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Yuk lihat videoku waktu Wisata Pasuruan disini


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LOOK AT THIS!!!!! I shred too hard & my shoes go oof. I'ma replace them but watch for a new video tomorrow where I skate on a circle. That's my obstacle... YAAAAAAAY!!!

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ディズニーシー番外編の動画があがってます!なかなかエモい感じに仕上がってると思います笑 まだ見てない方は5分少々なので、騙されたと思って是非一度見にきてくださると嬉しいです😂 動画はこちら⬇️

So what's all the talk about? Never in my wildest would I think I'd be doing this today and can get paid to do it. Yes, you can get ;-)

I'm at 998 subs over on my Inscribed. If you're looking for content on topics related to scribes, scrolls & scriptures in and , find me there and inch me over the 1000 mark. Did I mention the added value of the comments section?

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• this really feels like spider man 🕸 lol major s/o to @slingkingz_ny who trying to drive these this summer we got the 🔌 tap in I had to mess with the red one 🔥🏎 y’all gone be seeing these a lot stream “Khemjalil - luv hearts” to 1M and I’ll buy everybody one || #blessings #slingshot #nyc #nyfw19 #recap #fire #spiderman #summer #vibes #movie #vlog #manhattan #nyprince

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These are so relaxing (✿◡‿◡)


Gracias por cada mensaje de amor que me llega cada día.
Este es un mini rap que he hecho ahora mismo, ¿Os gustaría que lo hiciera entero? ✌🏻
OS LEO!!!!
#Singer #rap #base #music #vlog #vlogger

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Bi şeyler olması gerekmez bir şeylerin olması için…ve bir şeyler yapamıyorsan bir şeylerin geçmesi için, hiç birşey bekleme



Yes, I was reading an article that Tyler Fairy aka Tyler Perry is coming back to promote his movies. So I say: enough is enough. He’s a modern day minstrel show always seem to play drag Queen, a simp and have black women see black men as abusive and hateful matters towards black men. Your brand and content is hurting black men around the world and your reception of black men is pitiful and pathetic at least. You’re a disgusting disgrace for using your platform to cave in and sell out to emasculating black men movies. Enough of the buffoonery, Tyler Perry. I got no respect for you and what you stand for by Martell Tha Cool


Radio Bunker. by francesco scandale

Part 2 of our 1 day trip to NY is up! If you guys have time please check it out! Also, if you havent subscribed, go ahead and HIT that SUBSCRIBE button!!!

Still trying to hit 100 subscribers and I am still going to be doing a giveaway! Thanks again for everyone supporting!


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[3.14MHz] Ep.18 Tteokbokki restaurant mukbang. Yo, that was a lotta food.