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is not always getting the spotlight it deserves, even if there are many quality vodkas on the market. Below are some things about vodka that you may not already know, topics you might use to impress your fellow .

Happy Earth Day. As custodians of Arbikie Farm we try our best to minimise our impact by growing our own barley, rye, wheat, potatoes, juniper & botanicals & by distilling our family of spirits with a approach.

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Litte brother

Oh god this is my first imagine imma write, probably have bad writing skills

About: eric meeting y/n ’s little annoying brother


Now that its after school you and eric had a test coming up in your history class. You both decided that you’ll study at your house. Then once you and eric end up in the driveway your parents seem all dressed up

“Hey mom where you headed?"you asked as your mother replies "your father has a charity at work so we’re going there right now!also you have to babysit teddy.”

“Ugh,again?!” As you whined

Your mother ignored your whine and kissed your forehead as a goodbye and waved goodbye to eric.

“So whoes teddy?” Eric asks

“Just my bratty little brother.”

Eric sighs in relief thinking he was your older brother hoping they wouldn’t have problems.

  • You opened the door to your house and teddy already was going to pick a fight with you until he saw eric. “ y/n who is this? Is this your boyfriend?” Teddy asks

You and eric blushed looking confused at him. It was silent until your boyfriend started to speak.

“Hey little dude, im eric your big sisters…friend.”

You giggled at Eric’s introduction as teddy and eric started a conversation.

“I have super mario on my Nintendo wanna play!” Teddy suggested to eric, as eric accepted thinking he can beat him they head to the living room to play. While the ‘super mario tournament’ happened you went to make all three of you to lunch, which was just a ham sandwhich. And all you could hear is the super mario theme song.


Eric walks into the kitchen after playing with teddy.

“I never knew a 5 year old was going to beat me…” eric seemed surprised. But saw the sandwhich you made and ate it. As eric kissed your forehead teddy comes into the room with a banana

“Y/N,Y/N! I BEAT ERIC AT SUPER MARIO!” As teddy shouted

“Yeah eric just told me right now-” you recalled to him.

“Can i watch tv now?” Teddy asked then whines to you

“Yeah,yeah whatever.” As you shooed him away.

Couple mintues passed then you and eric were studying in the dining room.currently on the chapter aboit the revolutionary war and how the americans won. Once you and eric seemed like that was enough. Eric’s lips were touching yours. Then teddy walked into the dining room he saw you and eric make out



@mrezdoezit X Jmilio coming soon #i #aint #worry #about #nada #sippin #on #vodka #mixed #with #some #tang (at Fort Belvoir, Virginia)

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Trigger warning: school shootings


Y’all really be out here thirsting after people that killed innocent people. INNOCENT FUCKING PEOPLE!!!

Think about all the first apartments, first kisses, first cars, kids, grandkids, spouses, etc that these people have taken away from their victims. Oh right, you don’t have time to think about that because you’re getting too fucking horny over these sickos to care.

Don’t write imagines about them.

Don’t draw fanart of them.

Don’t write fanfiction about them.

They are not fictional characters. They are real people who did unspeakable things.

Adam Lanza is not cute

Nikolas Cruz is not cute

Eric Harris is not cute

Dylan Klebold is not cute

Murderers are not cute

So before you start whacking it to pictures of these monsters, think about the mothers and fathers who said goodbye to their kids for last time without knowing it. The kid who just wanted school to be over so they could go to the mall with their best friend. The kid who finally got asked out by their crush that morning. The kid who finally saved up for a new bike. The kid who was going to apologize for the argument in the car when they got home. The kid who had just finished their art project and couldn’t to give it to their sibling for their birthday. And in less then a minute, all of that is ripped away.

These are not people to glorify.