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I read this back & thought i need to that the would NOT BE or via your or :-) You would need to build it to understand simple commands :-) "Like a " Don't "OVERTHINK" problems.

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"A is one who points to and says, 'I can't a thing, but there's something about His and His . There's something about the way He carried His head, His hands, the way He carries His -- the way He ME." - Frederick Buechner

Did someone just say there’s only 31 more days to go until we get another sensational season of . Can’t wait for the talent they find to WOW me every week 😁😁😁😁

Bending the ear of NI Secretary of State tonight with my HU board member Michael Stewart

虽然有点小肚腩的老唐拍得很辛苦,但打戏的说服力真的不行,看得替他觉得累。伊势谷友介终于出来了,作为路人第一集就猜出来了,也是很合格呢😋 ep6

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that monkey

WOW 😱 This Kid Can Sing

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Underrated (yes I’m using that word) dramas:

There are so many dramas released every season so it’s not a surprise people miss these. I think I’ve made one before but I can’t find it so yikes here we go.

Chicago Typewriter

I know loads of people watched this but NOT ENOUGH people did. So I strongly believe that everyone should watch it because the story and cast is top tier. The second lead syndrome in this is actually disgraceful, my heart hurted so much gosh (not because I didn’t like Yoo Ahin because I love him…but you’ll know if you just watch it ok). If you like Hotel Del Luna you’ll like this too. Also my whole blogs identity is based off of this if you didn’t notice.

Side note: Yoo Ahin is so fricking fine with the wavy hair ugh.


Lawyer vs Lawyer

In all honesty I have no idea why people didn’t watch this one. The story was interesting, Park Eunbin is an absolute cutie and the story was well developed. There’s literally nothing to lose and that evil dude from Suspicious Partner (sorry I can’t remember his name. Hajoon? Dongha? Its Dongha right?) is in it. This guy —>


Missing Noir M

Murder mystery, missing people, dude with a trot ringtone and psycho Kang Haneul, what’s there not to love? If you’re not into long dreary dramas this only has 10 episodes so woohoo. (I think I finished it in a day…send help)

Flower boy next door

I don’t actually know if this is underrated but I rarely see it being mentioned so I’ll add it on here anyways. The characters are so pure and hilarious (especially the sleep deprived manager who loves handsome men). This was definitely Yoo Siyoons best role.

SKY Castle

This was hugely popular in Korea and it killed it in the ratings, but I didn’t see many international drama viewers watch this. Literally watch this otherwise you’ll regret it for life. Also you could probably watch it with your parents and see them sweat guiltily hehe.

Also Youngjae…sweet sweet Youngjae…I won’t even start


Children of Nobody

Warning if you can’t watch things with child abuse in it don’t watch this because it’ll make you angry forever. The cast was so perfectly selected I couldn’t have imagined it any different. Its about a mum who feels out of place at home and decides to team up with a rough yet sweet detective to save kids. I’m lowkey still mad about this one (only because the perpetrators were disgusting) but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Avengers Social Club

tI have no clue how I started this since the synopsis was so vague but I’m glad I had my guard down because it was so worth it. If you like female friendships you’ll love this, but I love it even more because they’re middle aged mums (and a high school kid) who seem to be having an innocent community meet except they’re plotting…things. Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore Ra Miran and she was fab in this as well as the entire cast.



I know some people thought the plot was too similar to Signal (another fantastic drama…watch it) but it holds well on its own. Though its based on the same murders and has stuff about different times they’re quite different. Lee Yoo Young had my whole heart in this and she still does because she’s amazing. I hope she does a cold and collected role like this again, I loved it. Even if you don’t like Choi Jinhyuks weird acting, he actually wasn’t too bad in this so do not fear. 

Page Turner

I’m going to sound biased but Jisoo is my boy and forever will be until the end of time even if he doesn’t pick interesting roles damnit. Even though its a school drama its plot is fairly unique, which is saying something because I generally dislike school dramas. This was definitely his best role alongside Sassy Go Go (though we don’t talk about this one).


Look how cute he is aww bless (yes it’s from wlfkbj but he’s still cute right).

Queen of Mystery

This series has the perfect balance of mystery, comedy and a tad bit of romance…well arguably it does get cute a lot of the time. The attention to detail is admirable and I love the leads so so much. Also I want the bento shop owner to be my friend she’s hilarious. You’re probably seeing a theme here, and yes it is that crime mystery dramas are severely underrated compared to some soppy romances (I’m sorry but some romcoms are actually awful but still popular. Why?)



Every Kim Jaewook fan has watched this and if not… what on earth are you doing with your life? He’s the best-worst psycho and he’s got the flowy hair to match. The gruesome graphics (i love ocn) and the number of twists are what makes this drama so enjoyable.

Side note though: Be prepared to get Jang Hyuk breathing heavily in your ear and loads of crunching gravel and lipsmacking. Is this drama just ASMR? Who knows…but its still great.


“Learning How to Draw” was created with a bar path analysis during my residency at the Groton School.

Stay tuned as this piece will be transformed for a very large audience…
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