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¿Alguna vez se han llevado tu maleta por equivocación?. ¿Te ha sucedido? Te presentamos nuestro etiquetador para que puedas identificar tus bolsos o maletas. #2020


I would've loved to see highlight diverse beauty, art, and fashion instead of that hot mess of a yearbook she put together. Beautiful . Simply stunning.

Oh my god!!!! One of my favorite concerts EVER!!!!! FREAKING POWERFUL

Recebi as fotos do job de hoje e um convite pra um tal de book rosa, o que é isso? Um tipo de balada vip? Hm.. vou aceitarkkk

」11月号が発売中!付録に 表紙の「L'UOMO」11月号と「」11月号がついてくるお得な一冊です。販売期間が終了してしまう前に、お早めのご注文をおすすめします!kk ウェブストア→ 

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“I know fashion can help me do great things in the future, but it’s most important to enjoy each day as it comes.”

Hanne Gaby Odiele,

[ARTICLE] Let It Snow! Chanel Takes Over the Standard Hotel With a Winter Wonderland and Performance by Monsta X

[…] The evening continued with a moment of surprise and delight when K-pop stars Monsta X took to the stage for a dynamic four-song performance. Guests flocked to the front of the room to capture the energetic choreography on camera. “We’re here to make this night beautiful, but you’re all already beautiful,” the boys mused with joy between songs. “We’re here to celebrate Chanel No. 5, but for us Chanel’s always been number one.” The crowd lingered before bidding one another adieu, hearts full of the holiday spirit and hands brimming with a gift bag containing none other than a bottle of Chanel No. 5.

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Juno Birch makeup - Vogue