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One of the true tragedies of his sordid life had been not sharing the secret part of his life with Anna See more:

"Your accompanist has a lot to do with how you sing, so experiment & choose your partner wisely." - Mark Murphy •

Be sure to arm yourself with the tools to compete in your field. And that means any field where you use your voice to communicate. Make sense?

Beautiful session this weekend during our & ! We’ll be back in the lab in 2 weeks, as we have our monthly & coming up THIS SATURDAY! , 3-5pm. Music, , , and guided 😌

"I feel that sharing our , finding our voice, others to do so. I want people to feel like their matters. matters. " , actress & activist. Read more:

普段は絶対手に取らない雑誌だけど笑 これは買うよね~💓

Hello, Lovers and True Activists! We need you to call your today, or ASAP so that you can your Demand for this to pass! We cannot tolerate any more so much suffering!

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Đinh Bảo Yến - Em Ngày Xưa Khác Rồi | Tập 1 - Vòng Giấu Mặt | The - Giọng Hát Việt #

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ocean stars falling - empty seas
piper kaylin

ANOTHER fansong for the wonderful osf by @quirkify

lyrics under the cut:

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i need help!

so i’m creating a book trailer for a school project on the book aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe and i need someone to help me record a voiceover for it. i would just do it myself but i think i sound much too girly to be voicing a fifteen year old boy. so are there any masculine (ish) sounding people out there who’d be willing to help? all i need is for you to record a few sentences and send them to me. shoot me a message if you wish to help!!

(ps you don’t have to actually be a man i just need someone who doesn’t sound like minnie mouse cough cough me cough cough lmao)

Hi Friends!

Soon I will be starting a new job in an office that offers voice therapy for transgender people. It also has other services for people of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. Just some questions for the trans community of Tumblr.

•What would you like medical staff to know?

•What could medical staff change to make going to the doctor better?

•How do waiting rooms make you feel?

•What are your thoughts on mannered nouns like Sir and Ma'am?

•Any other thing you want to mention about the healthcare field.

It would really help if you could share your stories either in the comments or through PM'ing me if you prefer. I will be working as a receptionist at a front desk and as a gender non-conforming human, I just want to make the office better for the Trans community. Doctor offices can be terrible and degrating so I want to help change it even if just at my office. Thanks friends!

“There is beauty in the way you say things, so much beauty.. I love the way your lips part when the words slip from your mouth, the way your voice sounds. It is perfection, in something as simple as the way you speak.. you are truly magnificent and that is a fact.”

The way you speak is a special kind of beauty that can’t be found anywhere else but in your voice - eUe


Hey everyone! Our Meet The Cast video for the twins in Lost Alice is now up! If you enjoy this video, please subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on any of our social medias for more updates! [We do not own Lost Alice! It belongs to NTT SOLMARE so please go support the company!]


Lana Del Rey - Gods and Monsters (Manya Cover)


Its been the RUINS !

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Never like u @iamx
Chris, I love you, love your voice, your work… :’D
Lo prometido es deuda amorcitos, esta noche es el turno de Bernadette, letra original de Chris Corner a quién admiro muchísimo. Video en YouTube y Facebook
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Hoppin’ round the bunny trail with Allison Crowe’s “Circular Reasoning” leads to fun with a Fleischer-mob. Happy Easter weekend!