’t even say they are downsides, but some things that could be better. MC is one of those points, I really liked her being a “normal person” until chapter 18/20. Then she super exploded in a half-crazy cycle of insecurity and stubbornness. It annoyed me. Another point that could be different is that he was part of her past without even remembering it. Not necessary.

But a high point, which I liked, was that Rei has an ex! And she is not dead. And he suffers / suffered for his ex. Great that the characters have a past. It makes it so realistic. The ending I would say is more of a romantic Hollywood comedy than realistic, but it’s valid.


This is an LC, and for all the Best Choices are 203 hearts! But you can get the SHE (15 Affection points) and all CG with 116 hearts. I didn’t really do much to know if there is a better possibility (that wears fewer hearts), but I have given priority to the last few chapters since it is the unfolding of the story.

Chapter 07: 13 Hearts = 1 Point of Affection + CG

Chapter 11: 16 Hearts = 2 Affection Points + CG

Chapter 12: 16 Hearts = 2 Points of Affection

Chapter 14: 8 Hearts = 2 Points of Affection

Chapter 18: 22 Hearts = 1 Point of Affection + CG

Chapter 21: 8 Hearts = 2 Points of Affection

Chapter 23: 8 Hearts = 2 Points of Affection

Chapter 24: 25 Hearts = 3 Points


Destind, Mr Almost Right - Released + Rei

Destind Mr Almost Right was released yesterday, Dec 5 2019, in Love 365.

First route out is Rei!

For those who think the word is spelled wrong or just stupid: It’s intentional. It’s about online dating, so they wanted to make it sound more like a dating app.


Finish ch 3 before Jan 5 2020 to get 5 Hearts for free. Also, finish the Sweet End before this day, and you get the Collector’s Edition of the route (like all previous titles since… uhh… Masquerade Kiss?). As always, no waiting times for a limited time.